Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


10. Chapter 10

ay! 10th chapter! I just want to say REALLY fast that I WILL be making this really long. But maybe i'll like put this into different books. What do you guys think? Tell me what you think! Also,follow,vote,comment,and keep on reading!:D .xx


Lindsay's Pov

"What do you want Liam!" Harry hissed as Liam walked towards us.

"The question is, what are YOU doing holding hands with HER!" Liam points to our hands that were still together.

I squeezed his hand tighter,as Liam walked over to me. My heart beat increased,chest rising and falling quickly. 

"She ain't bad. Vampire?" He lifted my chin,"Nope. Plan on snacking on her?"

"Can't you see that were holding hands? I don't think I'd be snackin' on her ,Liam!" Harry lashed out. 

The two started arguing for what semed like forever. Until Harry lets go of my hand and literalyl fights Liam! 

"RUN!" Harry yelled back at me.

I stood there frozen. But then I started running. The only place I could run to was campus! Just then I ran into a little allie way. I pulled out my phone and called Bryn.

"Hello? Lindsay?" She answered.



She hung up and I sat down on the dirty floor of the allie way. I peeked out to see Liam and Harry still fighting. Harry looks like he fights more than Liam. Wonder if he goes to the gym and practices there. Right as Harry knocked Liam down,Bryn came running up to me.

"Thought you'd be bringing a car" I snapped.

"I did. Niall has it just around the corner. He's over trying to break the fight."

I nodded as she took my hand and led me to the car. I looked back to the beachy area to see Liam,Harry,and Niall as talking. "At least no one is fighting nd not hurt."  I thought to myself. Me and Bryn got inside the car ,just as the boys came along.

"We need to talk." Liam and Harry said together. 

Niall just looked like he was going to fall into tears. Thats when Bryn ran to Niall. I just sat in my seat playing with my fingers.

"L-Lindsay?" Harry leaned down/(The car was a convertible),"Come here." He took my hand gently as he pulled me out of the car.

"Whats's going on?" I whispered in his ear.

"Just listen" He whispered back. 

Liam sat on the hood of the car and started to speak.

"First I want to tell you both that your gonna have to face the Council. It's not my rules,it's their. Unless you can change their minds,I can't do anything."

"What do you mean?" Bryn spoke.

Liam sighed,"You can't be with Niall. Lindsay,you can't be with Harry either."

My eyes got red and teary ,"W-What?" I hugged Harry tight.

"Thats right.. ok. The vampire code says that vampires can't be in love with mortals...unless they turn the mortal to a vampire. Which is the most painful thing anyone has ever gone thru. I wouldn't try it. But if you were deeply in love then... go for it."

I got a bright idea. A stupid one though.

Harry looked at me like he knew what I was going to say,"No" He said plainly.

"Liam,"I said," Can't there be an exception? This can't be."

"I'm sorry but your gonna have to break up or become a vampire. Now end this now! Or im calling the council!"

Harry just said bye and left without anything. My beautiful day has been ruined.

-later the next day-

Lindsay's Pov

As I strolled down the halls,I spotted Annie,Bryn,and Megan. They all didn't seem very happy.

"Hi guys'' I said crying

"Ohh Lindsay!" Everyone said while rushing over to me and giving me hugs.

"It's alright Lindsay." Megan said while handing me a note,"Harry gave me this note to give to you."

I took the note and read it. I can't believe my eyes. He actually wants to see me! This left me in smiles the whole day.


"Harry?" I whispered,"Are you there?"

"Yes I am"

My arms wrap around his waist as he came from the darkness of the campus pine trees. Them saying with the wind made it chilly and scary. Luckily Ihad Harry with me.

"I'm so glad your here Harry" I said while snuggling into him. 

"I'm glad you here too."

Something was strange about him tonight. His voice was a bit cracky and he didn't act like his normal self.

"You ok?" I asked kissing his cheek.

"Yeah sorta. Come here, I want to show you something."

"Are you sure were safe here?" I asked worried.

He chuckles,"Oh yes." He takes my hand and whispers,"Say goodbye to your boyfriend."

My eyes widened.  This a Dark Realm vampire! The ones that change into loved ones! I tried getting away but he caught my wrist and dug into my skin. The pain surging thru my arm made me scream in pain.

"HARRY!!!!" I called. But it didn't work.

"Harry won't come to your rescue" He growled.

"What have you done with him!?!" i screamed.

"Oh... I sent him to the council."

"NOOOO!!!!!" I tried getting out of his grip,but it was no use. He had me in good. 

He brought me up to his face and whispered,"Your mine now. Don't you remember me?"

Sam. Just as I thought. Harry's old academy mate.

"What do you want,Sam," I just stared into him.

He traced his fingers along my neck,then to my heart

"Oh? Youd on't know? I'd thought Liam would tell you. But I guess he's too busy to tell you since he has a girlfriend now."

"Liam has a girlfriend Now!?!" I gasped. Liam has been so good keeping up with the code. I can't believe he would do that.  I bet it's Annie. She's been going on about a new boyfriend for a while.

"Yes. The other boys have one too. Louis is with a girl named Maya,Zayn is with Megan,Liam with Annie,Niall with Bryn," He grins when he went to speak about me and Harry,"And Harry with you."

His grip was on both of my hands now.

"You'll never take me into your Dark Realm."

"Highly doubt that you little pest."

"Who you calling a pest. YOUR the one who has me lock up by the wrist here." I tried wiggling out. Huh,it worked. Irealized I was free then ran!

"HEY GET BACK HERE!!!" I heard Sam rushing by me. Busted.

I ran over to a bush and hid there. Once I heard him rush by,I stood up then started walking away. I felt hands on my shoulders and a cold raspy voice,"Thought you could run away huh? You naughty girl. I'm gonna have to punish you. A bite perhaps?"

I shivered at the thought of him behind me. Only to say he was. His hands crawling down my arms as he took my wrist in his grip again. My body struggling to be free,but he only made his grip tighter. He pressed our bodies together,like glue. 

"Give up?"

I felt teether on my neck,"Never." I whimpered.

Sam just about pierced his fangs into my neck, when Harry came crashing into him.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE SAM!?!?!?" He hissed as he gave another blow to his face followed by a kick to the stomach.

"What does it look like im doing? Getting a bite. I thought I  sent you to the council for death." 

I gasped at the last line.

" They let me free. Cause I told them That i'd turn Lindsay into a vampire soon."

I just fled from the battle scene in tears once Harry announced that. I couldn't be one. I just couldn't!

"Lindsay wait!" Harry called from behind. I didn't stop.


-later that night.-

I was in my room crying when I heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" i asnwered

"Harry. We need to talk."

I slowely opened the door and he walked in. I couldn't put my eyes on his face. I was too devestated.

"What do you need?" I asked,wiping tears from my face.

"Well,earlier back in the forest(just gonna call it that)  I said I was going to turn you into a vampire. I didn't mean like a soon as in tonight soon. I meant over time soon. Your fine for a while. The council will let us be together,only if we be careful. They have to know your a vampire withing 4 months. If not,then their going to kill me."

I gasped and hugged him tight. My arms wrapping around his neck.

" I don't want that to happen."

"Me either. I want to be with you. there's no way that I can be seperated from you,Lindsay."

I gave a little smile,"Same." I fiddle around with his curls.

With me in Harry's lap,fiddling with his curls,and Harrytrying to cheer me up. It works no matter what.

"Your curls are amazing." I said kissing his cheek.

He leans his head down and places his plump lips on my small ones and we share a kiss. I turn and wrap my legs around his waist. he lays down on the bed,with me ontop,still kissing.

I pulled away to take a breath,"I love you Harry" I said before going back down to his paradise kisses.

Next thing I know ,I'm pulling his shirt off. He gave a small smirk.

"You ok?" he laughed

"Im totally fine why?"

"It's just your um.... nevermind ,I like this." he gives me a wink which made me blush.

He tugged at my shirt and I took it off,leaving me in a skimpy little cami.

I traced his beautiful body. I got down to the band of his boxers and he lifted his head,"No not yet baby."

I frowned and continued what I was doing. I kissed his little 6 pack he had. He let out a small laugh.

"Ticklish?" I teased.

"Just a bit" He said smiling back.

He took off my cami while I tried getting the button on his pants to loosen.

"No belt tonight huh?"

"I was going comfy casual today."

Few minutes later he finally managed to get my shorts off.

"Hmm... somethings off here." Harry said as he took me by my sides and flipped us so I was on bottom and he was on top.

"Better" He smirk.

I  lifted my head from the pillow to see him gently kissing my body. Hovering over me,he gives me a passionant kiss. Was Harry going for 'it' tonight? I mean,I've never done it,but I trust him with my whole heart.

"Hey whats this?" I heard him say.

He was pointing at a bruis/scar on my chest.

I tried covering it up,but he saw it.

"Nothing. Just a scar."

"Does it hurt?" he sounded a bit worried now.

"Not really. Only sometimes."

He leans down and starts giving my mark a little peck. He was trying to make me feel better.

"Even marks can't cover your beautiful body."

I blushed as he started to unclasp my bra.

"Harry wait." I said stopping him,'' Another time. We went a bit too far."

He moved so that I could grabbed an oversized t-shirt for a night dress.

"But I would love to have you stay with me tonight." I grinned.

"Really? I'm sorry about going that far."

"Yes silly,"I poked his stomach,"Now c'mon, get dressed and sleep."

He laughed as I got under the covers. Harry came back a minute later. I was already half asleep so I didn't really notice him get into bed

"Goodnight sweetheart." Harry kissed my cheek.

I sat up and moved over to him so that my head was on his chest.

"Goodnight Harry."

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