Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


20. Chapter 20 PART I



I hate my life.


I have to hide the fact that I'm a creature that everyone knows shouldn't exist. I have to tell my mother, and hide it from my friends.

Ever since I left the Dark Realm, I've been dreaming about what would've happened if I stayed with the King and Harry. My boyfriend was suppose to kill me in the process of my transformation from a mortal human to a powerful vampire. My thirst for blood scratches at my mouths surface, hungry for a little taste of blood, and wanting to see others in pain while I drink their life away. Oh my gosh, I'm turning into a beast.

The cold rain poured heavily on the streets around me. I was walking around,trying to get this killing feeling out of my head. With my body soaked and hair drenched, I sat on a nearby green park bench. Head between my legs, I cried silently, thinking about what choice I have made. At least it's better than having sex early right? My life is ruined.

15 minutes of complete thinking, I looked at to see two shadows in the distance, looking straight at me. I looked right back down at the now mud beneath my feet, and moved my shoe around too. I guess my nonchalant attitude didn't work for the shadows saw me, and disappeared. I thought they'd gone when I felt a hand on my wet shoulder. Frozen with fear, i slowly looked up and saw two blue eyes staring down at me. They were so beautiful. Then I felt a tug on my opposite hand. The other man was tugging me to go with him. The other figure looked at him confused as to which place they were planning on taking me. I eventually knew who these 2 men were based off of their expression, and by the way they were acting gave it away.

As soon as we were in cover, the two men revealed themselves to me. My eyes watered. I couldn't help but hug them both. Two of my most trusted people in the whole wide world are standing right in front of me.

"Thought you were going to leave me for good, boys," I said, grinning at my best friends.

The two looked at each other, then back to me. I switched my gaze back and forth between the two figures in front of me. Somehow I knew there was trouble. Something tells me that it involves me, and Harry. I never really saw Harry ever since I left the Dark Realm 2 months ago, everything has just really been a blur. Hunger and thirst for blood still stretches out in my body like a tree stretching out its limbs, saying hello to all the bypassing citizens that stroll by it.

The two figures talked silently to each other while I just sat there unknowing what their conversation is about. My phone vibrated,so I checked it. The number that appeared on my phone's screen was restricted,or blocked. The message didn't start off like a normal conversation would start.

The message said:

hello Lindsay,

if you are reading this, well... good for you. If you want your boyfriend back, you have to fight for him, or else you will never see your precious Harry again!



At first I wondered, " Who is R?", but then the thought slipped out if my mind like soap and before could catch it again, one of the figures spoke.

" We would never leave an amazing friend behind. Besides, you told us to come and find you if you ever left, which you did. Maya actually found out you went back here to your normal world," the first figure said.

"You're right, Louis, " The second figure spoke," That's where we came in. After we realized you were gone, we left the Dark Realm, and took off to find you. I can't believe it took 2 months to find you. What happened to school? "

I took in a big breath, then let it out as a heavy sigh.

"I stopped school because with all this vampire stuff around, and keeping it a secret, I couldn't take the pressure anymore, so I left. I live back with my family again which is hard for me and my mom because she knows so much about the vampire stuff, I can't bear to tell her the truth about what happened to me," I said

The 2 boys looked at each other, then Louis leaned against the wall, foot propped against it too, Liam sat next to me and opened his arms in a big hug. I chuckled, then accepted his hug request.

I kept wishing that Liam was Harry, holding onto me so tight, that I have to kiss him to loosen his grip. But we all know that Liam Payme isn't Harry Styles, the one who tried killing me during my transformation from human into a blood thirsty vampire. Liam was this sensitive guy who cares about how other people are feeling and helps with their problems. I wonder what kinds of powers the boys have?

"So Louis,Liam, do you have any special powers? Or is it special to have powers?" I asked with a slight worried look on my pale face. Yes, my face has gotton paler since I became a vampire. Good bye summer tans.

Louis walks closer and sits down leaning against the brick wall behind him. Liam and I do the same with me in the middle of the two strongly built men on my left and right sides . They both were really close as if they were protecting me from any enemies close by in our little hideout. Liam seemed pretty calm about everything going on, but Louis on the other hand was taking this really seriously, and a little emotional. Poor thing. 

Liam look down to me trying to decifer whether I was happy or upset about Harry. Louis wasn't taking it well as being Harry's best friend and all. He kept bursting into tears every once in a while, with Liam and I trying to calm him down over and over again. To me it was losing a boyfriend, but to Louis it was losing a best friend.  I have always wondered what it was like to be in One Direction's "shoes". To have all that fame and money, the fans screaming your name, and to have everyone know who you are and that you're loved for your talents and what you do. Now their these vampires, but they continue to do their singing and they are wonderful at it. I love them all, but the one curly haired one caught my attention.

I remember the day I wanted blood for breakfast. It was about a month ago when I was sitting down for a cup of coffee, and at that moment, I realized I didn't feel like having coffee. I wanted something more thick. more dark. I wanted blood. yes, blood. I searched for a victim once I finished my coffee, hoping to find a delicious snack.  I passed by mirrors that showed my refelction. I thoughtt that vampires don't show on mirrors? Think again. I'm not fully transformed into a vampire yet. The last part of becoming into a vampire is to find our power, then use it to destroy the one you hate. But the problem is, the person you hate has to be the one who made you a vampire in the first place. Harry.

Guessing by the way my facial features were, Liam and Louis wrapped themselves around me and held me tight.

"Every vampire has a power. Most of the time it's a common power while on the other hand, their could be rare powers," Liam said, beeaking the awkward silence I wasn't enjoying.

I nodded in response.

"So what powers do you and the boys have?" I asked

Louis chuckled. So happy to see a smile on his face.

"My power is controlling and reading peoples emotions," Liam said taking my hand into his.

"Mine's a bit of healing power," Louis says demonstrating his power by slicing his arm a tiny bit, but only to heal it up 2 seconds later.

I laughed as both showed me their powers for the next 10 minutes. Louis would slice himself up for a while, then Liam would show me his emotion power. Lets just say there were a few short kisses exchanged.

After what seemed like hours, we got up and walked down the dusty sidewalk. Falls leaves were falling and rustling around on the ground, and swirling around. the beautoful browns, oranges, and yellow colors brightened up my eyes until I saw the wrong colored leaf floating towards me. It was red. Darkest red like blood shining so bright as if it was pouring out from its wound. I didn't know I was drooling until I felt a wet liquid fall from my parted, cracked, lips. I fixed my eyes upon my hand, and saw a drop of blood instead of drool. How could this be? I thought to myself.  I don't remember touching a body! 

After 2 blocks,  we arrived at the water fountain of the school we used to attend. The fountain is turned off for weather conditions. I look around the deserted campus, wondering why everyone isn't outside. This spot is the boys' favorite place to meet each other after a long catch of human blood, or just to hang out. 

My eyes sauntered over to the area where Harry took me on one of our multiple dates we had. That night was the first night I got bit by a vampire. Harry.

Snaping back into reality, 2 more figures flashed to our sides. Zayn and Niall. They seemed pretty cheery for guys who realized 2 months ago that their best friend wanted to kill his one and only girlfriend, and still be faithful to her. Niall looked over and ran to give me a hug, but Zayn stopped him. Whats going on?


"Ok, you all have been staring at me for 10 minutes  straight! What's wrong!?"I asked, raising my hands into the air. We're still in front of the fountain on campus.

Zayn walks up to me,"Its your eyes. They're purple."

What? They're purple? How can this be? The only time they are purple is when......

"Get inside. All of you!" I growled looking at the boys one by one.

Liam read my expression and nodded, then left. The rest followed behind.

Ok, I know you're out there. I thought to myself again. I felt his presence, but saw no shadow of his tall, muscular,  frame. One look around, and I still didn't find him.  He has to be here. 

I heard a voice inside my head,"I'm behind you."

twirled around fast enough to catch a small glimpse of a figure flashing away. Running to each spot where he kept running and hiding,  he kept taunting me inside my head. Throwing me off guard, I ran into a tree, and the impact made me fall and everything seemed to get darker and darker...


"She's for sure injured. Impact to side of her forehead/temple area."

"Doc, she has to be fine."

"I know. R will be waiting for her. I can feel him getting impatient."

Hearing the beeps and buttons being pressed, my eyes fluttered open and revealed to me a dimly lit room with machines on one side and a small tan leather couch  on the other. Louis, being the only member in the room while I assumed the doctor took a break, sat quietly on the couch reading a book. I started to move my head, but pain pierced through like a thousands knives stabbing my brain. Louis never noticed I was awake until I started moving slowly.

"Hey, you're awake!" he said, looking up from his book. Louis put his book down and walked over to my side.

"Hi," I said with a slightly scratchy voice.

"I'm glad you're awake," Louis said while wrapping his hand around mine.

We both smiled at each other until the doctor came in and started doing little tests. I honestly have to say that I'm quite nervous. The way he kept giving a weird look everytime he did something new made me uncomfortable. 

As soon as the doctor was done, he said I could leave, but to take the pills he gave me.

Louis and I walked out of the special vampire hospital and saw a brand new Mustang Niall got. The red paint shined in the sun as we got closer and closer. Louis opened the side door I was going to be entering, while Zayn rearranged the back seats and Niall for the front.

I pressed the back of my hand to the wound I have on the side of my head. The pain knocked me out... but for how long?

"How long was I out?" I asked as we drove out the parking lot.

"2 days," Louis responded wrapping a blanket around me.

I held onto the blanket that was draped around my shoulders to my chest. The boys looked at me, except for Niall for he was driving, and  just stared into me. It was strange. 

"Were going back to your place, Lindsay, so that way you can heal for another week. After that, we're getting Harry back," Zayn said while flipping through the many stations on  the radio.

I looked around the small car, then spoke,"Where are the girls?"

Liam took a deep breath in that lead to a heavy sigh.

"They left us. Said it was too much for them. So they packed up everything and left."

My eyes fell to the ground. They really left. Why? Probably couldn't handle the fact that their friend is now a vampire and probably will suck their blood. That maybe the case other than all the vampires they saw this past school year. How could it be that the girls got so close with the boys, then leave them in depression. I just don't get it.

"Turn here, Niall" Liam said as we crossed an intersection over to another.

Passing familiar shops and restaurants, I stared at the one that meant to me the most: the coffee shop. The same shop Harry and I went to when we first started dating. We would always get the same drink and share a small little treat they had behind the fingerprint stained, glass windows.

As I was watching a nearby group of pedestrians crossing the street,  I felt that something wasn't right, and that we needed to get out of here.

"Niall we need to turn around," I said not taking my eyes off the people.

Niall looked at me weird," What?" He said.

I said, turn the car around! Now! " I gripped the the

Niall realized I was right. There were no cars behind us or in any parts of the intersection. I stared deeper into the crowd and saw a familiar frame. The same guy who made me get a small concussion was in the center of the crowd staring me down until I felt weaker and weaker. I felt my head get dizzier and dizzier. My hand grasped the handle in the car trying to keep myself awake, I lean against Louis and collapse hearing muffling yells and shouts all around. Then my vision went black.

 As if I was awakened 5 min later, my body was jostled around. I fluttered my eyes open to see Liam carrying me. He had a bloddy nose and a black eye. Scrapes and cuts were all around his face with speckles of blood all around. His hair was all messy and matted in some places. I could feel some of his skin against mine because his shirt was ripped in some places.

"Oh good you're awake," He said half smiling.

I stare and look around shocked at the mess they all have caused.

"What happened?"


I decided to make this into 2 parts because it would've ended up being supppppppper long(like 10 pages at least.). So part 2 is in editing right now, but don't worry, it wont be another 3 months till part 2. I love you all and thank you for your support for this book! Even though it is about to end,  please continue spreading the word for my stories and especially this one. Tell me down below in the comments your favorite part in this entire book! I'd love to hear from you! I know this is a very long authors note, but this is just a giant thank you from me! THANK YOU! So with that,  i shall go edit more;) love you! .xx

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