The Diary Of A Insecure Girl

A young girl is struggling to come out of her shell and show her real personality because she I self contours and insecure of her body.


1. Im In The Closet

People may think that no ones self contuse and insecure of there body but most people are boys and girls and me!

Lucy tarring a 15 year old teen who hates there body. But why is beauty? Or pritty?

You don't have to be skinny or fat to be beautiful! It's what's on the inside who makes you yourself.

Anorexic people are also maybe self contuse and insecure and even fat people. But everyone Is beautiful even me!

If you asked everyone "if you can change anything about you body would you" most people should say yes!

This is wrong! No one should change how they look or there personality!

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