Best Friends Forever??

Hayy;) So this is my first movella and im not sure if it will be that good but i will try.
Brooklyn(brooke) and Justin have been friends since they were in diapers, Brooke has always had a crush on Justin but he could never feel the same way (so she thought). Justin has also always had a crush on Brooke. He now became famous and has a girlfriend named Natalie(nat). Brooke absolutely hates her. What happens when Justin and Natalie break up? Will Brooke and Justin ever admit there love for eachother read to find out.


1. Hi I'm Brooke.

(a/n) So hey guys this is my first movella and I hope you like it not sure how it will turn out though:/ Thanks for clicking my story and yeah hope you enjoy.



  Hi I'm Brooklyn, but you can call me brooke. I have brown hair that goes a little above my belly button and hazel eyes. My nose is pierced with a simple silver hoop, and I have my belly button pierced with a anchor.

I am best friends with THE Justin Drew Bieber! our moms were bestfriends and we have been since diaper days. I have supported him through all the fame and media and I love him to death.  I have loved Justin since I was 6 and he was 7.  and the end of our conversations we say " love you" but in the bestfriend way I wish it meant more:/      Besides Justin my other best friends are Ryan, Chaz, Ariana, Demi, and Bella.  Right now Justin is dating a girl named Natalie. lets just say I dont particularly like her (at all). I have this weird feeling about her idk.  I am on tour with Justin and I kinda want to leave because all he does is hang out with Natalie and just ignores me:/ Well thats enough about me...



A/N tell me what you think so far this is just some boring stuff I wanted to get out of the way..

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