Why Me?

A teenager is on a troubled life path and comes to a stop road what path will she chose and what will happen?


1. Hiding Away

Why is it always me? Why?

I'm Lucy pickings, the girl that never gets picked for groups! WeIl don't care!!

I was in P.E when I had enough and shouted that I hate them all and walked out! I hate Jessie miltion, she was my best friend before she started acting like a slut!! Just because a boy asked her out.

Anyway so I started bunking lesions (well most of the time) and went to the park.

And met these guys Luke, Max and Tom there were REALY nice. They treat me like one of the gang.

Until they told me that I have to steal for them and then there let me into there gang and I'll be in there gang for real. But I said no!!

So I rushed home and had to think what I was going to do tell the police and have no friends or steal and get into trouble with the police and have friends.

So I slept on it!! In the morning I know what I was going to do. So I went to the police station and told them this story.

I done the right thing but have no friends. Luke, Max and Tom came after me when walking down the road a few days later.

They attacked me when Jessie came out of a side road and helped me up by then they had gone. Jessie asked me are u alright yes I said and we became friends and now I'm in a group of friend and happy.

All I want to say is don't be afraid do the right thing!

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