Something Great

Liam's diary is filled with his biggest secret ... As he tries to oppress the feeling towards his best friend he write them down in his diary but what would happen if someone was to find this diary ...


4. A Coffee A Chat And A Couple Trips

Liam's P.O.V

So today Charlie phoned me up, Niall was busy so she wanted to know if I wanted to grab a coffee and chat with her. She seemed a bit agitated and I really didn't know what she would come out with. I grabbed my jacket,keys and wallet. I was meeting her at the Starbucks around the corner from her house because she hasn't learnt to drive yet. I raced through the streets just beating the traffic I pulled up just outside the shop. there she was looking beautiful as ever....

I greeted her with a warm "hey" and we sat down at our seats by the window the seats we've always had, "I'll go and get the drinks" I said . I came back with the drinks and handed hers to her jut a bit tipped over the edge straight onto her top "OH SHIT!! I'm so sorry !! Oh god I'm such a clutz can't trust me with anything!!" I exclaimed rubbing her top with napkins not realizing exactly where I was rubbing. She looked down at me just as I was looking up and our eyes met for a short second here was magic, "Liam it's ok don't worry I didn't like this top anyway I wanted someone to come over and spill coffee on it " we both laughed. "So um.. Charlie you sounded pretty worried on the phone is everything ok??" "Yeh well ummm no actually everything isn't ok I don't think Niall feels the same way about me anymore he's acting so weird and distant not like he used to be with me I think he might be seeing someone else" she said this too fast for me to take anything in " Charlie take your time and slow down what it babe?" "I found this in Nialls car" it was a bracelet a silver one "and that's not yours?" "No Liam I think I would know If It was my own bracelet . It's nothing like at of mine it's a charm bracelet I hate them they dangle everywhere it's so annoying" " who's bracelet did he say it was?" "His mums" I couldn't help but laugh "Liam it's not funny!!!" She said playfully hitting me "listen Charlie it's probably nothing he would be mad to want another girl over you Charlie your amazing, tell me if anything else comes up " she got up and hugged me "'thank you Liam it means a lot " I walked out of the coffee shop trying to act cool but that's not me I had to trip over a chair "crap umm sorry" I apologized to a young couple who were to interested on each others mouths to even notice I decided his was the appropriate time to get the hell out of that coffee shop.

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