Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


9. Chapter 9

Lindsay's Pov

It's been a week since the little encounter with the Dark Realm vampires. Today is Saturday,so I slept in. Harry has been out with the Council lately. The meeting he was talking about was really about the group we met last week. There was still a slight bump on my neck from when Harry bit me. He'd still say it looks good on me. I think hes just trying to make me blush. Harry walks into my room few minutes after I got ready. 

"Aw I missed it." he said poking my sides.

"Huh?" I looked at him confused. 

He just strolls on over and pushes my head to teh side,"How's your neck?" He asked  skipping what we were on.

"It's fine. Still a bit sore,but good." I said walking over to the closet. I grabbed my purse and said,"I want to take you to the beach today." He smiled.

"Whoa are you serious?" 

"Yup. Now come on!" I pulled him out of my room and into the parking garage. My car is this old mustange my dad gave me when I turned 18. It looks brand new though,considering that its who knows how old it is. 

"I got EVERYTHING in here ,so don't worry" I said smiling. 


The drive was only a 30 minute drive. The hood was off the car,so we had the breeze comin in. Once we got there,I took all the stuff(Harry helping of course) and plopped us down on a spot near a fire pit.

"We'll be doing that when it gets dark." I smiled as I ripped off my shirt to reveal my neon pink bikini. I still had my shorts on,'cause I wasn't going into the water YET. I looked back to see Harry clinging onto the umbrella.

"Babe whats wrong?" I asked walking over to him.

"N-nothing... it's the light..."

I calmed him down and took his hands. I stared into his eyes so he's be distracted. I told him to sit down on the ground. He nodded and sat,while i got onto his lap.His hands were on the ground. I grabbed a piece of cloth and tied his hands to the pole to the umbrella.

"Lindsay,what are yo-"

I cut his off by giving him a kiss. I pulled away,still on his lap,and pushed the hood off his curls.

"Shhhhh." I said calmly while stroking his face and curls. 

I unclasped the hood so it would fall off his broad shoulders.  I saw his muscles peeking thru his shirt. 

"I promise you that your not gonna get hurt. You have to trust me."

He nodded as I slowly untied him from the pole. As soon as his hands were free,I took his hands in mine and held them tight. I pulled him up and slowly started walking back out into the sunlight. Harry held his ground.

"No way" He said demanding.

"Fine." I said coming back. I immediately kissed him,and him back out into the sun. He was fine! No burning at all. I still stood kissing him,till I felt him stumble and we both fell over,with me on top. We just layed there laughing,till Harry realized he was in the sun.

"NO!" He yelled then held onto me as he scooched back under the umbrella.

"Harry you were fine! I didn't see any sign of burning."

"You didn't?" He said calming down,cause I was brushing thru his curls. 

"No,I didn't. You shouldn't be so worried of those things." I layed my head down on his chest. I almost flinched when I didn't hear a heart beat. Thats when I realized he is "dead".

"C'mon,lets go get in the water" Harry said helping me up. 

He took off his shirt and threw it to wear his hood was sitting.


Harry's Pov(Don't do his that often do I:P)

I looked over to see Lindsay's taking her shorts off. Her tanned skin looked so gorgeous with the sun shining down on her. Her short bangs lightly rested ontop of her forehead. The strings on her bikini bottoms shimmied as she moved. I completely stared at her,till she turned around while putting sunscreen on.

"What?" She questioned as she saw that I was checkin' her out.

"Oh nothing. You just have a gorgeous body."

Lindsay blushed,"Oh stop" She lightly punched me. 

"We going to get in the water?" I asked after she pulled out a towel,layed it down on the sand,and sat down on it.

"Eventually. You still need sunscreen on though." She laughed.

Lindsay tried getting the sunscreen,but I beat her to it.

"You wanted to put it on me didn't you?" I joked holding the bottle out of her reach.

"Yes now give it!" She tried jumping,but it was no use. My towering body over her small one made it impossible for her to grasp the bottle that was in my large hand. 

She got smart and stood on my feet,for extra height.

"Your still not getting the bottle." I laughed. 

She made me fall over while I was laughing. I brought her down with me,and we landed on the sand together. We both laughed together. Her hair resting on my bare chest as we gazed at each other.

"Fine you win! You can put sunscreen on me." I handed her the bottle.

She smiled."Good. Now rest on your elbows." She instructed me to do so. I followed.



"THATS COLD!!!!!" I yelped ,wiggling.

"Sit still" She pinned me down on the towel and sat on top of me.

" ....COLD!!!!" 

"Will you just shut up for like 2 minutes" She said with a bit of humor in her eyes. I Just sat back and enjoyed watching her put on the white liquid onto my body.


"OK,your all done." She said getting up. 

I jumped up from the towel,"Ready?" I asked. She nodded. 

We walked down to the water together. The waves rolling onto our bare feet. Lindsay wiggled her toes in the sand,giggling.

"What you laughing about?" I said

"Oh nothing... you never told me you had four nipples" She giggled again. I looked at my chest. 

"There no-.....its rare to have this. get to be punished..''

"What did I do to you!?!?!?"

"For saying it out in public."I Joked around. 

I scooped her up and carried her bridal style,running towards the waves.

"HARRY!!!" She yelled as a wave crashed ontop of us. Her wet hair clung onto her face ,neck,and chest. My hair all sopping wet and clinging onto my face too.

"Hey,at least your used to it now"I chuckled setting her down.

"Not funny." She frowned. I gave a slight nudge,"Aw c'mon Lindsay,I'm just having fun. I've never been in the sun remember?" She gave me that beautful smile again

"That is true. C'mon,lets have some fun"


Lindsay's Pov

We went surfing(attempted too) , boogie boarded,and ate some food. We stayed for the beautiful sunset that was peeking out over the ocean,saying goodbye. Harry and I took the stuff and put them back in the trunk,but we kept the hot dogs and marshmellows. We took a romantic walk on the beach. Then we just stood there looking out onto the now orange sea. The slight breeze moving my long wavy brown hair. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and his chin on my head.

"It sure is lovely isn't it" i said with a sigh as I looked up into his shining green eyes.

"It sure is."He said smiling. I smiled back.

I turned back to look at the gorgeous view,when Harry spins me around and puts his plump lips on mine.He made it deeper. His hands supporting me as he dipped me back in our passionant kiss. My dress swaying with the wind,as our kiss continued. A moment later ,we pulled away. I took Harry's hand into mine. His large hand making it look like mine wasn't there. He gently kissed my nose as he leaned in. Our lips brushing ,but no action was between the two. I felt his smile grow. I then spoke.

"We should really get back." It came out as a whisper. His hand intertwined with mine. I took that as a yes. 


When we were at the car,we both heard a voice.

"Where you two Lovebirds going?"

That voice made Harry freeze.Then the voice came into our presence. 


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