The Eyes of a Devil

Nanami Anderson was your average high school girl. One day a new kid comes into class. He was pretty average except for one thing, his eyes. His eyes were a beautiful, clear blood red eyes that seemed to scream to Nanami. The new kid only glanced at Nanami almost having her melt in her seat as chatter flooded the room about him, and his eyes. With an uproar now in school all about him and his eyes. After school she noticed him with a bunch of kids. They were from her class and a famous group of bullies, who just found a new rabbit to pray on. She watched from the side as she watched this supposed rabbit turn into a brutal wolf. His eyes oozed with excitement as the wolf shed his rabbit skin and attacked the group of hyenas. After blood stained the ground crimson the wolf returned to a rabbit and collapsed into the pool. Nanami took the wolf in a rabbit's skin home. What will now happen? Will the wolf find new pray or perhaps something else will be reveled behind the blood red pools?


3. Parents

Oh shit, now isn't this amazing they noticed him, I mean he is also kind of hard to miss with those red eyes. ''Oh mom, this is Shinrei. He's a kid from my school, well we're gonna go back to my room now. It's nice to see that you guys are home.''

''Oh okay honey. Just don't do anything bad with your friend Shinrei. Okay?''

''Kay mom!"

I turned around shoving Shinrei back to my room.

''What about getting some food or letting your dog out?'' He said in a whisper.

''That is now out of the question with them here.''


''Well, do you want them up your ass? They are going to ask twenty million questions. What's you relationship? Better not be anything nasty. What's you family like? What's your favorite color? What's the color of your room? What are you going to wear tomorrow? What's the color of your underwear? What kind is it? Everything, they will ask about everything.''

''I doubt it will be that bad?''

''You wanna try? Trust me, I kid you not they will ask you all of those and then more. They only get worse as you go on. Point is, unless you feel like spilling everything about yourself including what color your underwear is, it's best to avoid talking to them. One of my best friends thought I was kidding, oh boy, they never set foot near here again. They refuse to ever o come back. Still wanna try?''

He shook his head as we hurried back into my room. But right before the home stretch we heard a voice from the kitchen say ''Oh honey, can we have a chat with your friend?'' My father had called out to us this time and if we say no it will only make things for us worse. ''Umm, OK.'' I said as Shinrei whipped his head around with a look of desperation. I mouthed to him, I'm sorry, but if we say no it will make things worse. I looked up to him nodded, excepting the fact that everything about him was going to be on the table. ''Oh, wait!'' I called in a whisper like shout as he began to walk down the hall. I remembered how he looked and that would not be fun to explain with out them getting the wrong idea or them thinking Shinrei is a hoodlum. I ran up the hall to him had him turn around as I buttoned up his shirt and dusted him off. ''What was that for?'' He asked with a face that screamed, why the fuck to you just violate me? I looked at him and said ''Well, do you want it to look like you are a hoodlum or that me and you are more than, let's say, friend.'' He nodded realizing that was for the best.

We walked into the as my mother sat at the table with a coffee mug, that she wouldn't stop sipping out of every 5 seconds. My father had the newspaper in his hands, reading everything on it. ''Hello, Shinrei. I'm Nanami's father. I would like to know a little bit more about you, son.'' He said standing up putting his hand out to shake Shinrei's hand. Shinrei also put his hand out as he stepped out from behind me. My mother and father did an immediate analyze with their eyes of Shinrei, analyze everything about him, his clothes, walking patter, everything. ''Hi, I'm Shinrei.'' He shook my father's hand as my father starred at his hand then sat down. He put his hand out to a pair of chairs where he wanted us to sit, so he could question Shinrei until they have everything figure out about him. And, now it begins.

''So, Shinrei,'' My father started. ''Where do you live?''

''I live out by the park in an apartment.''

''Kind of like us, okay. I haven't heard of you. Did you just transfer here?''


''Where did you come from?''

''I used to live in Japan, in Kyoto.''

''Oh, all the way out there. But, you don't look the least bit Asian?''

''Oh, my mom was from Europe and my father was from America. They decided to move to Japan.''

''So, do you speak fluent Japanese?''


''What made you come to the states/ And here of all places, little old North Branford?''

''My parents wanted a change of pace so we came here.''

''Well then,'' Ring, ring he had his phone sitting next to him . It began that annoying old phone tone that made me want to chuck it out the window. He answered it and never said anything else than, uhuh, okay and goody bye. He hung up the phone then said ''Well I would hate to interrupt our little chat but we must go back out for work. We should continue this next time.'' My mother got up with my father as they grabbed there stuff and headed out the door. ''Sigh. That was close. Thank god for there pain in the ass work.'' I said looking over at Shinrei. ''That wasn't that bad was it?''  I looked over at him then said ''You just got lucky. If it wasn't for work they would have kept going, as I said before, until they found out everything.'' He nodded realizing how luck he just got. We walked back to my room and stayed there all night.

Beep beep beep beep beep beep. ''Oh shut up alarm clock! I get I have to get up for school!'' I said as I smashed the clock with excessive force hoping it would break. I stretched then felt something warm next to me.  Ah what the fuck is that? Its too big to be Teddy and its not fuzzy like him. I thought to myself as I turned around to revel a sleeping Shinrei. ''Ahhhhhh!'' I had flailed my arms causing me to loose my balance and sending me off the bed. But Shinrei only groaned then turned around. His hair was still the same, unlike myself who has major behead. Pretty much everything was the same except for the fact that something big was missing and it was on my floor. His shirt. Why the fuck is his shirt off!? Did something happen?! His shirt was under my butt from where I had landed. I stood up the yelled  ''Yo! Shinrei get your ass up! You have some explaining to do!'' He groaned as he turned then sat up. I had the side of my bed pushed up against the window, that was quite large, the sun rising shown through the window with streaming rays that were blocked by Shinrei as he sat up. He was next to the wall while I was on the edge. ''Excuse me? What do I have to explain? especially so early in the morning.''  He looked over to me as he said this with his back hunched. ''Why is your shirt off!? Why are you in my bed?!'' I yelled while pointing at him and then his shirt then him again.

''Huh? I don't know. Last of what I remember was after your dad we came back to your room. You turned the TV on while we watched something for a while, we also talked but then you passed out and you went under your covers. It was too late for me to go home so I took my shirt seeing as, I cant sleep in it. Then I had gotten really cold so I also got under the covers for getting you were there as well. There, does that explain everything?''

''Yes it does. Well, next time you will be sleeping on the floor, got it?''

''There's going to be next time? Well then I should get prepared.''

''Really? Well fine, you may come here when you like but,  please be prepared to wear a shirt?''                       

''Works for me. But, can I take a shower here seeing as I haven't had one yet and not the greatest thing to do your second day at a new school.''

''Oh sure. My dad's stuff should be in the shower as well.''

''Great, thanks. But do you also happen to have any guy's clothes, if not i'll just wear this again, I just hope it doesn't smell.''

''Yeah, you look about my father's size so I will go and get some of his stuff and out it out for you.''


''Oh, I will be taking a shower after you so don't leave anything weird in the shower, okay?''

''Will do.''

He walked out the door picking up his shirt. I heard his footsteps go down the hall of the bathroom. I began to take off my shirt that I had left on from yesterday. I suddenly heard the footsteps come back as the door swung open ''Umm. where's the- Oh my god! I'll wait.'' He then shut the door again as I looked down to see that I had already taken my shirt off. I shrieked and threw  a pillow at the door ''Sorry!'' Shinrei had yelled from behind the door. ''Umm, but where's the bathroom? So I may take a shower.'' I sighed as I yelled to him ''It's up the hallway second door on the right.'' I heard footsteps scurry away from the door as he yelled back ''Thanks! I will also knock next time!'' I heard the door open then close. Then he began the water as I could hear it trickle through the pipes. I finished getting dressed. to just take it off again. I walked out of my room towards the laundry room to search through  the mounds of clothes for something Shinrei could wear. I had found a pair of blue, with some, but, not many rips. I also found another white just like the one he originally had.  Well, he's on his own for underwear I ain't going any farther. I brought the clothes to the bathroom. Knock, knock, knock. ''Shinrei, here's a pair of clothes for ya. You're on your own for underwear just so you know.'' I yelled through the door. I heard I chuckle then he yelled back ''Thanks!'' I was going to leave the clothes on the floor but then I realized I don't want a naked Shinrei walking around to find some clothes. ''Ah, Shinrei, can I come in and put the clothes on the vanity? I don't need you naked walking around my house.'' Again I heard a chuckle as he yelled ''Sure, I don't care, this is also your house do what you want.'' I walked in carefully. Steam flooded the room and clouded the mirrors. I looked over at the shower. His figure was unexpectedly sculpted, I mean he didn't look like a body builder but he did have muscles. I hadn't paid attention to how he looked before but now that I did look at him he really did look nice. ''Ah, here's your clothes. Tell me when your done so I can take one.'' He simply responded ''Okay.'' I walked out and went back to my room and just waited for the all clear.

About 20 minutes had passed. I sat on my bed watching TV waiting. Shinrei had suddenly opened the door the said ''I'm done as you can see. You may go ahead.'' I got up as Shinrei went in and sat on the bed. He had a towel around his neck that he started to use to dry his hair as I walked out. I took about 20 minutes for my shower. I returned to my room to find Shinrei just sitting my bed with dry hair unlike me, but I really didn't care. ''Want some breakfast?'' As soon as I had said this Shinrei whipped his head around and had practically jumped into my arms ''Oh my god, yes! I am freaking starving!'' He had practically yelled this. ''Alright doggy, lets go get food.'' I said Shinrei stood up with a very wide smile and his eyes seemed to sparkle. We walked to the kitchen and made some breakfast, that consisted of cereal, eggs, and beacon. ''Oh shit!'' I yelled looking at the clock. ''Shinrei looked up from his food. ''What?'' I looked over at him. ''School! Shit we're gonna be late! Stuff that food in your mouth and let's go!'' He jumped up stuffing the rest of the food in his mouth as I grabbed the plates and threw them in the sink as they crashed together. We ran to the front door put our shoes on and sprinted out the door with our stuff. Great we're gonna be late! This is not gonna be a fun day! I thought to myself as we sprinted to hell. Only five minutes away I could hear the obnoxious bell chime. ''Shit! We're late! Great now we have to face the punishment!'' I yelled while we kept sprinting. ''What's the punishment?'' Shinrei asked. ''Oh you're gonna find out soon and trust it ain't fun or pretty!''



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