The Eyes of a Devil

Nanami Anderson was your average high school girl. One day a new kid comes into class. He was pretty average except for one thing, his eyes. His eyes were a beautiful, clear blood red eyes that seemed to scream to Nanami. The new kid only glanced at Nanami almost having her melt in her seat as chatter flooded the room about him, and his eyes. With an uproar now in school all about him and his eyes. After school she noticed him with a bunch of kids. They were from her class and a famous group of bullies, who just found a new rabbit to pray on. She watched from the side as she watched this supposed rabbit turn into a brutal wolf. His eyes oozed with excitement as the wolf shed his rabbit skin and attacked the group of hyenas. After blood stained the ground crimson the wolf returned to a rabbit and collapsed into the pool. Nanami took the wolf in a rabbit's skin home. What will now happen? Will the wolf find new pray or perhaps something else will be reveled behind the blood red pools?


18. Hell

I arrived at my wonderful house while I dragged Shinrei to my room and tossed on my bed. "Today was long, too long." I said as I sat down in my chair as I ran through everything that happened. I could feel blush dust my cheeks from remembering todays events. Damn! I'm going to slap him when he gets up! I don't care if that was his alter ego thing or what! I am going to kick his sorry ass! I sighed, bent over and out my face in my hand and then sighed some more. Damn, what the fuck was that? Why the fuck could I tell weather its him or his alter ego by, by, by, I could feel the dusting on my cheeks turn into a blanket of red with the flashback of my lunch. "Arrrgh!" I yelled out of frustration Damn it, damn it damn it, damn it! What the fuck is wrong with me!? Yet again how the fuck would I be able to tell by, by , by, THAT! I mean what the fuck!? What are we like those people who are fated to meet shit?! I mean really who am I kidding like that's gonna fucking happen! I mean look who we are talking about! I have no desire for that shit, and Shinrei only has desire for food! We would get no fast! Arrgh! Too frustrating! I hate this shit! I just want my questions answered for gods sake! I let out another frustrated yell and threw my head back out of my hands. I stared at the crisp white ceiling and let out a frustrated sigh followed by me throwing my head forward and using my hands to toss my hair around as my hands moved back and forth on my head. After about a minute if this I returned to my position of staring at the ceiling and sighing out of frustration.

I continued a cycle of look at the ceiling and sigh and then get frustrated and ruffle my hair then return to staring and repeat. The cycle repeated through about six times before I heard moaning and sheets moving. Yes! He's awake, time to kick his ass! Pay back is a bitch! I turned around with my hand ready to fire but a groggy Shinrei is not what I saw. Instead it was replaced with a little person in a dark cloak poking Shinrei with a letter. What the fuck?! At the sight of this little man in a deep purple cloak that covered his face but not his skin, which was a mossy green, I gaped my mouth open. My hand froze in the air as I continued to stare while the little man continued to poke Shinrei. Shinrei only moaned and tried to swat the little man each time he poked him but by the sixth time he turned over only to have the poking continue on his. He still moaned and tried to swipe the little man but each time he would either move out of the way or be out his reach. Damn! Shinrei is a fucking log! No matter how many times he's poked he just continues to sleep! I took my focus from the little comedy act and looked more closely at the letter to attempt to read it. "Dear Lord Shinrei and Queen Nanami. Whoa, whoa, queen! When the fuck was I a queen! Do tell me little man! When was I royalty!?" I screamed and began to point my finger at the little man. At this point Shinrei had given up on the thought of continuing to sleep and opened his eyes. "Whose calling you a queen? Whoever they are must be retarded or have some major issues to make you a queen." He said as he sat up and the little man retreated to the ledge of the open window. "You're a dipshit. Well the same goes for the person calling you a lord." I sneered as I crossed my arms and looked Shinrei in the eyes. "Fine, fine I get it. Now whose this little green man thing?" He said as he turned to the little man standing on the window sill. "Who are you?" Shinrei said while he crossed his arms and looked the little thing where eyes might be. 

The little man took off the hood to reveal a mossy green, wrinkled face with bright orange eyes. "I am Sengawa, a lower class demon. I serve the royal house hold of the demon world. I was sent to the human to retrieve our king but I was able to find the queen as well."

"Whoa. whoa, hold the fuck up, are you meaning to tell us that we he is the king of the demon world while I am the queen? Is there something wrong with you because he's no king and I'm no queen. Now last time we got a letter I was referred to as women with Lord Shinrei, now suddenly I've jumped from woman with him to pretty much being a queen along side him?"

"Yes, the demon world has had no king or queen for about 17 years now. Our king Satan told us the next king would come from the human world as Lucifer. In the Demon world there's one line blood considered to be royalty. They are all the previous kings who have had the powers of the great demons like Satan, Leviathan, Beelzebub and Lucifer. There are also the great demons the inhabit the female demons destined to be queen. It has been over three hundred million years since we've had Lucifer as our king. Its the same for Anastasia to return as out queen. She was a demon that hid behind the scenes and cleaned up after Lucifer. She was said to be one of the only demons able to stop Lucifer. She had an outstanding amount of power making her feared but the way to always tell its her is by her blood red hair. They say the reason her hair is a deep crimson is because after cleaning up after Lucifer her pale white hair slowly began to absorb all the blood. She never noticed till one day it was red just like Lucifer's eyes, people always identifies them that way. That's why when I saw Lord Lucifer walking with the girl as soon as I saw her hair color I knew it was her. I followed the two to see if me theory was correct because her hair could have been dyed but after what I saw today my theory is confirmed. As I said I was sent ton retrieve you two and have you two claim the thrones."
Shinrei and I sat silently as we let everything sink in. Holy fuck! I am a demon! Not only that but I badass queen demon!  Silence still loomed till Shinrei and I both took in a deep breath and screamed, in unison.  "SO YOU'RE MEANING TO TELL ME I'M DEMON ROYALTY?!" We both looked at each other in the eyes then backed away from each other. He crawled to the corner of the bed while I rolled to a corner on the other side. Then again the unison screaming came back as we yelled, "SO YOU'RE ALSO TELLING ME I'M PRETTY MUCH THAT THINGS LOVER?!" We bother pointed at each other then had blush dust out faces. Shit! So my little theories from before weren't wrong! Holy. mother. fucking. shit. How is that even possible! I am not accepting that! I'll take being an awesome badass demon queen but being that food obsessed person's lover is not gonna happen. Nuh-uh, not happening, they can kiss my ass!

Sengawa cleared his throat and continued to speak. "Well right now the Demon World is in chaos because people are claiming that Lucifer cant be reborn into a human, there is no way a human could handle this power. Others want the thrown and are finding this the perfect opportunity because Satan is gone and Lucifer is no where to be seen. The world could never handle having two great demons destined to be king  be alive at the same time. Besides there destined queen there will never be two great demons out same goes for the queens. The world would crumble. In the beginning of the demon world all the great demons lived at once along with all the queens. They all began to fight and almost ripped the world apart but their fighting led the slightly weaker great demons to be killed off leaving the victors by the end to be Lucifer and Anastasia to be left as the true greatest demons. But since then there are never two at the same time but as soon one dies another one is born to keep the balance of power in their hands and prevent wars in the demon world. People fear their power, even the most powerful of demons lose to the king and queen. Rebellions are quickly quelled as soon as they become involved because they slaughter them as examples to what will happen. People have pretty much given up completely on trying to rebel, especially since the great demon's life spans are much longer so they age slower, so some will be in power for thousands of years while regular demons only live hundreds. With that demons find this as the perfect opportunity because that giant power is finally absent. There was been many rebellions and wars breaking out because of this. Now I need you two to come now for we must leave and go to the demon world."

Yet again silence took over as everything was allowed to sink in again. "So that explains the first letter, well now that my questions have pretty much all been answered, my answer for is no." I said as everything still buzzed around in my head. Okay, I'm an awesome badass demon queen that's going to live for about a million years and I'm also Shinrei/Lucifer's lover, alright I think I got this down. 'I'm not going either, there's no way I'm a demon king." Shinrei said while he still sat in the corner. "Okay then since neither of you will leave, I will call out Lucifer and Anastasia who would like to go home."


"What?!" Shinrei and I yelled while we stood up. Sengawa raised his hand and a sharp pain filled my head. Holy fuck this hurts! I put my hand to my head and couched on the floor while Shinrei stood completely still, seeing as he's had a little more contact with his "demon". Now, now you know you want to leave this shit hole for a world, you can't hide this shit from me. Whoa, whoa who the fuck are you inside my head!? Anastasia. Whoa, whoa, whoa as in the one I just got a little history lesson about?! That one?! Yes that one now let me take over, one I want to see my man and I want to go home. Man?! Well he's all yours take him, both sides. Oh you get over it you're gonna have to like him soon enough anyways, so you better start now. Excuse me that's not happening! Well that's too bad for you now I'm taking over and taking us home. Hell no! After that I lost control of my body while my consciousness sat on the sidelines and watched.

(AN: Underlined Anastasia and non is Nanami)

"Are you ready to leave, Queen Anastasia?" Sengawa said.

"Yes but what about Lucifer?"

"We have to wait, even though he has had less trouble in the past he seems to be having some now."

"Excuse me whose having trouble?"

"Oh Lucifer! What took you so long?!" She ran over and began to hang off him and just lat6ched onto him. Oh hell no get me off him! Too bad sweetheart, if I feel like touching him its gonna happen, deal with it. Bitch! Thank you for the kindness.

"I teased him a little bit. Well we should be off I miss the power, dealing with the humans here are boring, none of them have strength."

"Well what would you expect they're humans."
"Are you two ready to go?"


"Well let us go."
At that moment everything changed. While she was still latched onto Shinrei/Lucifer we walked out the door where Sengawa set up an entrance to the Demon World. I continued to grumble and watch while I took my steps into the Demon world pure chaos lies waiting for us.

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