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12. Book Recommendations


   1 star- Poor.

   2 stars- Average.

   3 stars- Good.

   4 stars- Excellent.

   5 stars- Exceptional; brilliant.


      Requested. I know that finding a good book to read can be challenging. I'm a complete book worm but finding a book that truly captivates me if difficult. In this chapter there will be popular stories that are still absolutely amazing, but there will also be a selection of books that aren't as popular but equally amazing. Keep in mind, finding a good book isn't about what others can prefer but what you do. For example, I read the Hunger Game series and people went crazy over Mockingjay. That was my least favorite book of them. (No offense to anybody who likes it, I like it I just like the other two better!). Any series will be put together in one recommendation because with most books I read, I recommend a series, not just a single book unless the rest aren't that great. So here are my recommendations.




Book 1- The Divergent series by Veronica Roth.

Consists of Divergent (Book #1), Insurgent (Book #2), Allegiant (Book #3)

Why I recommend this- I know there is a lot of hype about this book, and that may turn you away but I'm being completely honest when I say this is my favorite series. I've never been pulled in so easily to a book. The concept is unique and in ways is inspiring. Also with the love plot. Their love is not perfect. They fight, they ignore, it's not the typical love story. If you read between the lines, it almost inspires girls to be strong and individual, much as the main character, Beatrice. It's based in the future, and not giving two much away. The world is divided into five factions and you're placed simultaneously based on your personality. I won't give away anymore if you haven't read it but this is my number one most recommended book. (Just read them in order or you'll spoil the plot and it won't make any sense.)





Book 2- Delirium series by Lauren Oliver.

Consists Of Delirium (Book #1), Pandemonium (Book #2), Requiem (Book #3)

Why I recommend this- This book is quite popular, not as much so as say Divergent but in my opinion still amazing. When I first read this book I was greatly reminded of Divergent, although I don't find it as well written I still adore the concept. Pretty much, any expression of love is legalized as a crime and can result in instant death. When you turn a certain age, you take a test which determines your life for you, but that was until the main character fell in love and had to hide it. I love this series and if you haven't already read it, go now!





Book 3- The fault in our stars by John Green.

Consists of the single book itself, The fault in our stars.

Why I recommend this- This book is definitely the most realistic out of all of these recommendations. It shows the hardships in love, and how not everything will be perfect. Two young people, both with medical conditions meet and unlike most books, their love isn't perfect. It's so exquisitely written and the topic is unique yet realistic. Although for some, the topic of cancer may be to personal for some, if you're strong enough to handle a boat load of emotion than go right on ahead and read it.




Book 4- The book of broken hearts by Sarah Ockler.

Consists of the single book The book of broken hearts.

Why I recommend this- This book, along with The fault in our stars, is quite realistic. Two young soulful people, who meet and cant help but fall in love. When the main characters siblings find out, they forbid it due to a family hatred towards the others. It shows how although they try not to fall in love, sometimes it just happens. I was completely hooked throughout this whole book and I definitely recommend it.




Book 5- Love Maybe? by Heather Hepler.

Consists of the single book Love Maybe?

Why I recommend this- I was truly intrigued with this book. A girl who resents anything about love, to the point where there aren't sweet small messages written on sweethearts anymore. Instead they're replaced with rejections. It takes you on an adventure where a girl who hates love, begins to experience it, it shows how her walls begin to break down. I love this book and if you can find it, and buy it I would!







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