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Being girl's, we meet a lot of scenarios that we don't know how to handle. In this book, there will be advice, DIY's, and many other things that make sure you have the best life you can.


8. A girl's night out

  Well, first off. Happy New Years to all my readers, fans, everything. Just think about what this year has in store. We watched the last seconds of 2013 slip away and now it's gone forever, we've lived 365 days of our lives. Can you believe it? Anyways, in a couple month's I will be setting up a girl's night out in honor of watching Divergent in theaters. I thought, maybe I could do a chapter on how to have fun, what to have and what to do on one of those nights. I had a lot of fun thinking of creative things for this chapter so, enjoy :)

  A girl's night out, something everybody could use. Whether it's going out, or pigging in there are many ways to have a fun girl's night. Here, you'll find tips on what to bring, what to do, and so much more. You'll be set and ready, let's go.


Idea #1-

  Ask your friends to bring money and go to the movies. You can just go and watch multiple movies at the theater all day, or watch one movie then go to a store of restaurant. This will be my night. Let me explain. I'll invite one or two of my friends over and we'll get ready together. We'll buy the tickets in advance because movies ALWAYS sell out on opening night. Maybe we'll hit up Aeropostale, or Starbucks on the way there. In my case, my friends and I will be seeing Divergent which comes out March 21, 2014. Dress comfortable yet cute. For all you know there could be cute guys there *winky face*. Don't forget to hit up the photobooth for fun, decorative ways to remember this awesome night.

  I would recommend showing off a little skin. I'm not saying go full out skanky but March is that month where things start to warm up. You'd be sweating profusely if you wore jeans, a hoodie, jacket and boots. Get fancied up just don't show up in a wedding dress. If it's opening night, you have all more the excuse to whip out that cute top you've been dying to try out, or that cute sundress that it's finally warm enough to wear. Don't forget your phone. At least with my friends and I, a girl's night is all about movies, food and pictures. Selfie it up!

  I'll be having two of these night's, and you can to. With my group of friends, one is to see Divergent on opening night, the next is to see The fault in our stars on opening night. After that, I have to save money for the concert ;)


Thing's you'll need/want-





~Movie ticket.

~Emergency beauty kit. (You can never be to safe)

~Gum. (It's like a girl's best friend)

~With me, I'd probably bring the book to the movie with me, but that's just gabriella being gabriella. *optional.



Idea #2-

  Stay in. You'll still enjoy each others company, just in a less crowded area. Rent loads of movies, stock up on junk food and stay up all night watching the latest films. Every girl needs an excuse to pig out and gossip, right? Well here's your chance. Buy loads of bags of chips, popcorn, pop, boxes of candy and your set to go. To amplify the exaggeration of girl's night in, order a pizza and split it with your friends. Guys may not think so but I'm convinced girl's eat more than guys, and some are just to afraid to show it.


Things you'll need/want-

~Loads of rented movies.


~Boxes of you and your friends favorite candy.


~You and your friends favorite drink.





~A friend.


  Idea #3-

  Go out to a fast food restuarant. Not the healthiest option but a fun way to hang out with your friends. Find a local McDonalds, or Wendy's, order the whole menu and stock up. It's the easiest route. Just talking, laughing, sitting in the corner having a good time. As I said before, make sure you don't forget, pictures is the basis of any girl get together, so don't forget to load up.

   Are you loving it yet? I sure am!

Things you'll need/want-




~A friend. (I'm being bloody serious, you might want to have a friend to share the memories with!)

Idea #4-

   Pamper night. Every soul could use one of these. Gather a moderate group of friends, buy some cheap (yet safe) beauty products and there you have it. Want to get a pedicure? Find a large bucket, fill it with warm water and soap. There you have it, a foot bath. Make sure to pick out a color in advance. Take turns giving each other massages, or prompt for the simply face mask and cucumber slices over your eyes. This night is a great way to relax yourself or any stress that has been growing. A big exam coming up? Maybe you're having boy drama, let the soothing water and sweet scents lull you out of drama for a few hours of peace and relaxation.

Things you'll need/want-

~Face mask.

~Hair mask.

~Cucumber slices.





~Tub of warm water.





~Nail polish.






   Even if you don't do any of these, relax yourself. You don't have to have friends over to find a way to relieve yourself of stress but it helps. A girls night out just happens to be the more fun route.





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