Andrea Russett is a famous youtuber. One Day when she was filming with her roommate, jenn, they decided to prank the O2L house, a group of youtubers. They went to the store to get the supplies for the prank. When they got there they meet the one and only, Harry Styles.

Btw O2L= Our Second(2) Life. And @AndreaRussett, @Jennxpenn, and @O2L are real youtubers you should go check them out:) Oh And one last thing the book cover is really Andrea Russett;)


1. Pranks!


"what's up guys Andrea here! Okay so today I'm here with my roommate, jenn." I pointed to jenn who is sitting next to me. "Hey guys" she waved at the camera. Right now we are making a video on my YouTube channel.

"Some of you may know her as Jennxpenn." I smiled at the camera. "So today we are going to prank the O2L house !" We both laughed. "But shh don't tell anyone." Jenn said while I was to busy making funny faces at the camera. "Okay we are about to go to the O2L house, but first we have to go to the store." I said "well be right back with you guys." Jenn said then stopped recording us.

We gave each other evil looks then ran out the door.

"Andrea you forgot the camera!" Jenn yelled while getting into the car. "I'm getting the camera!!" I yelled back. I ran back our house and got the camera. I locked the door on my way out then jumped into Jenn's car.

I was in the passengers seat and jenn was driving.

Well since this is going to be a long ride let me introduce myself. Hi My name is Andrea Russett. I'm 18 years old. I'm an only child I was adopted. Umm... I have light brown eyes and people think it's green, but it's not. I have dark brown hair. And yea that's pretty much it. Oh and I love Unicorns!! I find myself funny:)

"Andrea are you listing?" Jenn asked "huh?"

"I said are you ready to prank those boys" she asked glancing at me once in a while, while she talked.

"Hell yeah!!" I yelled. "We are here your majesty." I said

We started cracking up. Tears were coming out of my eyes. "Okay let's do this quick. It's our mission to prank the boys. And it has to be an awesome prank!" I shouted at the end. She nodded then we both hopped out of the car.. No really I did it don't know about jenn. That's when I fell to the floor and hit my butt.

"Andrea where are you?" Jenn whispered.."Over here" I whispered back that's when I heard laughter coming from behind me but it wasent Jenn's. It was a guy. I turned my head at the person laughing.







oh my god it's Harry Styles!!!

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