Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


18. Chapter 18

A/N: Heyyyy guys sooo... Anybody guess who the guy is? Haha.. I knew you'd all be shocked and surprised once I put that in there. Who will make it out? Will Lindsay choose her dad over Harry? Will she ever turn into a vampire? Find out in this chapter!:D enjoy! 


I found him. My father has been hiding here this whole time, and I didn't even see him the past trips we've been here.

"Tod... I mean, Dad... Amy is still alive and well... Im her daughter, Lindsay. Do you remember me at all?" i asked with a scared tone.

"How could I forget about my beautiful daughter. Every day I think and wait, hoping something might happen to bring you to me," Tod said, hugging me.

I wish i could stay like this, but I knew i was tired and needed sleep, so I hugged my dad again, and left for my room.


Harry's Pov

The bloody leather whip struck me harder and harder against my back. I couldn't bear the pain, but I knew I had to take it for my precious Lindsay. I decided to save her and the rest of the boys by going to the Dark realm side. The pain and consiquence is severe, but I'd do anything to protect the boys and their girlfriends. The whip struck my blood filled back with full force; i flinched and screamed with pain. The torture they put you through when turning you into a Dark Realm vampire. Its the most painful process in the world.

The guard controlling the whip stopped after 15 more whips of bloody torture. He untied my hands, but retied them again to put them above my head. Feeding time. If Lindsay were here, she'd do all that she could do to stop me. Ha, sweet Lindsay. My precious girl. You make my days filled with wonder. I'll carry you when you're down. You are the light in my darkness.

The chains wrapped around my red wrists felt like they were gripping harder and harder, but it was just me. I twisted and I turned, but it was no use. The guard sharpened some daggers for his feast tonight. I forgot, they stab you while they feed. You have to fight the pain in order to live. If you walked into this Realm, you'd see there are not that many guards and warriors around. That's because 60% of the people they transform, don't make it past this stage.

The guard shed his shirt revealing his abs and muscles. Uh... That's not what I remember about feeding on another vampire. Well, that's what we didn't do back from where I am from.Everybody starts off on the good side. Then, when they are fully trained and on their own, they choose whether to be on the Dark Realm side or to stay on their good side.

My blood pulsing through my already hot and red body, the guard tilted my head to the side making my veins pop out more. I got nervous and starting to regret this hard decision i had to make. My bare skin sweating out in beads, the dark vampire traced his spot on my neck. I squirmed a bit when he found my sweet spot. I growled and hissed at him. He hissed back and scratched my face with his hand. Ouch. Can we seriously just this over with?

My body went into little tingles when the vampire bit into me. I grunted as those sharp fangs of his pierced into my sweaty skin. Then an unfamiliar pain entered my body. The dagger. I screamed in pain as he stabbed the sharp blade in to my stomach. Blood trickled down my stomach and dripped onto the maroon floor. It blended in well. The vampire now covered in blood stopped drinking and continued to turn the dagger around in me. I moaned and twisted around trying to make the pain stop. 

Suddenly, the world went dark. 


Lindsay's Pov

I couldn't sleep at all, so i snuck out of bed and walk around the Realm. The place looked like a haunted house at a fair. My bare feet scuffling along the hard floor, i felt a tug at my little night gown. My dad.

"Dad?" I said gasping by the sudden touch on my dress.

"Sorry, hun, I just wanted to see you again. You remind me so much of your mother, Amy. You looked like you just finished high school, Lindsay. Have you started college yet? " Tod asked.

I nodded and continued walking along the long hallway. He followed me.

"Dad, i love you and all, but can I find Harry on my own?" I said with an annoyed look on my face.

" Oh...So this Harry means something to you eh?" He ginned at me.

Oh gosh dad. 

"Yes, he means something to me. He's actually my boyfriend. Well, he's suppose to be my boyfriend..." I said trailing off. 

My dad saw I was really wanted to be alone for this trip, so he hugged me then left me alone for my trip to find Harry. 

The walk through all these dungeons was pretty scary. There were vampires all shapes and sizes in every single cell there was, but there was only one vampire I am searching for. The cells were small, and some were large. 

I kept calling for him, but I didn't get any response. Finally, I came to a cell where there was a little ball clumped into the corner of the cell. I peered more into the cell and recognized the little clump in a millisecond. It was Harry. Oh. My. Gosh. It's Harry. Why is there blood on the floor?

Harry's Pov

I hear footsteps approach my cell. The person is barefoot. I can just sense it. I lifted my head up from my blood soaked knees, and saw a girl in a light pink night dress holding onto the bars of my cell. Wait, I recognize this face. Oh no. This is bad. This is VERY VERY bad! Lindsay, no, she can't be here. She doesn't know that I've changed. That I've turned into a monster. 

"H-Harry?" she stammered while eyes tearing up. 

I continued staring into her gorgeous eyes until I hissed at her out of the blue. She ignored my hiss and grabbed the keys hanging from the peg on the wall behind her. The keys rattled with her touch. The lock keeping my door together became unlocked and she entered slowly. Her foot entering first, she weaved her way through the door being careful of the sharp glass on the floor. I fled to the deep part of the corner and dug my face into my knees again. 

Lindsay finally made her way over to me, and sat in front of me. The way she looked tonight was just marvelous. Her eyes danced with every move they make. Her smile lights up my world. Her lips, oh her lips, there so beautiful I could kiss them all day long.

She schooched closer to me when she saw me go deeper into my knees. My shirt off and all I was left in were my black skinny jeans which were torn at the knees. I've never felt this way before. I want Lindsay.... To leave. 

I looked up from my knees and revealed to her the monster that was unleashed just a couple hours ago. My eyes searched her for sadness or anger. Just lust and happiness. Why was she so happy? No! That's the dark coming in. Happiness is good, not bad. Lindsay's face changed fast after she saw my new skin texture for when i am a vampire. I had dark circles under my eyes and I just looked evil. My hair all matted and ruffled from earlier, she placed her sweet fragile hand into my hair, and play with it. She giggled. Thats such a wonderful sound to hear from her. I lifted my hands to reach hers, but she noticed the blood trailing from my wrists. She carefully lifted my hands into hers and intertwined our fingers together. Does she want to make me cry?

Lindsay leaned forward, and so did I. Our lips crashed together like cymbals in an orchestra. Lips moving in sync made it a wonderful kiss. Even though all her kisses are special, this one is definitely the most special one I've ever had. My free hand trailing to her warm cheek, Lindsay moved her body over me, so she'd be on top of me. Before she laid fully down,she pulled away and looked down onto my stomach. Busted. She took her hand out of mine, and traced the giant scar on my abs. The blood where it spread was now dried up. I felt light fingers trace over my scar and then over to my cheek. I dared not look into her eyes for I would see devistation, sadness, and I'm saying the same meaning over and over again(haha). 

I took the courage and looked into her eyes. I was right.. Depression written all over her. Lindsay wrapped her arms around my neck and curled up into a tiny ball right on top of me. I wrapped an arm around her for support, and the other rubbing her back. Then, I felt shaking coming from the little body on me. Was she cold? Or was she scared? 

"Are you ok, baby girl?" I asked still rubbing her back.

Lindsay was still shaking when she responded," S-sure. I'm just a bit scared that's all."

I rubbed her back for a few more minutes before i wrapped that arm around her for love. She just needed someone to love on her. She missed me. She wanted me.

I slightly smiled.

"Aw, baby, why you scared?" I asked lovingly.

She snuggled closer to my body. 

"I'm afraid you're going to bite me," she responded.

How'd she know I turned over? There's got to be an explanation for this.

"what do you mean, baby?" 

Lindsay sighed heavily," I'm afraid you're going to bite me, but I don't want to be bitten here. I just found you after trying so hard to find you. I don't want to lose you again, Harry. I love you." 

I held her closer to me. This girl ain't getting out of my sight. She is staying right here in my cell with me where she feels happy and loved(not that her friends and the other boys love her). One of my hands reaching over to play with her hair, Lindsay moved a bit. 

" You can stay here if you like," I offered her with a simple kiss on her head.

She giggled.

"I'd loved to so much. I shall stay here with you," she said lifting her head up to look into my green orbs. 

I smiled and kissed her lips softly leaving her wowed by my charms. Oh yeah, this guy knows how to l-o-v-e on a girl. 

Lindsay placed her head on my bare chest(to be precise, she was in one of my sparrows), making me move my arms around to support her. Her hands trailing up and down my body made me shiver a tiny bit. 

" Have you decided what to do, Harry?" 


Lindsay's Pov 

Have you decided what to do, Harry?" I asked.

Harry stared at me blankly. Something's up, and I'm going to find out.

"I.. Uh.... That doesn't matter right now. What matters is us sodding time with each other after a long distance away from each other. Right, babe?" Harry said changing the subject. 

I gave him a look that told him" I'm not budging until you tell me what you did or what they did to you." 

Finally, he started singing softly to me,

Only half a blue sky
Kinda there, but not quite 
I'm walking round with just one shoe
I'm half a heart without you
Im half a man, at best
With half an arrow in my chest
I miss everything we do
I'm half a heart without you.

His soft, deep singing made me slowly doze off. Eventually, I was just a little sleeping girl in a vampire's lap.


I woke with a start after what seemed a few hours on Harry's chest still. Except, Harry was clinging onto me like someone was going to take me away. I looked up at his shingling face, then I looked at the entrance to his cell. The King and a few guards were surrounding our moment. I felt like a little bug that just got squished by the human and the human is the king and the guards. 

" What do you want?" I asked clinging onto Harry's shoulders.

" I want you to get off that monster, young lady," he said with a bit of concern. What did they do to him!?

I shook my head and clung onto him even more. My night dress now brown and covered with dried up blood, i stood up to protect my boyfriend who was lying helpless on the floor. They drained him remember? 

I walked towards the group of people surrounding the enclosed space, hoping that they don't hurt me. Harry tried getting to his feet, but I turned around in time to help him.

" you need rest," I whispered.

Harry grabbed my wrist and hissed in my face. My shocked face proved to him that I knew what choice he made.

Tears filling up again, I placed my free hand onto his cheek once more, and just cried.

" Oh, Harry, why did you do this to yourself?" I said still sobbing.

Harry closed the space between us and placed his forehead against mine, and grinned. Uh oh. Im on his evil side now. I've completely lost my little teddy bear Harry. Harry moved his hand from my wrist to my hand and held onto it tight. Could he still have feelings for me?

" Go home, Lindsay," he said," it's not safe here. Plus, I'm dangerous now." 

I took my hand out of his and hugged him softly.

" You're not dangerous, and I would never leave you," I said with my arms still wrapped around him. 

Few of the guards came and pinned me down to the ground. 

" What are you doing!?" I screamed.

" If Harry turns into a Dark Realm vampire, you have to turn into a vampire too," one of the guards spoke from behind me. 

I tried to move, but they have won this battle.

"Harry? Want to do the honors?" A guard asked.

Harry turned and stared me down. Where did the cute, loving Harry go?

"Leave her in my cell. I'll do it eventually, but not right now. I'll let you know when though," he said still staring me down. I coward.

The guards pushed me down to the ground. Here I am, lying in the ground in front of...him. 

" Where'd you go? I tried my hardest to bring the Harry I know out, but all you do is pretend you're an evil vampire. They were lying... Right?" 

Harry chuckled then took my hands into his.

"Lindsay, they weren't lying. I chose to become one of them in order to save you and the boys. You still have to be transformed into a vampire though. I forgot why, but you just have to. Be glad it's me that will be feeding off of you.." Harry started to say till I interrupted him.

"whoa, whoa, whoa hold up! Feed off of me? As in," drink my blood?" " i said looking into his eyes. 

Harry nodded. Dang it.

I walked closer to his body, still looking into his beautiful green orbs. How could someone so beautiful... Be so ... I don't know the word I'm looking for. Finally, as if the world went by so fast, Harry rashes his lips onto mine. The sensation rushing through my body made me hold into his hands even tight. Harry took a hand and wrapped it around my waist for support. Please don't ever leave me, Harry.

"you should get some rest, baby," He said after a while. 

I nodded, then climbed onto the little two seater bed in a different corner if the cell.

"So this is what I'm gonna be living in for the next who knows how long," i said sitting down.

Harry chucked and sat next to me.

"it isn't that bad when you have company,you know," He said laying me down on the bed.

I giggled the turned over and fell into a deep sleep.

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