Something Great

Liam's diary is filled with his biggest secret ... As he tries to oppress the feeling towards his best friend he write them down in his diary but what would happen if someone was to find this diary ...


13. Tears Crash, Plates Smash

Charlie's P.O.V

I could hear him turn the key and I shot up like a bullet, I didn't even know what I was going to say or what I was going to do when I was done with him. I started to pace around his white rug.

As the door opened I got more and more nervous by the second. There he was standing rosy cheeked in his doorway. "Listen I'm so-" I cut him off "Niall I am trying my hardest to come to terms with this can you please not just say anything" I pleaded sitting back down on the leather couch "I just can't believe you would ughhhh!!!! You know how bad that makes me feel?? You thought I that I would be stupid enough to believe that that bracelet was your mums?! I told Liam that and do you know how dumb it feels to have someone laugh in your face at a lie you thought was true?!" I was now making my way through into the kitchen "wait you mean to tell me that you shared our personal life with Liam??!! What if I told amber ??!!! How would you feel??!!! Wait no shit!!" His face looked mortified. "Who the hell is Amber?! Is SHE that slut you've been cheating in me with?!! How dare you brig her up in this conversation?!!" "Amber is NOT a slut!! She's a wonderful girl" "so your sticking up for her now are you!!" Trying to fight away the tears, he edged closer to me. I noticed a pile of plates on the table and threw one at him, he just jumped back in time to save him self. "Maybe I am sticking up for her but I don't think it's fair that your talking like you know her when really you don't" "I shouldn't have to know her Niall!!" "Listen I've been through a lot in the past couple if days! Yesterday was terrible I drive all night" "oh! And why did you drive all night Niall?? Where were you that you had to drive all night?" I question moving swiftly into the bedroom taking all the things that belong to me "what what are you doing??!!!" "What does it look like Niall? You don't seriously think I'm gonna stay here?!" "Well u certainly didn't think you were gonna just pack up and go" "you know what?!!" I was walking back towards the hallway, "what?!" Niall screamed back veins popping out if his neck. " I'm done" I mumbled "what??!!" "Niall I'm done!! Not done for today but done with us!!" And with that I slammed the door. I was out.

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