The Pregnancy Pact Middle School Version


1. new chapter will come soon.

Can I just say like teen pregnancy is risky you never know what can happen. Safe sex is better than risky sex and no sex is WAY SAFER!

A friend (and fellow Avon Oriole) found my kik and suggested I make a middle school version of

The Teenage Pregnancy Pact

So I took their Idea and am going too be adding a few younger characters like:

Arianna Perry

Zane David

Jaden Correy

Leslie Kinks

Marley Carely

Nora Welm

Tara Berkeley

Belle Tinley

Declan Aims

And so many more!

I will have the characters that I have in the High school v. Ok! Thanks for reading this a/n

If I can I'm going to put the high school v. On hold!

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