The Eyes of a Devil

Nanami Anderson was your average high school girl. One day a new kid comes into class. He was pretty average except for one thing, his eyes. His eyes were a beautiful, clear blood red eyes that seemed to scream to Nanami. The new kid only glanced at Nanami almost having her melt in her seat as chatter flooded the room about him, and his eyes. With an uproar now in school all about him and his eyes. After school she noticed him with a bunch of kids. They were from her class and a famous group of bullies, who just found a new rabbit to pray on. She watched from the side as she watched this supposed rabbit turn into a brutal wolf. His eyes oozed with excitement as the wolf shed his rabbit skin and attacked the group of hyenas. After blood stained the ground crimson the wolf returned to a rabbit and collapsed into the pool. Nanami took the wolf in a rabbit's skin home. What will now happen? Will the wolf find new pray or perhaps something else will be reveled behind the blood red pools?


26. Sadism

I HATE THIS FUCKING PLACE! How could you possibly hate this place more than you already do? THIS BED IS ABOUT AS COMFORTABLE OF BRICKS, THERES ONLY ONE FUCKING LIGHT AND THEN I FEEL LIKE I'M SLEEPING IN A JAIL CELL! I MIGHT AS WELL HAVE A GAURD OUTSIDE WATCHING ME WHILE I SLEEP AND SERVE ME SLOP FOR MEALS! Well you do have a point there. This bed is not what I would exactly classify as comfy in anyway. Also that light was pretty annoying. And this room pretty much is a prison cell. I understand your displeasure but, there is no need to get so fired up about it. WELL HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO REACT! OH THIS IS SUCH A NICE ROOM WITH A TINY ANNOYING LIGHT AND BRICK BED?! IS THAT WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO SAY?! No, just don't start yelling when you first wake up, its quite annoying. You yell enough already, so I would like the morning to stay kind of quiet for a bit, at least. OH SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I SHOVE A FORK UP YOUR ASS! Well have fun, seeing as it'll be your ass you're shoving a fork up. OH SHUT IT! I DON'T WANNA HEAR YOUR LOGIC IN THE MORNING, JUST LIKE YOU DON'T WANN HEAR MY SCREAMING! Well lets make a deal. Fine. You don't yell and I wont correct your illogical comments like that when its morning. Fine, I agree. Well, now that that's settled, what do you plan on doing for food, since we are clearly locked in here. OH SHIT YOU'RE RIGHT! I turned around to look out a little window that alluded me the night before.  It streamed in little rays of light overhead indicating it was really morning and not just me waking up in the middle of the night again because I was tossing and turning all night. Now what did I just say about yelling! Sorry, I'm now really hungry and tired now. Well, the feeling is mutual, so lets try and get out of here so we can find food. Alright what do I do first then? Well try getting up and opening the door or breaking it down, better yet. Alright, but now that means I have to actually get up, but its colder outside than it is under this thin blanket. Well, lets put it this way, would rather sit here on this stack of bricks and be slightly warmer with no food or would you rather get out of here have food, but be slightly colder? I defiantly prefer food. I'll just deal with being cold despite the fact that it's hell. I thought hell  was supposed to be this burning world with temperatures so hot that your skin would melt off as soon as you came in. Well, that's pretty much what would happen to any normal human who would step foot in hell who isn't a sinner. Okay, so why didn't we burn? You have me in you so that's reason 1, then second is you're just not a normal human. I know your race doesn't usually harbor great demons in their bodies or even regular demons for that matter. Also, if you're going to harbor a demon you're gonna need a tough body to withstand all the demonic energy and transformations and what not. But, after being here for a while and after awakening your body will become completely demon. You wont have a sliver of human flesh. Wait, so my flesh is already part demon? Yes, while being here its slowly, but surely converting , at this point I think your at about 92% human and 8% demon. At least 5% of that is because of me awakening. If you stayed completely human when I awoke you would have died because your body wouldn't have been able to have withstood 2 souls in 1 body. That makes sense and what do you mean by awakening? I might have explained that to you already but your feeble mind couldn't retain the information. I get it, just don't go all Neuro on me, just explain it. Fine, it's pretty just awakening to a full demon. Your body will become fully demon and you will gain demonic powers, things of that nature. Awesome! Just like a movie! Yes, like a movie, now get your ass up and open that door I'm fed up with explaining things Lucifer never did. I'm sure your little boyfriend is asking the same questions right now and that's driving Lucifer crazy.  With that I got up and proceeded to the cell door.

I began  to tug on a bar within the door frame. I pulled with all my might but the door only moved about a centimeter. "Oh what the fuck!" I screamed as I continued to pull with all my might. Despite the fact that that you're mostly human you should still be able to break that down. Even a tiny percent of great demon, like the amount you have, is equal to a lower class demon. Even they can breakdown doors like this fairly easily. So try to use more of a, per say demon mind set, maybe try tapping into the power. I don't know, but just figure out how to get that power and open the door somehow. Fine, just don't get your panties in a bunch. That would be your own "panties" in a bunch, just so you know. SHUT UP ITS STILL MORNIG OUR DEAL WAS NO LOGIC WHILE I DONT YELL! Yes but your yelling now. BECUSE OF YOU! OH WHATEVER I DONT WANNA DEAL WITH YOU! I JUST WANT FOOD AND TO GET OUT OF HERE WHILE NOT BEING COLD! Good, then do that. With my anger skyrocketing, I gave the door one hard shove with all my might. The door flew open while the broken lock piece flew across the room with the door smacking me in the face as I fly backwards onto my ass. "FUCK YES! FOOD!" At that moment I scrapped myself off the floor and sprinted out the opening. "FOOOD! HERE I COME!" I began to sprint blindly down the hallway, ignoring all the sirens going off. I turned at the end of the hallway taking a left. I was blindly following my instinct of food, not even aware of the demons following behind me as I ran at full speed.

I continued to turn down many hallways still ignoring the little demons multiplying and wheezing as they chased after me, still having the siren blare around me. When I finally reached the end and found my heaven of food, I was not pleased to see someone standing in front of it all.

"Good morning, Nanami."
"Morning, Dickface." I plainly stated while my face dropped to a frown while he continued to smile while siting on a table with a white table cloth, that was covered in many dishes of food.

"If you wouldn't mind moving, dickface. I broke out of, my cell of a room, specifically for that food you're so inconveniently placed in front of." I smiled closing, closing my eyes, hiding my malice towards him with my smile. I tried not to lunge out at him, with all I had, and smack his head across the table and onto the floor and much more bodily harm. 

"I thought we dropped the name calling." He crossed his legs while his tan pants, with lots of pockets,  rubbing together also moving his gray t-shirt.

"Well when you stand in front of my food, dickface, I'm not very likely to be nice." I continued to smile but I opened my eyes while I tilted my head.

"I might be more likely to move if you're a little nicer to me."
"Well that's not gonna happen, dickface. I hate you and your name. Now move." I moved my head back and grinned showing my teeth.

"Well, now I just really don't want to with that attitude."
"Well, if your not going to move I'm either going to move you and go somewhere else for food."
"Have fun trying to move me. There is also no other food in this place, so unless you plan on escaping your screwed." He began to like I did and look down at me from the table.

"Maybe I do plan on escaping."

"I'd love to see you try and get through all those demons. They may be extremely low level but since there are so many of them they area pain in the ass to get rid of unless you're extremely high ranked. You may be that but right now you are only slightly higher than them because you are still majority human. So with that, do try your hardest."

"Fine, I will. Since you seem intent on not letting me have that food." I turned to the hoard of demons behind me. I then glanced around the room looking for other exits. I noticed a door to the right of the demons. Alright, I think that's my exit. I need to be able to sprint to that and door and then figure my way out form there. Good choice, that seems to be the most likely exit. Just try to get into that room or whatever is behind there and then figure out what we are going to do after seeing what's behind there. At that moment I heard shrills and screams come from  the direction of the door. The little demons looked around with dickface trying to figure out what caused the screaming, I took that moment of confusion as my time to make a break for it. In the midst of their confusion I bolted to the door. when I was three quarters of the way there dickface noticed my escape but only just barely too late as I threw the door open and slammed it shut before he could do anything to me. I looked around me to spot a sprinkled with blue, green and purple feathers. I looked up just in time to see Neuro break through the atmosphere of hell and ascend to earth. "God damn it Neuro! Couldn't you have at least waited for me to come back before leaving!" I said to myself as I looked around some more to realize this was right around the area where I was taken. "Are you fucking kidding me! I was this fucking close to the inn!" I turned on my heel and began to walking towards the inn. I then picked up the pace with the thought dickface may try to kidnap me again after just regaining my freedom.

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