Best Friends Forever??

Hayy;) So this is my first movella and im not sure if it will be that good but i will try.
Brooklyn(brooke) and Justin have been friends since they were in diapers, Brooke has always had a crush on Justin but he could never feel the same way (so she thought). Justin has also always had a crush on Brooke. He now became famous and has a girlfriend named Natalie(nat). Brooke absolutely hates her. What happens when Justin and Natalie break up? Will Brooke and Justin ever admit there love for eachother read to find out.


3. Other Characters

    Justin POV:

        I am the one and only Justin Drew Bieber! Brooke and I have been bestfriends since like FOREVER  and I have always had a little crush on her but I never have told her because she could NEVER feel the same way. I hate to see her sad and broken when other guys break her heart, knowing that I could treat her better than anyone. Right now I am dating a girl named Natalie. Natalie can be very annoying and sometimes just a plain out bitch, I really dont know why Im still dating her to be honest.  She is not as beautiful as Brooke and I honestly dont love her the way I love brooke.  The butterflies and sparks were never really there between us. But when me and Brooke would have movie days and just cuddle all day I have butterflies in my stomach and just a feeling I dont get with any other girl. I have tried to give Brooke hints by saying "love you" in our conversations but when she texts back its an "I love you too bestfriend." I just wish she knew how I feel and hope she felt the same maybe someday I will tell her...

Natalies POV: 

       Hi I'm Natalie, and I'm dating Justin Bieber. we met when I was his waitress at Olive Garden. I am only really dating him for fame/publicity and his money$$. What he doesn't know is that I have a boyfriend named Austin Mahone who is one of Justin openers. When we go on breaks of the tour i tell justin that im going to see my family and then I go and spend like a week with Austin. Justin has a friend named Brooke who I hate. She thinks she gets all the time she wants with justin because hes her bestfriend. All of justins Believers or whatever the hell he calls his fanbase like Brooke and hate me. So I will hang out with Justin more and spread rumors about Brooke so they all hat her and love me. And she will leave the tour. 




Other Characters..........

Ryan Butler 

Chaz Somers

Alfredo Flores

Scooter Braun 

Pattie Mallette

Ariana Grande

Demi Lovato

Isabella/Bella Miller

Austin Mahone

Cody Simpson

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