Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


6. Chapter 6

Previously with Lindsay and Harry:



Lindsay's Pov.

"I-I...." Harry stammered, as I walked slowly backwards

"Lindsay...just listen to me."

I shook my head,"No ." was all that escaped my parted lips.

Harry gently took my hand and pulled me close till I felt his chest against mine. A gasped slipped out of my mouth as I felt him touch my cheek.

He leans in to my ear,"Don't be afraid" He says before coming back to face me.

"Why should I? Your probably some monser who wants to kill me!"

I squirmed in his grip.

Harry just squeezed tighter,"Harry" I whispered,"You hurting me"

He loosened his grip before rushing me to his room. I ran towards the door,but before I could reach it,he ran and shut it quick. His tall body stood towering over me.

"Let me explain!"He stood his ground.

I sighed,"Ok Harry,expain away." 

"Good" He smiled and took my hand,leading me over to the window.

He took off his hood before any words came through his lips.

"I'm a vampire" He bravely told me. I stood there staring into his eyes shocked.

"Your a what?" I looked at him with tears started to form.

"A vampire. I'm part of the good side though. There's an evil region full of nasty,blood thirsty,vampires that will disguise themselves of someones love. Don't ever go near them. I want you to know something else." He grabbed both my hands and tried pulling me closer to him. I stood my ground and tried pulling back,increasing the space between us."I'm not going to hurt you" Harry tried pulling again. His amazing strength was no match for me. I gave up and let him draw me in. My chest rising and falling fast. He pushed a strand of my hair,with his hand, behind my ear. He tried getting me to look at him,but my gaze wouldn't match up to his,"Lindsay,please look at me" I stood at the ground till he brought one of his hands to my chin and lifted my head up." I'm gonna tell you again that you don't need to be afraid." I brought my arms around his waist and nuzzled closer into his chest. Startled by the no heart beat,I flinched."I care for you Harry. I really do. Are you telling the truth?" He nodded,"Indeed I am. Need proof" I nodded myself,"I do." I didn't even finish when Harry pressed me up against the wall," If you feel anything let me know ok?" I nodded,fear in my eyes. I felt Harry come down to my neck and started to kiss it. He came back up and whispered,"You ok?" I nodded,biting my lip. He went back and few seconds later I feel teeth against my skin. Then it felt as if he were going to pierce them into my skin,"OK OK I GIVE IN!!! I BELIEVE YOU!" I felt them move away. My eyes shut tight as I felt Harry hot breath on my face. he pressed his head against mine,"Promise not to tell anyone?" 


"Yes,I promise." Eyes still closed,Harry kisses my lips,feeling his fangs still. "Lindsay?" Harry said breaking the silence that was set for a few minutes,


"Yes?" I said brushing away his curls from his forehead


"Just so you know,that if anything happens, I want you to know that I love you. Like LOVE  you" He strokes through my hair. I saw tears come in his eyes though," W-whats wrong?" I said,myself tearing up too.


"Well,the vampire code says that we can't fall in love with any humans. If that happens,something has to be done. Punishment is mostly death. A vampire be lucky enough to get banished,or at least his powers taken away,if that happened." I couldn't believe what he was saying."Y-y-your lying" I said nuzzling closer into his chest,"I'm not. I don't want to say it. Louis has been spying on us lately and Zayn for Niall and Bryn. Liam is our group leader. We were sent here for a reason ,but I forgot.  If Liam finds out,were in deep trouble. He'll send me and Niall away to the Council" I couldn't help but cry."I don't want you to go away Harry! Your the best thing that's ever happened to me!" He tried calming me down,but it didn't work."You didn't let me finish...... I was gonna say that were going to meet secretly. I can't let anything like this get in the way of our love for each other. It just breaks my heart." Harry wiped my tears away with his thumb and smiled. I smiled back,"That's my girl"


"Does this mean were.. together?"


"It does" I held onto him tight,"Good. 'cause I don't ever want to let you go." His husky voiced chuckled. I felt it vibrate in his chest.


"Well,your gonna have to for the night. You ,my dear,need to get ot bed. It's almost sunrise and you've got a pretty big day ahead of you."


"I do don't I." I giggled"Can I just stay the night?" Harry looked at me with a smirk on his face," Sure. But only till you fall asleep. Then I'm taking you back to your room." 


"Ok." I smiled,"Um.... I'm still in my clothes. What am I gonna do for PJ's?" He thought,then he looked in his drawers,"Do you mind wearing one of my old t-shirts?" I shook my head and he offered it to me. I realized i had an extra pair of stretchy shorts in my purse,just in case of a dance call. I left for the bathroom to change.


  I come out a few minutes later with my other clothes folded neatly in one hand,and my purse in the other. I set them down on a little wooden chair."Thanks" I said turning to face Harry.


"Keep it. It'll be your reminder of me every night" He brought his arms around my waist and smiled. I looked down,then back up into Harry's green glittering orbs. I put my hands on his chest and pushed away." I really need to get some sleep."


"True" He said pulling a blanket and pillow from his closet. I looked confused,"Where you sleeping?" I said yawning


"Couch" He pointed to a folding couch that turned into a bed,"Sweet." I said laughing. "I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable" I kissed his cheek,"Thank you" Harry smiled back showing those dimples he has. I curled up under the covers and fell fast asleep.


Harry's Pov


Once that I saw Lindsay was asleep,I got up from the bed I made,scooped her up,and carried her to her room. For a cheaters way,I looked around,saw none was looking and just rushed to her room. Soon enough I was at her door. I quietly opened the hard wooden brown door. Gently I set her under her covers,and kissed her head. She was the sweetest thing ever when she sleeps. I saw Bryn asleep in the other bed and thought,"Man,wonder if Niall came and did that" I recognized the fancy way he set her in the covers; perfectly under it without making any wrinkles in the bedding. Smart. I carefully suck out,and when I was at the fountain,I heard,"Hello Harry"  

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