All That Matters

When Bad meets Good, Bad happens...

-A Justin Bieber Fanfic-


2. First Day Of School -Chp.2-


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Hey! So here is the second chapter! Hope you like it :)

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*The girl's P.O.V*

I woke up by the sound of that stupid annoying alarm clock. I pushed it and it fell onto the ground. Probably broken, but I didn't care more yeah.

I groaned and made my way to the bathroom.

I jumped into the shower and turned the water on. Soon the hot water was flowing all over my body. I washed it with my shower cream that smelled caramel. I quicly hopped out and dried myself off.

I put on my underwears, of course, and white skinny jeans with a grey sleeveless top, written 'Heartbreaker' in black on it and my black vans.

I brushed my hair and put it into a messy bun, I was tired even though it was 9AM.

I grabbed my black jacket and went downstairs with my school bag. I put it on the chair next to mine and grabbed a bowl where I poured milk with cereals. I finished my breakfast quickly, brushed my teeth and got out the house.

TI locked the front door and got into my new car. Yay! I blucked my seatbelt and drove to school.

I pulled into the parking lot and took bag then I got out. I walked to my locker and then to English. I had to start with two hours of English every Mondays. I entered the class and people were throwing papers to each other. There was only one seat left. And it was next to him. I sighed and sat there. I had no choice. The teacher started talking and I was taking notes.

Sundenly, I felt a breath on my neck and I directly knew it was him.

"Hey baby." I could feel the smirk in his voice. I didn't respond and kept taking notes.

"I said 'Hey baby.' Talk to me now." The anger in his voice was certainly heard and I froze.

He didn't talk to me for like 20 minutes but it was too good to be true.

I felt his hand travelling on the skin of my neck. The place he sucked yesterday. He chuckled to himself and gave me a paper.

It was his number.

I threw it on the ground, getting annoyed by his stupid way of acting. He didn't care actually but just took my phone in my right pocket. My jaw dropped but I was still making no noise.

I didn't want to have any problem with school anytime soon.

He placed it back in my pocket. I just tried to focus but he wouldn't stop touching my neck.

The bell rang for the second time today and I finally got out of this class. I went to my locker and put my bag and closed it. I turned myself to be pushed against it. His chest was so close to mine, inches apart.

"Nice to see you again hah?" I stood there, trying to get away but he put his arms between my body.

"Don't try to get away babe, you'll just fail." He said. Annoyance could be heard. I tried to move once again but his grip tighened.

"Don't you move again." He yelled harshly.

"What's your name love?" His voice softened all of a sudden.

Woah is he like bipolar?

"L-l-... Lo-on-... Londo-.. London..." I stuttered.

His eyes were locked with mine. I looked away, not wanting to make an eye contact.

I was too scared right now.

"Justin. I'm Justin Bieber."

He smiled while introducing himself.

He pressed his lips against my neck at the exact same place as he did yesterday. He sucked and sucked many times. He was tightening on my tight and I was getting hurt.

"St..sto.. Stop Justin please. You're..hurt..hur..hurtin..hurting me." When I said this, he stopped and lost his grip.

He looked at me once and walked away. I stood there frozen.

Ten minutes later, I went to the canteen and bought some food.

I was eating my lasagna alone when I had a text. I quickly looked at it, hoping it'd be Matt or one of my bestfriends.

But it was from 'Unknown'.

'You're sexy when you're eating your lasagna baby ;) Also when you're eating your cereals in the morning ;) I'll text you later, bye baby xx'

Who the hell was this person? And how does this person have my number? How does he or she fucking know where I'm living?

Anger was rushing through all my body. I could feel my blood burning. But I was scared too. This person was a stalker, it could be a murderer or anything.

Calm down.



It's nothing I thought to myself. Perhaps a prank from Justin. He was the only one here to have my number.

I sighed heavily and decided to leave it for now.

I went to class and wrote down the lesson. I made a new friend, her name was Elizabeth, a beautiful Australian girl. She's tall and thin and really funny.

The day went by and it was soon the end.

Just one hour left.

I stood in the same class since the head teacher came. She started talking about the trip in Paris.

I was SO EXCITED. But the thing that made me sad is that I didn't know more than one person here.

However we are going in France in two weeks so I have time I guess.

"I will be putting each one of you with someone else, as you have a partner during this whole week in Paris. You'll have to visit all around and of course speak French. We will tell you all about the trip -" Ms. Robin started but was interrupted.

Justin came and sat next to me, making me shiver.

"Mr. Bieber, how nice of you to come by like, once a week? Or should I say once a month? You'll go to the principal's office at the end of class but you have to listen carefully to what I'm saying." She continued, annoyance clearly heard in her voice.

Justin chuckled quietly and replied:

"Sure Ms. Robin."

Ms. Robin explained us just a few things before starting her History lesson. The bell rang and we all stood up but the teacher stopped us:

"Don't forget. You have a project to do for nexr Monday."

We all left the room and went out. I walked to my car when I realized I didn't have the keys of my car.

I might have left them in the class.

I ran quickly to school and to the class, I saw my keys and took them.

The halls were empty. No students. No noises. Nothing but silence.

While I was walking, a loud voice could be heard. It was coming from the principal's office.

I remembered that Justin was there. I walked closer to the door when the voice said:

"Be careful Mr. Bieber. One other mistake from you and you won't be a part of Miami High School anymore." Ms. Lake warned him.

It was silent once again and I thought that Justin would go out and leave soon.

I walked away as fast as I could but I felt like he saw me.

I opened my car door when I was stopped.

"Babe ah! Don't run away from me. You make me mad. Everything could be fine between us love." He whispered in my ear and brought my body close of his.

"I.. I-m s-sorry Justin.. I won't do it again." I stuttered, afraid.

"It's alright babe. Can you please move a little bit, as I can enter the car?" My jaw dropped like.

What the hell?

He shoved me away quickly and sat in the driver seat, blucking his seatbelt.

"Justin? Can I know what are you doing?" I asked him, surprised.

"Just sit. Then, I'll tell you." He said, sternly but smiled.

"But my parents are going to punish me." I lied, they wouldn't be here anyways but no. I didn't want to be with Justin, alone might I add.

"Don't lie. I saw your parents, I know who they are. So come next to me, he said while patting the seat, you'll be home tonight. Now come next to me." He was dead serious.

I listened to him, a bit unsure and scared.

"Good baby, good girl. I am just taking you somewhere, relax babe." He chuckled at his choice of words. I mentally slapped him.

"So, Justin where are we going?" I asked, getting impatient.

I wanted to know where the fuck he was taking me to.

"Well, babe you are impatient hah. We are going to-" Justin started, but my phone buzzed at the exact same time.

It was from 'Unknown'

'Being in the same car as Justin Bieber, hah! Wanna be in troubles I see! You won't be in good terms with everyone. Alone and broken, this is how you will end up... Too bad, how sad of an end it is for a girl as beautiful as you babe. Bye xx'

I shivered while reading this.

Now I knew it was not Justin. But I wondered why this unknown person said this about Justin.

Okay, he didn't look all good, but he didn't look like a killer.

I was frozen in place.

I decided to leave it here, it was a prank from someone, I'll find who it was later.

"You can keep going, it was just... my boyfriend..." I lied to him. Making things clear.

I told him I had a boyfriend, hoping he would leave me alone and stop calling me babe etc... I hope it'd work.

Justin quickly looked at me and smiled. Well, it was more of a smirk, gosh...

"As I was saying babe," Okay he read my mind. Ugh. "we are going to..."

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