New LIfe

She was just woke up when her littlebrother came jumping on her bed to wake her up because it was new year.. Omg how did i forget. Uhh why is mom?

Probaly out drinking.. again.

Ann-lee Jakobsen is a girl who think more of other than herself. People keep tell her than she should do something for herself, how do she do something for herself why she have always have to do that for others.

And what will happned when she falls in love..?


1. New year, new life


New year, New life

Alex was just awoke bye mom coming home so i had to get up and give her the talk about. I think i going to sound something like last year.


"Mom, it's a new year and that means that you can start the life you always have wanted today. Please stop drinking, then you maybe still be alive when your son get's married"

Naaah.. Maybe i shouldn't talk to her this year because she hates the talks and i wanna do what i can to keep her alive for Kristian. Uhhhh i'm late for work, now i have to take the bus and if i do that then i gonna meet Jacob and he' s the biggest joke in the world. We use to date but then my life change and i lost some of the most amazing people in the whole world. Now he's changed to.. to someone i don't want anything to do with.

I work at the local "Super Burgsen" my job is to keep the costomers shop at us by singing for them it was a job i got last christmas cause my sister wanted to sing christmas songs with me and i said yes because i love her. So we did that and my boss asked if i wanted to do that a little more and get some money out of it and i said yes. And now i was late..

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