Tumblrology || A girl's guide to everything.

Being girl's, we meet a lot of scenarios that we don't know how to handle. In this book, there will be advice, DIY's, and many other things that make sure you have the best life you can.


20. TV Guide

   Requested. I'm sorry, but this is slightly off of what you requested. I barely watch TV so it was difficult to pull together a Nerdy Girl's TV guide. Any shows I recommend are just the typical shows. In this portion of this book, I'll be explaining so channels; or shows I recommend. You can check them out and see if you like them and I hope it helps. A couple of these shows can't be found on TV though, maybe try Netflix. I'm sorry if it's not what you expected but I hope you find a new favorite show!



Show #1- The Vampire Diaries (Channel- CW)

  Yeah, a lot of people love this show but there's a reason. It's not perfect but one episode and your sucked in. Ask my mom! You just can't stop watching it! Yes it has to do with vampires but I absolutely guarantee it's ten times what Twilight ever was!

Show #2- The Secret life of the American teenager (Channel- None, it's on Netflix)

  It is off air as of 2012 but I was absolutely obsessed with this show. It's certainly not for everybody so you may not like it but I recommend giving it a chance. It's quite interesting and not as mythological as The Vampire Diaries.

Show #3- The Carrie Diaries (Channel- CW)

  A brand new show, this is definitely one of those popular girl shows. It follows Carrie Bradshaw as a teen, although be aware it's not pure innocence. There's some pretty steamy scenes, but don't worry because nothing is shown. I'd hope not!

Show #4- Sam & Cat (Channel- Teen Nick)

   I personally have only watched this one a few times but it's pretty good. It follows Sam from ICarly and Cat from Victorious as their life's collide. It's quite funny and I'd consider it kind of nerdy, watching it and all but don't worry! Being a nerd is the coolest thing ever!

Show #5- Cake Boss

  If you're into cooking/baking shows than I definitely recommend this one! It's absolutely amazing and if you like baking you'll learn a load just by a few episodes!

Show #6- Pretty Little Liars

  I've honestly only watched one episode but I should watch it more because I'm OBSESSED! It is quite popular and definitely wouldn't fall into the category nerdy but you might just surprise yourself!




   It's not a lot, and not very nerdy but I hope it does :) Sorry, I'm not on my game! It hurts to breathe and I can't focus :/ x



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