Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


4. Chapter 4

arry's Pov

Ah Sunday.'s Sunday! AW MAN! tomorrow we start classes! I need to text Lindsay and see if she'' want to hang out with me today.

Niall's Pov

i'm Rushing to put things,and my self,together for Bryn. She's hanging out with me today and I want to look nice for her. She's so prety and adorable!. How could I NOT fall in love with her.

Lindsay's Pov

i got a text from harry,asking if I wanted to hang out with him today. OF COURSE! I text him back saying yes. Trying to get ready in under 15 minutes is hard for me. But, I managed to pull myself together. I'm wearing normal black and white converse(as usual), a plaid shirt with a sparkly tank top underneath,and shorts(yep that's me in the fall!). Hair is pulled back into a high ponytail(hair is shirt so its adorable!). I added a little'me' touch and put a bandanna as a headband in my hair. The ,I headed out the door and headed for Harry's room across campus.

Bryn's Pov

I can't wait to hang out with Niall today! Ok,need to find something to wear. Ah there we are. A nice,simple baby blue sweater will do. Plus skinny jeans,a beanie(to match the sweater duh), and some ugg boots. My hair was kept down.

I've always have had a crush on Niall,ever since One Direction came into existence! Sounds a bit obsessive,but it's not. I just love him so much! Anyways,I walk out to his room. As i'm looking around,admiring the lovely pine trees and singing robins in them, I realized howHUGE the campus was. I know for sure that I will love it here.

Lindsay's Pov

I knocked on the door once and Harry comes bursting out with a big smile on his face,"Hi Lindsay!" he said giving me a friendly hug.

"HI Harry! Where we goin'?"

He thought for a sec,"Um... Hows coffee sound?"

I smiled and nodded,"That would be nice"

-at the coffee shop-

"So Harry ,tell me about yourself." He sighed," Well,you basically know me already don't you?"

"I want to hear it come from you." I smiled.

Harry went on for about 5-10 minutes.

"Tell me about you" He asked.

I laughed."There's nothing really. I'm the oldest of two. My brother ,Taylor , is 5. I'm going to find a job soon,so I'll be busy with that. Oh yeah! I also like One Direction!"

I giggled.

Harry laughed,"Well that's good."

I took a sip of my coffee real fast before saying anything else.

"Whats you fave-"

Harry interrupted me,"Sorry to interrupt ,but follow me for a sec. I have something to show and tell you."

I nodded as we headed for an ally way.

"Why here?" I asked Harry ,who was trying to find a dark spot.

The whole place was dark,so I don't know why he was searching like a blood hound.Harry finally pulls me into the dark spot with him.

"So you wanna know why I have to wear this hood all the time?" He said ,staring at me with his green orbs.

I just nodded. He slowly took off his hood.

"Well...Its because I'm a.......Im....a.."

I can tell he was worried about this.

I kissed his cheek and said,"Tell me when your ready" I smiled.

He also smiled,"Thanks" He said hugging me,''Wanna head back and watch a movie?"

I nodded.

I took his hand in mine as we both walked back to campus.

The school has so many lounges! Harry and I chose the one with a really cozy couch(boo-ya!).

"What movie do you want to watch?" Harry asked as he pulled out the movie case out.

I saw The Notebook and instantly chose that.

During the movie,Harry snuck his arm around me.

"Harry?" I said peering over to him.

His face was almost to mine,but I can stll feel his breath.

"Oh nothing" He joked.

I laughed.

-after the movie-

I yawned as sooon as the movie was over.

"Oh? Was that a yawn I just heard?" Harry said,carrying me bridal style.

I giggled,"What yawn?"

I joked as I yawned again.

He lightly kissed my forehead,"That yawn" Harry smiled.

When we finally arrived at my room,Harry set me down.

"Tomorrow after school?" I nodded.

Bryn was already in bed so I thought I'd just go right ahead to sleep.


Sun was shining,birds were singin', it was a lovely day. Perfect enough for a nice pair a shorts(thats meXD). I woke Bryn up,so she'd get ready for school.

"C'mon sleepy head! Do you want to keep Niall waiting?!?!"

Bryn sprung out of bed like a rabbit during spring! She changed quickly,and out the door she went. Everything was a blur to me. I flashed into my outfit and headed out also. I caught up with Harry few minutes later.

"Hey Harry wait up!" I called from behind.

He was walking with Zayn and Louis. They seemed friendly.

"Hey Lindsay" Harry said pulling me into a hug.

Louis whispered something to Zayn,but I couldn't hear at all what they were saying. I smiled after we pulled away from the hug.

"I forgot what class was first" I laughed.

"Math silly" Harry teased.

I blushed,looking into his beautiful green eyes. I don't know what it is,but every time i'm with him,I feel safe.


We walked into class,just as the teacher started taking roll. Creepy thought just being a tiny bit late. I'm never late! EVER! I blame Harry.

"Hello class! My name is Professor Flint. Today we will be learning the basics of Calculus"

Everyone groaned but me. I didn't do so well with Pre-Calculus in high school. Harry leans over to me as we took our notebooks out.

"Want some help with this?" I nodded as he kissed my cheek.

We heard the teacher say,"NO TALKING IN CLASS!"

We shrunk back a bit in our seats.

"Whats your name?" The teacher asked Harry.

He hesitated for a second before replying,"Harry Styles sir."

"Well Mr.Styles are you good at Calculus?"

"Y-Y-yes sir. I am. I'm really good at it"

"Well,If you say your as good as you thing you are, go up to the board and write out one of the problems on my desk,then solve it."

I saw Harry nod and headed up to the chalk board. His hand shook with fear as he picked up the piece of white chalk. He wrote out the problem,then succesfully solved it!


-after school-

Never ever go out when you have homework. Unless your bringing it with you. Harry and I are going out later,bringing our homework,so were good.

"Ok,i'm ready if you are" I said to Harry who was finishing up some things.

He comes over,nods,and we head out."Where are we going?"

"Its a surprise" He chuckles.

I Stayed quiet thru the whole walk there.


At one point ,Harry covered my eyes so I wouldn't see.

"Um.... Harry? I can't see!"

I laughed.

"Thats the point" He chuckled.

I knew he'd be smiling. I heard kids laughing and squealing,so that gave me hint. The park! Harry takes his hands off my eyes and I looked around seeing all the beautiful sights. Guys playing football,kids playing on the playground,and me and Harry walking side by side.

It was such a lovely fall day to be outside ,and to enjoy the weather. We found a shady spot under a big tree to do our homework.

"Oh shoot. I forgot my things." I heard Harry say from behind.

"You did that on purpose didn't you."

I laughed as I took out my things.

Harry sat close as he watched me figure out the tough aritmetic problems. They just stimp me so hard. I'll never get them. Suddenly,Harry looked behind him as if someone was watching him. Or us. I felt a hand brush against mine until HArry said.

"Get on my back"

I hesitated for a moment,"WHAT!?!"


"Just do it!"

I nodded and jumped onto his back. Then I felt a rush of air. Harry was running super fast! Like... impossible fast!!!

"Close your eyes!" Harry yelled back.

I shut my eyes tight as I felt a big blast rushing over us.

As soon as he set me down by the big fountain,I said,"HAROLD EDWARD STYLES!!!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!"

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