Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


7. Chapter 7

OK so im like really excited! I'm almost to my 10th chapter! Yay! You guys liking it so far?



Lindsay's Pov

A fine morning it was,when I woke up. I had a little note from Harry that said:


Hey beautiful,

I just wanted to tell you that I won't be in class today. Something came up. I told the professors that I won't make it. When your done,meet me at the fountain. 

Love you,

Harry .xx


Oh my gosh. Louis must've saw me and Harry,so he told Liam!!!!  Oh wait,theres more



P.S Louis didn't tell Liam. Your safe. It's just a meeting. 



Whew! Glad he's safe. "Bryn" I shook my friend awake,"Bryn!" She woke up with start,"WHAT!!!" She explaimed,"Girl is trying to sleep here!"


"Well  get up! Or you'll be late for school" She zoomed out of bed and quickly got  dressed,"First i need to do this."


"What" I said turning around and getting hit in the head with a pillow,"Thats for waking me up" Bryn laughed. I'm on the floor cracking up,"Ok ok." On the way,Bryn told me about our neighbor,Annie.  She seems pretty nice. "Here she is now!" Bryn said running up to Annie. "Hey Bryn!" Annie said hugging Bryn,"Hey! Who the girl?" 

"Oh this is my roomate,Megan." 

I waved,"This is Lindsay,MY roommate." I laughed. I smiled and looked around,"I'm going to class guys. See ya"


Annie's Pov

"Man... is Lindsay ok?" I  asked Bryn with a worried look on my face.

"I hope so. She's never acted like this before. Oh wait.... I know the problem..." Bryn frowned

"What" I added.

"Lets just wait. Maybe im wrong. C'mon,we need to get to class"

 Me,Bryn,and Megan walked to class together. We saw Liam on the way there. My eyes got sparkles in the once I realized he was there,"Hello girls,fine morning isn't it?" H-he talked to us. We all said "Hi" and walked away. " I'm gonna catch up with you girls later" They all looked at me confused

"Ok,if you say so. Wait a minute." Bryn looked at me all suspicious,"Have fun with Liam,Annie" She skipped off with Megan,as I was left in the hallway with Liam.

Bryns Pov.

Niall had a meeting with an old friend,so thats why he wasn't here. I just sure hope hes ok though. He's never gone without letting me know the detaios. But then again,he probablt was doing another surprise for all we know. You'll never know. I'm just worried about Lindsay. Her and Harry are like so perfect for each other. Megan and I caught with Lindsay in class. We had a few minutes to spare so we just chatted with her for a bit,"So whats up with you and Harry?" I asked sitting next to her.

"Well,its complitcated. Niall will probably tell you soon." Niall will tell me? Abuot Lindsay and Harry? Alright. 


-after class-

Lindsay's Pov

Never again will I choose this class. I stink at it. Well.. without Harry I do bad. I just wish he was here with me. OH!! I can! He's waiting for me by the fountain! I ran as fast as I could towards the fountain. As I approached it,I saw a tall figure with dark curly hair. Harry. I ran up behind him,and gave him a hug,"Hey curly!" I joked. He turns around and sees me,smiling. "Hey beautiful" He says twirling me. "Whats the agenda for today"

"Well... I have to tell you something" I got worried

"What is it?" I said grabbing his hands in mine. He put a small smile on his face,but not enought for his dimples to show thru. "It's the Vampire Council. They want my group to meet them here tonight. I gasped. "The Council wants to meet you?! Oh Harry I knew Louis or Zayn said something!"

"Lindsay calm down! I'm not in trouble." He takes my hands into his,gently places them on his mouth,and kisses them both.

I could've sworn we had a moment there. His eyes shining,even though it wasn't dark. I smiled and looked down,"I kept getting bad thoughts in my head of what would happen to you. I couldn't focus in class 'cause of you Harry." I placed my forehead on his.

I felt his smile pop out as our lips brushed. Our moment was just beginning.


-meanwhile with Annie and Liam-

(earlier )

Liam's Pov

After I said hi to the girls,I walked off to my class. 

"Hi, I'm Annie" I heard a voice say from behind me. 

I turn around,and saw a beautiful looking girl. She was about half my height,but I still towered over her.

"Uh... hi. I'm Liam." I held my hand out and shook her hand. 

She giggled. This girls pretty cute. No Liam,you can't do that! I just smiled at her adn asked,"Wanna hang out later?" My mind thought,"NO DUMMY! YODON"T WANT THAT!"  Who cares. Its just a hang out right? I almost zoned out till Annie spoke.

"I'd love that. When?"

"6:30ish?" I shrugged.

"Sure! Perfect. OK ,see ya soon Liam. I gotta catch up with the girls." 

I laughed and waved bye. I had this feeling like this will be pretty amazing.

-later that evening-

Annie's Pov.

I can't believe i'm going to hang(i call it a date) with Liam! My dream date. Ok Annie,calm down. He's just a regular person like us. 

"Sorry I won't be here Annie. I'm going out" My roomate,Megan, said while putting on a dress.

"Ooooo and where are you going Ms. fancy Dress?" I laughed as I saw how fancy the dress.

"Oh... just out with a guy."

My eyes lit up! "I'm so excited for you! You haven't found a guy ever since you broke up with Travis!''

She gave me a dark look and frown,"I told you not to mention him."

"Sorry. I'm just so happy for you Meg." I smiled and hugged her. 

I left our hug to go find something to wear,on my date with Liam. I found nothing. Absolutely nothing. Oh wait found one!


On my way out, I saw a couple of guys walking towards me. I just kept walking on,but one ran up to me and stopped me,Hello there." One said.

"H-h-hi" I said almost scared to death.

"Mind if we have a bite my dear?" I saw him smile evily,and saw blood stained teeth. OK,what is going on here. I just left his grip and started sprinting as fast as I could go,but I couldn't out run him.

"Now,thats not what I wanted to see." 

I'm really scared now.

"Come on Sam! Bite her! Suck her blood out! Do you want the king to angry at you for not getting your fill?" 

So thats who the guy is. Sam.

"Back off!" I said backing away slowly. They all started glaring at me with red eyes. 

"You guys are vampires?"

"Sure are. Now come here." 

I shook my head. They all chuckled. Once I was against a tree,I realized I had to do something. Instead of chickening out ,I started figting back. Literally. I fought like I felt this was MY fight to be won.

"BACK AWAY" I yelled. One caught me by my hands and grip hard. I yelped at the pain that surged thru my body. I fell to my knees. Hands still in the vampires grip. This isn't suppose to happen. I gave up. Theres no way I could fight these guys. I suddenly heard someone yell  my name. But It was faint. Then out of no where a shadow came and fought all the vampires. It was a shadow to me,cause I got bit . I lost alpt of blood,so everything looked a bit weird to me. I fell to the ground completly and everything went black.


I woke up in a bed in a room I didn't reconize. Thats when I saw Liam come into the room.

"Your awake" He said sitting on the chair that was on the side of the bed. I nodded,wincing at the pain that was still in my neck. I felt weak.

"I'm going to tell you something that barely anybody knows.... I'm a vampire."

MY eyes shot out wide and I scooched back to the edge of the bed,"STAY AWAY!" I yelled. HE laughed and aclmed me down.

"Relax. I'm a good one. Those were from the Evil Region. I'm on the good guys side" HE patted my back and started rubbing little circles into it. I closed my eyes trying to get all this into my head.It just hurts to think with all this blood being lost. 

"I.... didn't know there was such thing as vampires,till now." I said ,processing it still into my brain.

Liam stopped and pulled me closer.

"I know. But your safe now. I want you to stay with me all the time. Just to make sure that bite will heal fine."

I nodded. Barely knowing what he was talking about.

"But first,I need to do something to stop the bleeding. Sam hit it good. I fliched as he leaned in closer to my neck and licked and the wound. 

"ssh its alright" He said between licks. "I'm only helping."

Once he finished,I just hugged him tight and whispered,"Thank you" 

He wrapped his arms 'round me and smiled,"Just trying to help a sweet girl." 

From that point,I fell asleep in Liam's arms. But he took me to my room later on.


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