Blinded by Love

She put her hand on my chin and forced me to look into her ocean blue eyes. “You know I care about you Echo. You should know how I feel about you.”
But the thing was, I had no clue how she truly felt about me. She had secrets that were kept from everyone, including me. I did not know if she wanted me to leave or stay the night. I didn't know if she wanted people to know about our flings or keep them to ourselves. I wanted to be in a relationship with this girl.
All of the sudden she kissed me, catching me by surprise. The kiss felt meaningful and so passionate. My knees began feeling weak as she tangled her fingers in my messy hair, rapping her left leg around my hip. I grabbed both of her legs and rapped them around my waist, making my way to the nearest wall because god damn did i want her. Tomorrow I'll be kicking myself in the ass because I refused to do this while things were so fucked. But I couldn't help but give in.


4. What A Flirt

A couple weeks passed and I never heard from Jinx, not one call or text. I noticed that she would take glances at me in the halls and in classes we had together. It seemed like she expected something from me, like I should make the first move. Whatever, I wasn't mad at her, but maybe she thought I was? In last hour I mulled it over a bit, maybe I should text her and let her know everything is alright, so I did just that.


    'Hey, I am not mad at you if that's what you think.' I sent. I looked over at her, not trying to make it look too obvious that I was trying to creep.


    'Oh, well that is good.' Was all she said.


    I didn't even bother messaging her back, who would at such a bland message. The bell finally rang and I got my things and walked over to Ashley. Jinx walked up, “Wanna go to the mall?”


    I pretended to think about it for quite a bit, trying to pretend like I wasn't to interested. I looked at Ashley for approval before anything, making sure we didn't have plans. She nods her head, smiles, and walks away.


    “You're in luck.” I say, “I am all yours.”


    The car ride there was so silent. I was unsure of what to even say to her to break the tension. Finally when we reached the mall doors she told me about her favourite places to shop and that she really enjoyed hanging out at the food court. I smiled and nodded, making sure she knew I was paying attention to every word she said, letting her know that I was in fact not mad at her.


    “So what do you want to eat?” I said, when we her to the food court.


    “Subway!” Jinx demands.


    “Oh come on really?” I sighed.


    She gave me this look, like she was ready to shoot knives out of her eyes. “Yes really.”


    “Fine you win.” I say, rolling my eyes.


    We walk up to the counter and the girl behind it looks at me and smiles what seems to be a flirty smile. “What would you like.” She says.


    I told her my order after mulling it over a bit and then Jinx told hers. The girl wrote on both of our subs to let us know whose was whose. And when we found a place to sit down. I looked at my sub and on it had a number. I looked back and she winked at me. Jinx saw the whole thing and glared at her.


    “You gotta be kidding.” Jinx laughed. “You got her number.”


    “Seems like it.” I said. Pulling my phone out under the table and placing her number in my contacts. I'll just save this for later.


    “Do you get this all the time?” She asks, taking a bite out of her sub.


    “Not all the time.” I said. I can't say that girl hasn't tried to hit on me before.


    “Seems like you do.” She sounded irritated.


    “Does your boyfriend not hit on you enough.” I cooed.


    “Not really.” she shrugs.


    “But you're beautiful. He is crazy not to.” I shook my hand at her, being completely honest.


    She winked at me. “I was waiting for you to notice.” She flipped her hair with her hand.


    “Cocky isn't cute.” I glare.


    “Neither are you.” You could tell she was only kidding around, but it still stung coming from her.


    “Ouch, rejected.” I placed both of my hands over my heart, trying to pretend to be hurt.


    “I will kiss it. Make it feel better.”


    “Please do.”


    She walked over to me, putting one leg on the other side of mine, and sat on my lap. She looked at me then moved her head down, putting her lips just above my breast where I was holding my heart. It felt like forever till she was finished. She didn't even bother looked to see who was watching her, she just did it. When she was done she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her forehead to mine.


    “I hope you weren't playing around.” She whispered.


    My heart was pounding, and I was very turned on by her actions. “Not at all.” I said, trying to muster up the it-doesn't-phase-me act. This girl was bold. I cannot believe that just happened. Honestly I was joking. Play it cool Echo.


“What was that for?” I asked as she go up from my lap.


“Well, you did ask for it!” She smiled, a hint of evil in it.


I shook my head, no way man. I wasn’t going to let her play me like a guitar. Just because I was mad for this girl doesn’t mean I am going to let her pull this crap on me. I shook my head.


“Careful or I am going to tell your boyfriend.” I say, not knowing if it was a serious threat of it came out jokingly.


She became tense and I realized I sounded serious. “Heh, well if that is how you want to play it.”


“You need to get that guy a leash or something.”


Quickly the subject was changed to a more easy going topic. We walked around the mall getting a couple outfits from different stores. I went to a lot of the jewelry places because I was really into bracelets and necklaces. When the day finally came to an end and she dropped me off at home, I realized that nothing really happened much between us. Of course we joked and talked about shopping and clothes, but there was none of the serious conversations like why she just stopped talking to me all the sudden or what was her boyfriends deal.


    I shrugged it off not giving a shit. If she was straight, I was just going to have to accept that and move on. I sighed, yeah right...

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