New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


31. Spring Break (part II)

*~*~*Lola's P.O.V.*~*~*

I was having a nightmare.

I was sitting in the middle of a dust and cob web infested room, crying.

I looked up from my knees and saw William and some black haired girl making out.

"William! What are you doing!" I tried to scream, I only heard myself.

They were seriously getting it.

I look beside him and Parker is standing there making out with another girl too!

Tears fell from my face as the horrible world started to shake. I open my eyes to see Parker and Derek shaking me with worried eyes.

I saw Parker and pulled into a death grip. He pulled me tight and I cried.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I had a and William, kissing other girls."

"I would never do that! Neither William! Don't think that."

"I'm sorry. I just had a bad dream." I laughed and wiped the tears away.

He just laughed and wiped the tears from my eyes. "It's ok, come on, we're gonna have some fun!"

I wiped the rest of my tears away and went to the bathroom.

I fixed my hair and changed clothes (@LeaneSamantha).

I left the bathroom and we met everyone at the elevator. I took a seat beside William and he put his arm around me.

"Ok everyone! Where shall we eat?" Derek yelled and everyone silenced.

"There is a really good pizza place back on the highway. California Pizza."

Everyone was nodding and I clapped my hands together, "Ok! California Pizza here we come. What time is it?"

"Around four." Someone answered.

"We can have the lobby call us a couple cabs."

We piled in the elevator and went to the lobby.

"Excuse me, can you call three cabs for me and my friends?"

She picked up the phone and smiled, "Of course."

"Yes, can I have three cabs for Waters Edge Resort to..where are you going?" She asked.

"California Pizza." "To California Pizza. Uh huh. Thank you. The cabs will be here in five minutes. They will pick you up at the entrance."

"Thank you so much." We went back to the elevators and went to the entrance of the hotel.


The cabs picked us up and we paid the men.

The place hasn't changed.

We got our tables and then our drinks and then our food. Simple stuff.


We paid and left.

"Now what?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Know any clubs here?"

"I remember I came here with my whole family and the 18 year olds went to this place called Block Party NightLife. It's in Myrtle Beach. That place is pretty crazy." 

"Well lets go!" Parker yelled.

There was this little part inside of me remembering that they're all Irish, except like three people. But at the same time, I wanna get drunk and have some fun.

"Well? What are we waiting for! Lets go back to the hotel and come back." A guy named George smiled.

"I can have the hotel have three cabs at our service at all times." Everyone agreed and we went back and changed.

I wanted something not to slutty, but me at the same time. (@LeaneSamantha)

We got in the cabs and rode up to the club.

It was now around ten o' clock and the place was already getting packed.

We got in and was welcomed by flashing lights and headbanging music.

"This is gonna be fun!" I yelled, barely anyone could hear me.

We all ran into different directions. Most of us went to the bar. Go figure.

"What would you like to drink babe?" The bar tender asked me. I looked over to Parker who had already got a shot of something.

"What do you got babe?"

"I got some Jack Daniels."

"Give me what he's having." He smiled and grabbed a glass and filled it up. I piked it up and turned to face Parker.

"Ready?" I smiled.

He winked and we took the shot. It burned like hell going down, but felt good. We started laughing and asked for another one.

"Give me a shot of vodka too." Parker requested.

I got my Jack and Parker got his Jack and vodka. We locked our arms with our drinks in our hands, like a married couple and the wedding.

We chugged that down and Parker took his vodka. I was already getting buzzed.

"Give me three more and some cherry vodka." I requested.

I drank them all and saw that Parker was gone on the dance floor.

He eyed me and signaled me to the dance floor.

I ordered one more shot and drank it. I joined Parker and we started to dance with the rest.

Everyone was grinding on each other, including me grinding on Parker. He had his hands on my hips, moving with me.

"Shake it sexy." He yelled in me ear.

I moved with more movement and me eyes scanned the room.

Angela was grinding on Derek and William had some girl I didn't know grinding on him.

*~*~*William's P.O.V.*~*~*

I was so wasted.

I'm a totally different person when I am drunk. I'm not sweet and care about feelings or love, all I want is sex. And with this slut, I'm gonna get lucky.

We walked back to the bar and go more shots.

"What's your name sexy." I swallowed down a shot.

"My name is Daisy! What's yours!" She yelled, her blonde hair all messed up and I could see the wild, sex craz look in her eyes.

"Kurt! Wanna head back to my hotel and have some fun?"

"A few more shots babe." She yelled.


We had a few extra shots and then I had the cab take us back to the hotel.

We stumbled against each other trying to get to the elevator.

I pressed fourteen and then my hand hit the fifteenth floor button.

The doors opened and I drug her to the room.

I struggled, laughing trying to open the door.

I finally got the door open and I showed her the room I was in and when she was in there, I took my shirt off.

I hopped on the bed, where she was laying looking sexy.

I pulled her on top of me and we started to make out.

I pulled her shirt off and she pulled her shorts off and unhooked my belt and slid my pants down.

I pulled her thong off and she pulled my boxers off and I unhooked her bra.

She sat up, naked.

She let out a sigh and she came on to me.

We had very rough sex.

*~*~*Parker's P.O.V.*~*~*

This club was getting way too hot and so many sluts were crawling all over me.

"Let's ditch this place and head back to the hotel."

When I'm drunk, I pretty much stay the same. I'm not sex crazed like William is. Speaking of Will, I wonder where he is?

I shook it off and pulled Lola outside.

The air was hot put a relief from in the club.

We went in one of the cabs and went to the room.

We made out the entire way back and made out on the elevator.

The elevator stopped and there was a family of four standing there.

"Going down?"

Lola pushed the close button and we continued to make out til the elevator opened.

I unlocked the door and I threw her on the door and I wrapped my arms around her back and her hands were in my hair.

I broke the kiss, "do you wanna have sex?"

She breathed heavy and looked me in the eyes.

"Only if you want to."

"Let's just make out." I whispered. She nodded and I pulled my shirt off. I know she likes that.

Being careless, I pulled her shirt off and we traveled to the couch and laid down.

We made out for about ten minutes when I broke the kiss.

"This is no fun. Lets go to the bedroom."

I picked her up by her bum and carried her to the bedroom.

I threw her on the bed and crawled in beside her.

My hands traveled up and down her sides and my hand traveled in her shorts.

I fingered her and then we both passed out.

*~*~*The Next Morning*~*~*
*~*~*William's P.O.V*~*~*

I felt a warm body against mine but everything was black.

I sort of freaked out. Open your eyes stupid.

I told myself. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a girl with a severe case of bed head and her dark make up was everywhere.

I closed my eyes and tried to remember what happened last night.

I felt a hard feeling in the manly area and remembered what happened.

I had the greatest sex I have ever had. And I remember her name was Daisy.

"Daisy." I whispered, in a slight singing tone and I touched her soft cheek.

Her eyes opened and when she saw me she smiled.

"Hey you."

"How are you feeling?"

"Sore. You're rough." She giggled and I chuckled.

"Do you think you can walk?"

"I don't think so." I laughed and sat up.

"Well I'll be glad to take care of you."

"Thanks babe." "You hungry?" I asked. She sat up, pulling the covers over, covering herself.

I reached down and picked my boxers up and slid them on. I went to the closet and threw her a shirt. She slipped it on and I went to pick her up.

Her feet touched the floor and I stepped back.

"Can you walk?" She stepped forward. She limped, but she gave me a thumbs up.

"I can get breakfast." She smiled as we walked in the living room.

I saw the clock on the DVR that it said 8:01. 

"I can do that."

"Oh no, I'm staying on the sixth floor. I know my way." I smiled and nodded.

"If you insist." She smiled and kissed my cheek.

Then I finally woke up.

What did I just do!

"I'll be right back. Any requests?" I snapped from my thoughts and shook my head.

"No." She smiled and hopped along.

I put my hands in my hair and stared at the floor.

"What did I do?"

*~*~*Lola's P.O.V.*~*~*

My eyes shot open.

I felt a little pain from my lady area but I realized I was shirtless, still in my bra and shorts.

My eyes traveled up the bare, than chest in front of me and I saw Parker's adorable face.

He looked like an angel.

His arms were around me and I pulled them off and sat up, with a massive headache.

I saw the clock on the nightstand say 7:53.

I ran my fingers through my hair and slid my shirt on.

I went in mine and Kaitlyn's room and saw her snoring in her bed. I think there was someone else in there, I didn't pay much attention.

I pulled some pajamas out and slid them on and went to the bathroom and took my make up off and put my hair in a ponytail.

I stuck my head through the door and saw Parker with his messy dark hair.

"I'm gonna get breakfast. Love you."

He looked up and smiled, "love you too." 

I left the room and saw a girl in a navy blue shirt and some house shoes.

I've seen that shirt before. It's...Willam's.

You're just imagining things. I told myself.

She look at me and smiled. She was pretty, "Hi."

"Hey." I smiled.

We both entered the elevator and she pushed the second floor button.

"I'm Daisy."

"I'm Lola."

"Are you staying here for Spring Break?" She asked.

"Yeah. Me and a whole bunch of my friends came here from Ireland." Her jaw opened and smiled.

"That's awesome! You sound like you're from America."

"Oh, I am. I just moved to Ireland."

"Ah makes sense." She laughed I laughed along. "Where are you from?"

"I'm from Columbia. Me and a couple of my girls are staying here from Spring Break."

The door opened and we went to the tables.

"Five meals please." I asked.

"Two for me." She spoke up.

"What floor are you staying on?"

"I'm on the sitxth floor." I nodded and got my bag with the breakfast. Diasy got her's and went back up to the fourteenth floor.

"I thought you were on the sixth floor?"

"I am, but I met someone on the fourteenth floor and we're hanging out."

"That's cool. Well, see ya on the beach later I guess. Ha ha." 

"Yeah, you too." And we went our separate ways.



we're gonna read a lot about her soon :3

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