Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


2. Chapter 2

Lindsay's POV

 I get to my room,finally,after what seemed hours! I opened the door ,and I saw a girl ,sitting on one of the two beds, staring at me."Hi,I'm Bryn-holds hand out-".. I'm guessing shes my roommate," Uh.... Hi-shakes hand"

"Theres a welcome party for all the newbies tonight,in the gym. Are you going?"

I frowned," Gee I would LOVE to.But I don't have any party clothes_looks down-"

Bryn smiled,"Thats ok. You look around my height. How'd you like to borrow one of my dresses?-smiles-

My eyes were all bugged-eyed"Are you serious?!? I barely got here and you offer me to borrow you dress? sweet! YES! I will! Thank you!" I gave Bryn a hug,and unpacked my tthings.

Bryn's Pov


My new roommate,Lindsay,is awesome! Shes going to look soooo nice in the dress shes using tonight. Were just finishing up getting ready when Lindsay says,

Lindsay:" I dont;y know if im gonna look good in this Bryn-sounds worried-"

"OOOH you'll look great. Trust me.-laughs-"

A few minutes later Lindsay comes out in my long,pink,sparkly dress. It had a matching sash too! " oh Lindsay!" I gasp," you look gorgeous!" She twirled around a couple times.looking in the mirror.

Lindsay;" You really think so?-grabs purse and heels-"

"Uh... YES! Your llike a prom queen in that dress!"

"hehe thanks. NOW LETS GO PARTY!!!!"


Lindsay's Pov

-walking to the party-

we headed to the party,which was in the schools(college but i say school) gym. Its suppose to be HUGE! We were walking past a few more rooms,when a group of five guys in dark,balck,hoods walked past us. I only saw one of them thru them all. He had brown,curly hair. "Maybe I'll get to talk to them later,at the party." I thought to my self. They comepletley ignored us,as they were walking by,"rude" i said to myself.

Bryn:" Did you see the blonde one? He was cute."

I laughed," Bryn,I wouldn't get interested in any boys yet till we get to know them better."

Bryn:"Your right-frowns-. But we at least get to talk to them right?-smiles again-'

I smiled,"Yeah I guess." 

  We walked inside,and we saw a few people turn and looked at us.

Bryn:"Lindsay-whispers- There staring"

I whisper back,"I know. Its creepin' me out"

I saw the guys in black hoods again. i quickly glance and oh boy did I not regret that. The guys in the hoods were One direction! I tug Bryn's arm,"Bryn" I said. 

Bryn:"-looks over- what?"

"Don't freak out,but those guys in hoods are One Direction!"

Bryn:" WHAT!?"

I quieted her down,"Shhhh. Not so loud.

Bryn:" Oh yeah. oopsie-giggles- its just that I LOVE One Direction. Esecially Niall:3"

I rolled my eyes," You and Niall" She was so giggly for the rest of the night.


Ok, second chapter.. good? 

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