Tumblrology || A girl's guide to everything.

Being girl's, we meet a lot of scenarios that we don't know how to handle. In this book, there will be advice, DIY's, and many other things that make sure you have the best life you can.


19. DIY || Hot Pack


   The torturous cold, fun to play in but not fun to deal with after. It's not easy to do things in the winter, let alone having the temperature add to the pile. This DIY won't make the cold dissipate but it'll help heat you up.




~Two pieces of cloth or you can just find a small sack.






1. Line up the two pieces of cloth, making sure the sides you want to show are turned in towards each other.

2. Taking your needle and thread. Begin sewing it shut, leaving one side completely open but don't remove the needle or thread. Push it inwards so the sides that were facing in towards each other are now the outside of the sack.

3. Take a small amount of rice and place it in the little pocket.

4. Finish sewing it shut.

5. Place it in the microwave to heat it up and take it with you out in the cold.





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