New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


15. The Last Night

*~*~*Parker's P.O.V.*~*~*

"Thanks Mike." I grabbed the drinks and looked towards him.

"I'm gonna enjoy my last night with her." And I walked back to the pool room. I looked back.

"If you wanna join us, come on." He smiled and walked with me. 

"Well played boys." She laughed.

"Who won?" She pointed to Trevor, "he's pretty good I'll admit." 

"Wanna play another game?" She smiled at me. 

"Sounds fun. You should play this time." I smiled and grabbed a cue. 

"Rack 'em up." 


"She wanted me to put that dress on." She laughed.

"Wait. Wait. It was a sparkly pink dress with pink suqins?" 

"Yes! She wanted me to put it on, put all this make up on and all this hair crap on. Took three hours, but I was finally in it. I was so uncomfortable but I gave her a little surprise on stage." 

"What did you do?" 

"I took all the hair extensions out of my hair including the flipper and i took my hands and smeared my make up then sat on the stage. I kept screaming 'this is stupid! I wanna go home!' She was SO mad at me." The guys laughed including me.

"Now I know what happens when you put a tomboy in a dress." Micheal laughed.

"If you thought my moms reaction was funny, you should have seen the judges. I got fifth place. Thought through my times up there, I sat on the floor." The guys laughed harder. I took my turn and took a sip from my drink.

"My mom still has pictures. She might have brought the album with the pictures in them. I'll haft to look. But what I do know, is that my head weighed my head down. I felt like a barbie and I couldn't move in that dress." 

"My mum tried to get me to do something like that before." Trevor spoke up. 

"Oh I remember that! You looked cute. Five year old Trevor." His face flushed red and we all laughed.

"I was five and thought I was a pagent boy. Guilty as charged." 

"Did you win anything?" Lola asked.

"I got first place." He laughed. We all bursted out in laughter. 

"I love how he did better than me!" Lola screamed. .

I didn't want this evening to end. I'd rather just leave her alone than me just ditching her. 

I know I'm ditching her but I'd rather ditch her than just leading her on then leaving her.

I looked at her warming smile when I noticed the gauze wrapped on her arm.

"Lola, what happened to your arm?" She froze.

"I-I-I cut my arm on a box cutter when I was unpacking. It's a small cut. It just needs to heal up." Her voice sounded fake but by the look in her eye, she was telling the truth. 


We all ended up staying in the pool room til one in the morning. 

Thank god none of the school people come and check on us. Everyone decided to leave except me and Lola. We sat on the couch and looked at each other.

"I had a awesome time tonight." 

"Yeah. Me too." I kissed her cheek.

"To be honest, I wasn't to happy on the idea of moving here. I thought everything would go down hill but everything is going just fine." She grabbed me hand.

Her hand was so soft and our hands fit perfectly. They say that's how you find your true love.

I wanted to tell her so bad. But at the same time I couldn't. 

She yawned.

"You tired?" She rubbed her eyes and nodded. I smiled and stood up. I picked her up bridal style.

"You don't have to do this." She yawned. 

"Just give me your key." She nodded and gave me her key. I carried her to her room and sat her on her bed. 

I pulled the covers to her neck and I smiled at her. Why? Why can't I have a girlfriend that isn't gonna get bullied? 

I bent down to her level and kissed her forehead. 

"I love you." 

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