Something Great

Liam's diary is filled with his biggest secret ... As he tries to oppress the feeling towards his best friend he write them down in his diary but what would happen if someone was to find this diary ...


5. It's Not Just Movies That Magic happens

I sat in my car for about two minites going over things I could've said suddenly it starts to pour down with rain. I hear a tap on the window, it was Charlie "Liam could I come to yours I forgot my keys and the weathers shit" " course oh my god you look freezing " I say while taking off my jacket and putting it around her shoulders "thanks Liam " she says while I open the door "no problem what are friends for ?" I smirk and get in the car .

I decide to turn the radio on and what song had to come on "oh shit not thi-" Charlie interrupts me by singing " And all your little thingsssssssssssss " "hahah Charlie you should is totally join the band" "Ano I should I can see it now 'one direction and a bit' haha " "totally I'll phone simon up " we both laughed .

I turned a corner to my house hoping nothing would screw up for me like it usually does "Hey! I have an idea Charlie!" "What Liam usually your ideas end up getting Ito all flappers of trouble" "no I swear this ones a good one, why don't we rent put your favorite movie?" "You would know what my favorite movie is?" "Yeh you told me a whole ago" I turned the car round in the direction towards blockbusters.

"Stay here for like 2 minutes" I said "why?" She replied "I don't want the press making us into something we're not" "what do you mean by that?" "I just don't want people to get the wrong idea about us considering your going out with Niall" "well I think I might just risk it " "hahah ok " I say taking her hand and pulling her out if the car. We cross the road and walk into the movie shop.

"Go on impress me" she said "impress you how? I can think of a few ways" I joked "you said you knew my favorite movie?" "Oh yeh that well you tell everyone it's the last song so they don't judge you but really it's beauty and the beast but you don't tell anyone that because you don't want people knowing that your secretly still a 6 year old at heart just like me" I replied and winked at her, "h-how did yo-" she couldn't finish her sentence because by this time I had walked off to the Disney isle she came up to me "sing-along or normal?" I asked holding the two in front of me pulling a confused face "stay still"she said pulling something out of her pocket "why? Is there a bug on me?!?" I said slightly freaking out "no silly I want to take a photo for Instagram" "oh ah ok then not that I'm like scared of bugs or anything" I said trying to play it cool to adds on I tried to cross in leg over the other but I ended up falling." Haha nice one and sing-along if I'm joining your band I better start warming my chords up" she joked "sing-along it is then sweet or salted?" I asked "hmmm and you say I ask to many questions! " she grinned "hmmmm both"she replied wi an even bigger grin "woah that grins starting to scare me!" I teased

We bought almost every sweet in the shop and got into the car. By this time there was a 6 o'clock do playing 'Can we dance' and hen I got an Idea, we were driving past a clear field and I stopped the car, put the headlights on, opened the doors and turned the music up full blast . "Liam is this one of your crazy ideas that might end up getting us arrested?" "Shut up and dance" I joked "in the pouring rain you have to be kidding me?!" "Your shirts already ruined don't worry "

We danced for ages it was magic but we were not only home but soaking! "Ummm Liam do you maybe have a change of clothes I can borrow?" "I've got a super cosy onesie I'm willing for you to have ?" "Sounds great where is it?" Upstairs in my wardrobe" "ok I'll be two minutes"

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