The Biggest Whovian

Do you have every piece of Doctor Who merchandise ever made? Do your friends get annoyed at you talking about the show too much (I know mine do)? Well, here's your chance to use all that knowledge and be crowned the Biggest Whovian! I'm Louise McBear and my extrodinary panel of judges here and I will be choosing who gets the most points in each round, but volunteer yourself quickly. There are up to 13 places to be filled and once they're gone, that's it. Good luck!
All credit for the amazing cover goes to C.H.Nightshade!


2. The Final List


1) the Writer (Ahleem Nightshade)

2) Megiarty (Megites Nightshade)

3) K9 (Squonk of the Nightshade)

4) Mookla

5) Doctor Who 23

6) Andie (Andie Appleshire)

7) Ella (Louis I found Kevin)


1) C.H.Nightshade

2) GirlOfManyFandoms

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