the unexpected

sadie always dreamed about dating the famous you tuber cameron dallas but when she found out they were coming to dallas she freaks out and can't wait to go will she come face to face with cameron?


1. chapter 1.

sadie's POV

i can't wait to go to Magcon to see my future husband. ugh i love him so much nevaeh we are going to meet and get married and have babies together.evaeh's POV

oh get over yourself he is famous and your not and at magcon theres going to be so many people how do you expect him to notice you out of all those people there is probably over a thousand people and if we do get notice JC Caylen is mine girls so back off.

desiree's POV

you can have JC because matt espinosa is mine and if any of y'all touches him you will die you got that okay glad we cleared that up.

sadie's POV

girls stop fighting nevaeh you can have JC and desiree you can have Matt and cameron's all mine now lets start packing so we can go to our hotel in dallas we have a long flight 


                                   ……….skip the ride there…………….

sadie's POV 

girls were here wake up sleepy heads. I'm going to get the keys to the room i will meet y'all up there.

desiree's POV

okay we will be by our room waiting on you and oh yeah alex just called she said she's about to be here and then the party will start.

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