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13. Divergent Casting Choices


   Hey guys, this is more for initiates out there so I'm sorry if you don't like this chapter. Okay. So I've been seeing a lot of Divergent dream cast videos on Youtube and it's honestly irritating. I think they couldn't have chosen a better cast! When I read the books, when I imagined Tris, Shailene Woodley is literally who popped into mind! 

   When I imagined Tobias, Theo James is pretty much what I imagined him to look like. I think they picked the cast perfectly, yes there are a few differences but you're not going to find the perfect cast! Although I think the cast is...

   I was reading the comments and half of them were people hating on Shai or Theo. No. If you don't like the cast, don't watch the movie! They can't control who was chosen, and they can't do anything about it! I'm sorry if you're one of these people but it  aggravates me.

   I mean, why complain? At least they're coming out with a movie! What if there was no movie? I'd absolutely die! Another thing. Spoilers. I kind of walked into this one but I hate them. I just started Allegiant because I just had enough money to buy it and somebody already spoiled the end. I know you're excitement but there was not even a warning that it would spoil the whole book for me! I'm not going to say what it was because if you haven't finished it, I want to leave you with the suspense but that's not fair to me. I'm still going to freak out when it happens but it practically ruins everything for me. If I didn't love the book SO damn much, I'd stop reading it!

   Sorry, I just had to get that out! If you post anything that happens in the book, or at least Allegiant you should warn people it's a spoiler before you do!

   Rant dismissed, sorry guys but do I have any initiates out there? If so, comment down below :) <4





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