All That Matters

When Bad meets Good, Bad happens...

-A Justin Bieber Fanfic-


1. Hello Miami! -Chp.1-

*The girl's P.O.V.*

I woke up at 4AM by Lucy, my little sister, jumping on my bed. I groaned and tried to push her away. But this only made her jump even more and yell at me. I groaned louder and yelled at her too. I know, how childish. But I am not a morning person, wait. It is 4AM, it's not even morning to me.

"Baby wake up and get ready. We're leaving in 45 minutes!" I heard my mother from down the stairs of the now empty, well almost, flat we are living in but soon will leave. I went to my bathroom and quickly showered. After being done cleaning myself, I put on my outfit for the day. A comfortable one since we will be travelling. I was wearing a white beanie and there was written on it on black with white letters: 'Bad', my long wavy dark hair was perfectly brushed and I let it out natural, without curling or straightening it. I put on a white top, sleeveless and on it was written 'Boy'. So the words actually written on my clothes were 'Bad Boy'. Whatever I decided that a long black legging with my black and white Suprah will be perfect. Then I put black mascara with light eyeshadow before brushing my teeth. I looked at my watch to see when we exactly had to leave. I don't really have the best memory ever you know, so I kinda always forget all those things that aren't important. If we could arrive at the airport late, it'd be amazing right? That'd mean we'd stay here in New York a bit more. I realized we actually had to leave now. Right now... Now.

I rushed myself downstairs knowing my parents would kill me if the plane was leaving without all of us into it. My luggages and all my family's were already in the cab and I sighed. I got out of the building and looked at it once again, one last time. Probably the last time...ever? I was feeling my eyes becoming wattery a little bit more every second. So much memories were made in our, well what was our, but isn't anymore, flat. I let out a small tear and hopped into the yellow car. I put on my headphones and listened to music. I looked once again as the building was getting farther and farther from us as the car pulled out of the driveway and started going away to the airport. Like 20 minutes later, we got out of the car, everyone taking its own luggages. I sighed. It was the last time I was being in New York for a long long long... long time.

We entered the JFK airport and my parents did their bussiness. I didn't give a fuck actually, I didn't want to leave. We went to the plane and the doors of it were open, the lady that was our hostess air, smiled widely at us and gave us the direction to follow. Actually there was only one fucking direction. Right straight on. I never understood why they bothered to do this. We walked to our seats and I went next to the window eyeing every parts of the airport carefully. I just couldn't do anything else. The plane started to move and I whispered more to myself: 'Goodbye New York'.

I had like 3 hours of doing nothing. I was listening to music when I had a Facebook message. I unlocked my phone and clicked on the app to see who it was. It was my friend Nataly, she sent me a goodbye text with a small sad emoticone. I was sad now. The plane got up from the floor and started heading up in the clouds. I was dead tired because I woke up at 4. Seriously what the actual hell? It takes like 3 hours in plane to go from New York to Miami, why did my parents decide to leave at 4AM?!?!

During all the flight, my parents were talking about bussiness, how interesting seriously ugh. And my little sister was yelling enthusiatically because she was so excited about living in Miami, little kids ugh. And I was doing nothing but listening to music. I was bored and I wish I could be with my bestfriends at the moment, they were always here for me and we understood each other perfectly. We were like 4 sisters. Of course they said it won't change anything to our friendship and that they will be here for me but I wanted to stay in New York. It was the first time we were moving out. They said it would be better Miami for their bussiness and they always wanted to live there so why not since they are able to do what they want? I sighed at my thoughts and I felt the plane touching sightly the ground.

Hello Miami! I thought when the plane finally landed. I got out as fast as possible, I had to use the bathroom. I went straight to the door where I saw the girl sign and entered it. I did my bussiness and got out after cleaning my hands. I rushed to take my bag, my parents were always so impatient and my sister too. But I won't lie, so was I. I took two of my luggages and my father took the other ones. They were all already in the car waiting for me, Lucy was playing with her barbie, cliché I know, and my mom was glaring at me. I ran to them but soon I fell to the ground. Ugh.

"Babe do you need help?" A boy asked from above me. I couldn't see his face; my eyes were on the ground but soon he picked me up.

"Thank you and I'm sorry." I smiled a bit, he returned the smile well wait- he was smirking. Yeah he was smirking at me.

"Clumsy, are we?" He teased and chuckled.

"Yeah pretty much." I laughed. I picked up my luggages and went to the car my parents bought themselves without saying bye to this boy. Whatever, I jumped on a seat and blucked my seatbelt. I saw I had a text. I opened it to find it was from my boyfriend, Matt. I smiled and replied quickly. I'm going to miss him a lot.

My Matt: 'Hey baby x Are you there yet?' He asked me.

Me: 'Hi <3 We are in the car right now ugh -.-' I replied.

My Matt: 'Annoyed already babe haha?'

Me: 'It's not funny Matt :( We won't see each other b4 a long time :( I miss you and everyone already ;('

My Matt: 'Love it's gonna be fine, I'll come visit and you'll visit us too. We will make it I promise :) I love you xxx'

Me: 'Okay I trust you... :) I love you too :) Well I am in front of my new house now, gotta go, I'll text you later xx'

My Matt: 'Alright okay babe, good luck love :)'

Me: 'Thanks, love ya, bye'. I locked my phone and got out of the car and took my luggages left. I didn't even bother looking at the house before entering it. I went upstairs and waited for my mom to tell me where my room actually was.

"Just in front of you." She said before disappearing again. I was used to it to be honest. I saw a white and blue door in front of me. I took my luggages and put them just next to my bed. It was a beautiful king sized bed. It was a dark blue and white. It looked comfortable. There was a huge desk with a macbook on it and a new black iPhone 5S. There was a small note from my parents:

'Welcome home baby, we both love you. Here are some gifts. :) -From mom and dad'

I sighed and took my new phone. These were my birthday's presents. My parents were not here and forgot my birthday. There was a huge black and white wardrobe. I could put in it all my clothes and even more. Then there was a white and blue door on the left of it, I opened it to see a bathroom. Finally. Finally I had my own bathroom, I always wanted one. I smiled to myself and walked back into my room. I unpacked everything and it took me 3 hours. My room was tidy, no clothes or shoes on the ground. Everything was sorted and at its place. It was now soon 11AM and I had to shower. I was a bit sweaty and I wanted to feel nice. I grabbed a nice outfit and walked in my bathroom. I had a long hot bath. I washed myself with a vanilla shower cream. It smelled delicious. I got out and brushed my teeth. I straightened my long wavy dark brown hair. I didn't put any make up on, since it was Sunday and I was going to stay home all day. Well that's what I thought until:

"Come downstairs baby, we have to go." My mom yelled. I groaned and grabbed my new phone. I still had the same pictures and songs into it, my dad knew it'd bother me if I didn't have any memory of my friends in my phone. I put a picture of myself and Matt as my wallpaper and started listen to music. I texted all my friends quickly to tell them I got my number changed.

"We are going to your school to get your schedule and meet your new headteacher, Ms. Lake. Are you ready yet?" She explained and asked. I just nodded and walked to our car. She drove for like 15 minutes before pulling into what I guess was the school parking lot. I unblocked my seatbelt before walking slowly to the huge glass door of the school. My mom opened one waiting for me to walk quicker and I eventually did. When we arrived in front of a door, I noticed that one of the classroom was opened. A boy with lots of tattoos on his muscular body was sitting. Probably being in detention hah. I couldn't see his face.. My thoughts were interrupted by a woman, looking around her 40's opening her office door. She smiled at us before welcoming us and telling us to take us a seat. We did as we were told and waited for her to talk.

"I am Ms. Lake, nice to meet you and your mom. I'll give you your schedule once I'm done explaining the rules of the school, well, the most important." I nodded and told her it was nice to meet her too. I had to be polite, or my mom would give me a little or well really long speech back home, along with dad always agreeing. 1 hour later she was done and had given me my schedule which was alright. We got out of her office and she started showing me the school around. At the end, she told me she had to talk with my mother about something and I just nodded, saying bye and walking away. But I might have walked too far away. I didn't know where I actually was. And my mom had my phone of course. Ugh, what could be more wrong.

"Lost, are we baby?" I heard a familiar, well, a becoming familiar voice coming from behind. I turned around to see the same boy from the airport and the one with the red '1994' beanie. I could see his face now. And once again he was smirking. He walked closer to me but I backed away. But the more I backed away, the more he was getting closer. Soon enough my back was on the lockers and I couldn't move anymore.

"Scared?" He smirked, getting closer.

"I am not. And I am not lost either. I'm just looking around the school. Now leave me the fuck alone." I spat at him. His eyes were black from anger.

"Don't you ever yell at me like this." He snarled but his eyes were not black anymore. Soon, a grin could be seen on his lips.

"You are always smirking, aren't you?" I asked clearly annoyed, trying to get away from him but failed.

"Yeah pretty much. But not always though." He replied and chuckled. I nodded and looked away from him. His face was getting closer to my neck and I could feel his hot breath on my skin. Suddenly, his lips found the skin of my neck. He sucked and bit two times harshly. It hurt a bit.

"We'll get to see each other babe, and know that you are a bad liar. I know you're lost, the headteacher's office is down the stairs on your second right. Bye babe." He said and left somewhere else. I stayed frozen for two minutes before walking alone down the hall and did as I was told to go to the headteacher's office. Once I got there, I saw my mom panicked.

"Baby where were you?" She asked, worried.

"I got lost and I didn't have my phone to call you. It took me awhile to find my way here." With that, we got to the car and we just went back home. I sat in the living-room on that comfortable couch my parents bought along with everything else in this house. I started watching TV. 'Pretty Little Liars' was on, it was my favourite TV show.

"Come babies! The dinner is ready!" My father yelled through the house, calling Lucy and I for dinner. When I got in the kitchen, I sat next to my mom and started eating.

"At what time do you start tomorrow?" My mom asked me, trying to break the silence.

"Hmh... I don't know... 10AM I think.. Yes I start at 10." I repied, unsure at first but quicly remembered.

"Oh, you're lucky. You have to work hard. It's your last year in highschool." My dad told me sternly. I nodded and finished my dish. "Between baby, there will be a dinner with some of our neighbors soon." He added.

Soon I was upstairs and I had a quick shower. I was wearing something comfortable for my first night in my new house. I was about to prepare everything for tomorrow when my mom called my name and told me to come outside. I did as I was told and quickly went downstairs. I opened the big white front door and my jaw dropped seeing what was in front of me. There was a beautiful black Range Rover (my fav'), I ran to it and my mom handed me the keys and my dad the papers of the car, I didn't care about the paper. I just opened the door and put them into the glove compartment. The inside of the car was all white, even the steering wheel was. I quickly got out and thanked my parents. This car was mine.

I was happy, a huge smile was on my face but quickly faded when I realized who was entering the house down the street. I recognized him even if I met him a few hours ago and talked to him only twice, which was enough. I frowned at the thought that the nameless guy was living a few blocks from my house. I ran upstairs and in my bathroom. I saw that I had a mark on my neck. Ewww. What the actual hell? It hurt a bit. I shook my head, trying to make these horrible thoughts out of my head. But I failed. I prepared everything as I could get up as late as I could before going to my new school. I'm not the morning type at all, remember? And I will never be. I sighed and jumped under the blankets. My eyes fluttered closed and I fell into a deep sleep...

*The nameless guy's P.O.V.*

This girl is mine. And I am going to make her understand... If she didn't already. I'll use any ways, even the worst...

^Author's Note^

Hey guys! So this is the first chapter of my new fanfiction! Hope you liked it and I am sorry for any mistakes! Like/Fav' and comment please! Love ya guys! Bye :) -F

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