Something Great

Liam's diary is filled with his biggest secret ... As he tries to oppress the feeling towards his best friend he write them down in his diary but what would happen if someone was to find this diary ...


8. Wrong Feelings

Liam's P.O.V

Charlie's gone upstairs to read the rest of the diary, oh I'm so dumb why did I have to let her read it. I can already see what's going to happen she's going to come downstairs get super pissed then go home tell Niall and I'll get a beating from him.

Charlie's standing right infront of me "Liam...your an amazing guy but I just do-" "you don't have to say anything I've been through a breakup before only this time we weren't even together" "Liam what do u want me to do? We both know it will be awkward if I just stay here !! Liam I think I should leave" "Charlie I hope this doesn't ruin what we have" "we don't have anything Liam not like that" she grabbed her wet clothes put them in a bag slammed the door and she was gone...

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