Tumblrology || A girl's guide to everything.

Being girl's, we meet a lot of scenarios that we don't know how to handle. In this book, there will be advice, DIY's, and many other things that make sure you have the best life you can.


6. Home & School advice


   There's no denying school, and even your own home, can put a downer on anybody. Does your school have these group of girls who seem like they are constantly trying to hurt you? It's not easy getting over but you have to think for yourself, don't let them think for you.

   Each word they call is another way they use in order to break you. I know you've probably heard the whole 'they're only jealous because you're beautiful' talk so I won't lead you into that because it's not always true. In reality those girl's might not be jealous of you, maybe they're just plain mean. It's not easy getting bullied and I know what it feels like to wonder why it was you they chose. Think back. Can you ever remember doing something that might have upset them? If you can't think of anything, ask them. I know it's hard and embarrassing but that's what I did and it fixed the whole problem.

   People who bully often are broken themselves inside and want to make others feel the same pain they were put through. There's a lot more to a person's life then you realize. For all you could know, her father could be abusing her. Or maybe her mother is a drug addict. Maybe she dealt with a recent loss, the possibilities are endless.

   It's not easy, and when people say everything will be okay, they lie. Things won't be okay for a long time and there will be a part of your soul that is permanently broken off but you have to learn to push through it. If things don't get better, it's your mission to make them better. It's not a short, one day push either. It takes an extremely long time to heal the damage these people could have done but once you begin covering up the small scar on your heart, you'll realize that it was one person out of billions in the world. They're not worth your anytime, or anything of yours. Never do anything you regret because of anybody. You control your own body, your own humanity let them. Never let another person cause you to lose that control and whatever you do, DO NOT begin bullying them back. If they talk behind your back, don't talk behind their backs about them. It's just putting yourself at their level. Instead, kill them with kindness. Once people see you're not effected by them, they'll stop because they realize you're to strong to be broken.

   If all else fails, cry over it. Crying is an amazing way to realize your emotions. Just don't let the moping continue on to long. Crying shouldn't be a routinely thing. You can let your feelings out every once in a while but after that, focus on making yourself happy and ignore them. Most of the time, with people who bully, you just have to block out their voices. There's no guaranteed way to get them to stop, so the next best thing is not letting what they say effect you. Surround yourself with true genuine friends you know you can trust. Also, as hard as it is. Talk. It doesn't have to be to an adult. Anybody, you're friend, sibling, heck! Talk to your pet if you want! With me, if I have the urge to do something stupid, I lay in bed and cry. While I cry, I just talk about everything and pour my feelings out. Nobody is near me, nobody knows what I'm saying but it feels like somebody is listening, even if nobody is. Just talk, it doesn't matter who may or may not be around you.

   One more thing, for people who have physically harmed themselves due to bullying. I know this is a touchy subject but I need to get this out. I in no way encourage any form of self harm. All of you girls are so much more than that. There is beauty within you, you just have to find it and capture it. Do me a favor, draw a butterfly on your wrist. Don't let that butterfly die! Promise? Or, if you don't want to do that. Write somebodies name who is important to you on your arm/wrist. Hell, it can even be mine (gabriella.)! That way if you feel the need to cut you'll remember this, each time you hurt yourself, you hurt the name on your wrist as well! Guys, if you are ever having a hard time with bullying and need somebody to talk I'm always here for you :) 


 ______________________________Home Advice________________________________


   I know what it's like to feel like your parents absolutely hate you. I felt like that just yesterday but understand this. The way parents act always has a deeper intention then what they reveal. Maybe they're scared of losing you so they try to detach themselves from you so it won't hurt so much when you leave. Maybe they're trying to protect you and happen to be doing it in the wrong manner.

   Try talking to your parents. Is it easy? Hell no! Talking to any adult, especially your parents is impossibly hard but just try. If they're willing to listen, tell them how you feel. Tell them that you feel unloved and as if you did something wrong. Then ask...did you do anything wrong? If they listen, they obviously care about what you have to say.

   If they don't listen it's just parents being parents. Maybe they don't want to be talked to about being bad parents by their own child or maybe they're simply upset. Parents are hard to read. Even though it may be hard to imagine, they were your age as well. They could have had a tough life and now they're giving the same to their child in order to get even with the many years of sadness and anger they had to endure. Or possibly, they're difficult on you because the expect many great things from you. One thing to keep in mind is everything happens for a reason. If your parents ground you, there is probably a logical reason.

   Your parents love you, but the way you see things and the way your parents see things are completely different. They might be hard on you because they want you to be tough when you go out on your own. Your parents might hope you have life better then them so their preparing you for it so you won't end up bad. 

   Parents are hard to understand and sometimes you just have to ignore them. Parents should never put you down but with society, you just can't count on it.

   Just remember, unless they are truly heartless, your parents love you and have a hard to see yet valid reason for everything they do. Respect them as much as you can, do your best not a offend them and think about it from both sides of the scenario.






So, I suck at giving advice but here you go :) Hope it helps :) x




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