Blinded by Love

She put her hand on my chin and forced me to look into her ocean blue eyes. “You know I care about you Echo. You should know how I feel about you.”
But the thing was, I had no clue how she truly felt about me. She had secrets that were kept from everyone, including me. I did not know if she wanted me to leave or stay the night. I didn't know if she wanted people to know about our flings or keep them to ourselves. I wanted to be in a relationship with this girl.
All of the sudden she kissed me, catching me by surprise. The kiss felt meaningful and so passionate. My knees began feeling weak as she tangled her fingers in my messy hair, rapping her left leg around my hip. I grabbed both of her legs and rapped them around my waist, making my way to the nearest wall because god damn did i want her. Tomorrow I'll be kicking myself in the ass because I refused to do this while things were so fucked. But I couldn't help but give in.


8. Kiss Me

I stayed at Ashley’s for a couple of days since my mother has been out of town. Nothing interesting happened except for the fact that Jinx refused to answer any of my texts. Matt says that just verified my suspicions of what is going on between her and her boyfriend. The only thing that bugged me is that she will not admit it. I may not understand what it’s like, but I have seen all those shows on television about abusive relations. You know the ones where he tells her he is going to change and that he promises he loves her and he will never do it again. I didn’t want things to get out of hand at all, I just want Jinx safe.


At the current moment I was huddled into a corner of Ashley’s room, calling Jinx repeatedly. Why won’t she just answer her phone!? I finally left a voice mail and then text her ‘S.O.S’. Hoping she would understand and just respond back. After a couple minutes of blowing up her phone, I heard footsteps coming my way and I turned away from the wall.


“Oh my god Echo are you even going to spend time with me?” Ashley whined.


“Yeah yeah.” I makes a shoo away motion with my hands, “Five minutes tops.”


“You suck.” She huffed. “Just let her cope with what you know for at least a day. She will still be alive and well I assure you.”


I gave her the dirtiest look. “We do not have time to wait.”


She walked over to me, placing a hand on my shoulder. “I know you care so strongly for her, but you are going to have to give her a break. Let her think it off aye?” She suggested softly.


I sighed and got up from the spot I was huddled into. She smiled brightly and grabbed my hand, leading me to the living room where her gaming system was. I was more than positive she wanted to play some nerd game with me. Of course I was right because when the screen said Final Fantasy, that was the answer to my fantastic question. I shrug and she hands me a controller. Right when she pressed start my phone went off.


“Hello?” I answered, not bothering to look at the caller ID


“Echo.” She sounded tired.


“Jinx hey!”


There was a pause. “I am outside your house.”


“I am not home, I am at Ashley’s.” I responded. “But the key is under the flower pot to your left, make yourself at home.”


I didn’t want to ruin the time I finally had to spend with Ashley and I wanted to give Jinx the space she really wanted. She said okay and hung up. Ashley looked at me with sad eyes.


“So you’re leaving?” She said quietly.


I shake my head no. “I am here to spend time with you, she needs her space and she can wait.”


She regained her smile and we started playing the game. I wasn't exactly in the ‘zone’ because I was so worried about Jinx. Why did she sound so down and worked up? I couldn’t shrug it off like it was nothing. At least I let her into my house to sleep it off, she could do whatever cause my mother wasn’t home. I was worried she was running from her boyfriend. Did he hurt her again?


“You seem out of it.” Ashley observed after an hour of game time.


“No.” I lied “Now quit pausing the game!”


She looked at me for a long while, not sure if she should or not. All the sudden she shut down the game. I grunted and looked at her as if she was crazy.




“Not important enough. now go home and take care of Jinx.”


I stared at her for what seemed like minutes. Then I shook my head. “I want to spend time with you.”


“Then go home and take care of what needs to be taken care of and come back here.” She seemed tense and her words were stern. She refused to look into my eyes. They kept darting around me. What was her problem?


“Fine, whatever.” Was all I said as I got up and grabbed my keys off her kitchen counter. I didn’t bother grabbing any of my clothes or my school back because like she said, I would be coming back. As I opened the front door i heard my name.


“Echo.” she yelled.


I didn’t bother turning around, i just walked to my Jeep, opened the door, put my keys in the ignition, and drove to my house. Was Ashley jealous that I was so worried about Jinx? Why would she even care. Does she not want to share me. The only friends I even cared to have were her and matt. I always spend time with them, I practically live with both of them so if I want to hang out with someone else I should be able to, right?


When I turned into the driveway and got out of my vehicle, I walked up to the door and found that it was unlocked. Walking in I found no one in the living room or the kitchen. I looked in the bathroom and then my room. Jinx was laying in my bed staring at my ceiling.


“Hey.” I said, letting her know I was there.


She didn’t answer me, just kept staring at my ceiling.


“You alright?” I asked.


Again nothing, I walked over to her. What I saw was not something I really wanted to see. Her lip was busted and she had way more bruises on her arms and one on her face where he cheekbone was. Her tank top was even torn. I instantly began to panic. She touched my hand and I let out a long heavy breath I didn't even know I was holding.


“I am okay.’ She smiled. I knew she was lying.


“Jinx-” I start, but the word sounded broken and sad. If I talked anymore I knew I was going to cry.


“It is fine, I am fine.” She repeated to me. I knew she kept lying so it made me even more upset.


“I am going to kill him.” I choke out.


She squeezed my hand.


“Will you take care of my lip for me?” She asked.


I nodded slowly and she got up from my bed and groaned.


“Stay.’ I say to her, “I will get the first aid.”


I walked out of the room and into the bathroom in a hurry. Opening the cabinet, I grabbed the first aid kit and carried it back to my room. She was sitting straight up, but she seemed tense. I took out a small bottle of alcohol and a rag and dabbed her lip with it. She flinched of course and I tried to be more careful the next few times I repeated the process. She was looking at me the whole time, right into my eyes as I kept dabbing the liquid onto her lip. She eventually stopped flinching every time I did it.


“What happened?” I asked, continuing the wipe away the dried blood.


“You know me, accident prone.” She gave a small laugh, but I knew it was forced.


“Don’t lie to me.” I stared at her.


She just gave a small smile. “hey, you act like I got ran over.”


“You look like you did!” My raised my voice. “You are scaring me with all this shit Jinx, what is going on? Does your boyfriend-” Right then she pulled me closer to her and placed her lips onto mine.


I felt my eyes get huge as I try to pull away, but my body wouldn’t listen to my mind. She placed her hands on my hips and continued the kiss. My body began moving, but I wasn’t controlling it, Jinx moved me closer to her and I fell on top of her. We were still kissing, slowly. It was intimate and made my skin crawl. I slid my tongue on her bottom lip and tasted blood, in that moment I remembered her boyfriend and quickly snapped out of it.


I got up from the bed. “Jinx.”


“Mhm?” She answered.


I just sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. “You can’t ignore my questions.”


“I think I did a good job.” She smiled, still laying back on the bed.  “Now come here.”


I paused until she grabbed my hand and pulled me down beside her. She pulled me into a hug and we stayed like that for what felt like ages. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy this moment, but I was just so scared for her. I sighed.


“I am okay.” She whispered to me. I looked up at her and she was already looking at me.

I didn’t want to believe her, but I let it go. Just for now I will let it go.

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