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17. Book Review || Divergent


   Guess who's doing another chapter on books? Me! No cheers? Fine.

   Me: I love Divergent SO much, Fourtris fourever!

  You: No. Shut up.

  Me: Fine I'm not sharing my cake.

  You: You weren't going to anyways.

  Me: Ha, you're right.

  Little role play. Okay, so I know these are probably getting annoying but this is A girl's guide to everything and different girl's different personalities! Of course there will be beauty related things, advice and so much more but I don't want to exclude those book worms out there. Reading is a lot more fun than people think and if you want to find a good book, I enjoy doing reviews so you know my opinion on it. Without further ado, here is my review.


Title: Divergent (Book One in a three-book series)

Author: Veronica Roth

Summary: In a futuristic Chicago, the government has created almost it's own, brand new society. In this society, things are divided into separate factions. Each faction thinks one specific virtue is the best. Dauntless is bravery. Candor is honesty. Erudite is the passion of knowledge. Amity is anything peaceful...things like friendship. Abnegation is the selfless who think of others before themselves. When you turn sixteen, you undergo a test which places you in a faction based on your personality. [SPOILER] Beatrice (Tris) Prior takes the test but her results are inconclusive. She cannot be categorized, she has free options which in this society, making your own decisions is dangerous and can ultimately cost your life. They call it divergent. She is to hide her divergence, and she transfer from being abnegation to being dauntless where she goes on a mission to hide who and what she is.


Review: I think we all know what I have to say about this book. When I first began reading it, I thought it would be quite like every other Dystopian novel. Maybe a altered version of the Hunger Games but I was incredibly wrong. This plot is unique and exquisitely written. Everything balances each other out and nothing falls into a cliche' category, specifically the love plot. There is no love triangle and it's not all rainbows and lollipops. It's the icing on the cake! It's fantastic and the sequel and trilogy don't cease to continue her best-seller record. Overall, I think this book is amazing. I found little to no error. I have to say this is absolutely my favorite series out there!



Too exaggerate? Fine...here!





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