Tumblrology || A girl's guide to everything.

Being girl's, we meet a lot of scenarios that we don't know how to handle. In this book, there will be advice, DIY's, and many other things that make sure you have the best life you can.


25. Packing your Carry On

   This isn't for everybody, only people who are going to be flying anytime soon. If it's your first time, don't be nervous and if not, have fun! I've flown all across the world and the only thing more nerve wracking then worrying about the ride is worrying about what to pack. This will be a series but for this chapter, I'll be aiming specifically towards your Carry on which in some cases can be more difficult then your main suitcase! In this chapter, I'll be explaining everything packed and at the end there will be extras. I hope you get some ideas! 



  This is ESSENTIAL. If you don't have these items, you can kiss your getaway goodbye. Airlines won't let you pass out of guilt, if you don't have one of those, your staying home!


2.) Gum.

  I'm sure everybody knows to bring gum on a flight. At such high elevations, your ears begin to pop due to the air being less dense then near the surface. If you bring a pack of your favorite gum and chew on it, it'll help tone down the popping.


3.) Extra Clothes.

  This is optional but if you have long flights (such as I do) I recommend bringing a change of clothes. When flying, you won't see your suitcase until you arrive at your destination and when you arrive home so everything you may need better be in your carry on! If you have a five hour flight, give or take some time then a change of clothing isn't necessary. Although, if you have a longer flight I recommend bringing a comfy, warm outfit. For example, I have to get onto six different planes and the overall way there will take about a day and a half. Not including the period of waiting time between each flight and any delays we might have so I'd have to bring extra clothes.


4.) Something Fun.

  In my case, I'm bringing my Wreck This Journal but anything you enjoy, you can bring. Do you like reading? Bring a Kindle if you have one, if not bring your favorite book or one you want to start reading! If you enjoy drawing bring a sketchbook which I am also bringing! You can even bring your electronic devices such as a laptop! You can bring a phone but I recommend not using it during the flight. It interacts with the airplane waves and can cause trouble. You can turn it on airplane mode (Only if you have an IPhone or else you can't use it) but I like to just leave my phone off.


5.) A journal.

  I bring a journal everywhere and flying it definitely one place I recommend bringing it. Even if you're not going out of country, it's still nice to record everything that happened during the trip! Its a nice way to look back on the trip and have a nice memory. Get a small notebook from anywhere from WalMart to Staples. Heck, I'm sure you even have one lying somewhere in your house!


6.) Headphones.

  I don't know about you, but I love listening to music when I fly. Some airplanes pass out complimentary headphones but not all. Even if they do, I still find my own work best. Bring any nice working earbuds/headphones you have so you can watch movies, or listen to music during the trip.


7.) Food/Snacks.

  Be careful with this because some airlines do not accept food pass security. Make sure to check the rules but if allowed, bring a small snack. Nothing extravagant but a small granola bar, or something you like to munch on will do you well.


8.) Hair tie.

  I know if you have long hair, having it fall into your face constantly can get annoying. If you feel like resting during the trip, bring a hair tie or headband to pull your hair out of your face so your not bothered.


9.) Blanket.

  I rolled up my favorite small blanket and put it in my bag. One suggestion, HAVE A LARGE BAG. You'll thank yourself. Anyways, I know some planes provide blankets and pillow but I find the ones they pass out tend to be to small for me or to thin so I prefer bringing one. Find a small blanket, enough for just yourself and pack that!


10.) Tissues.

  I recommend bringing some tissues in case you get congested. Chances are you won't but at high altitudes, there's always a chance. Don't risk not having anything and bring a small pack of tissues just in case.


11.) Lotion.

  Do I need to explain? During a long flight, your skin tends to feel dry so bring some lotion to moisturize.


12.) Your make up bag.

  Not necessary but for my beauty girls out there, this is a helpful thing to have. If you have a long trip, you don't want to look like a zombie who just got hit by a bus when you exit the plane. During trips, or even on the plane bring a bit of mascara or lip balm to freshen up with.


13.) Toothbrush and toothpaste/floss.

  Do I have to explain? You don't want horse breath...


14.) Period supplies.

  I know, awkward but mandatory. You never know...





* Deodorant

* Comb/Brush

* Spare Money 

* Camera

* Any medicine you need

* Pens/Pencils





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