New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


30. Spring Break (part I)

(here's a long chapter for you guys hope you like it!! and there will be pics!!)
*~*~*Lola's P.O.V.*~*~*

So, spring break is here! It's Sunday now and a semi big group is going to Garden City, South Carolina.

I have been going there with my parents for as long as I can remember. I love that place so much! And I'm getting to go back to America for a week!

I am very very happy.

I was already dressed for travel and had everything I would need for entertainment in my pack. (@LeaneSamantha)

I made sure everything was off and I had my key and phone with me.

I met everyone in the lounge and Micheal handed me my ticket.

We drove off to the air port and did all that airplane fun stuff. Note my sarcasm.

I was beside Parker. In a little two seated section while everyone else had three seats.

I turned my phone off and snuggled close to Parker.

The lady in a uniform (forgot what they're called) came and told the rules and conditions. I fell asleep, caring more less.

Soon I was completely out, dreaming of all the fun we were gonna have this week.


"Wake up princess." I heard a faint, soft voice right next to my ear.

I slowly peeled my eyes open seeing the bright light of the sun through the shade of the window.

Baggage claim went smooth and we got three cabs to take us to the hotels.

I remember there being two air ports really close to shore so the ride shouldn't be to long.

We came to an intersection and I screamed to see the hotel I stayed at when I came here as a kid.

Waters Edge Resort.

Parker just laughed at me.

"What are you screaming about?"

"One, I love the beach and two, this is the hotel I've stayed at when I came here as a kid. "This place is so awesome and loads of fun!"

"Well that's a good first thing to hear." They all laughed and we pulled to the lobby.

We got all of our luggage on the carts  and waiting where the elevators was.

We got our room keys.

Fourteenth floor, room 1401.

We rode the elevator up to the fourteenth floor and we all found our rooms.

After many failed attempts to get the door open, (the key's haven't changed) I did what I have done ever since I was a kid.

I make a B-line to the balcony doors and get a good look of the view and get the salty scented air in my lungs.

"Guys, come get a look!" I shouted.

We have an amazing view.

There was four out of five people on the balcony. Derek wasn't here.

"Derek! Come see this!" Parker shouted.

"Coming!" We heard then a loud BANG!

We turned around, startled and then we noticed Derek had ran into the glass.

We all started to laugh really loud and hard enough to where we had trouble breathing and tears was running down our faces.

The two guys helped him and me and Kaitlyn made sure he was ok.

He saw the view and we got our stuff unpacked and got everything situated.

All fifteen of us met up where the elevators were and debated if we should eat or go to the beach.

"Beach!" A girl yelled. We all agreed and rushed back to our rooms to get ready.


"Damn, these keys have not changed at all!" I shouted in frustration, kicking the door.

Micheal, Parker, Kaitlyn and Derek laughed at me.

I gave back a sarcastic laugh and finally got the door to open.

Kaitlyn went in the bathroom first and I just closed the door and changed in our room. (@LeaneSamantha)

Parker was in a black and white Hawaiian flower pattern trunks and Derek and Micheal had solid colored trunks on.

Kaitlyn had a one-piece, black and white poka dotted suit on.

We all slid our glasses on and met everyone else at the elevator.

When Trevor's group came, we cheered and headed down to the main floor.

I have this place memorized.

The indoor pool and hot tub,

The indoor pool pic, the first door is like a changing room and the glass doors is the work out room.

If you walk out the door, there is wooden flower things, you can see it in the hot tub pic and some plam trees.

If you look to your left, the outdoor hot tub and to the right, the outdoor pool,

Then, little showers where people would wash off the sand off of themselves and their belongings.

Then the stairs and then, the beach!

We all found a spot. It was around elven o' clock there and the sun was already sending skin burning rays of warmth.

We set up our umbrellas and but the sun screen and sun tan stuff on.

"I'm going in the water, anyone wanna join?" Derek and Parker joined me and we went in the ocean.

I looked back and saw how big the hotel was.

(not from her view, but the place is pretty big)

I squealed at how cold the water was and I was lifted.

I squirmed to break the grip and saw it was Parker.

"Love you." He laughed and he threw me in the water.

Some of the salty water entered my mouth and I came up, eyes closed and wiped my face.

"You're a dick!" I screamed.

He just laughed and I gave him a evil smirk.

Derek was smiling and nodding for me to attack.

I turned around, walking deeper in the water and he followed.

I quickly turned around, and jumped on him, pulling both of us in the water.

I swam back and we both came up.

"Woah! Damn, that water's cold!" He shouted. I could hear Derek's laugh and Parker did a surprise attack on him.

I squealed, knowing they would come for me next. I swam deeper and just admired where I was.

Parker and Derek finally quick wrestling and we rode the waves with our bodies.


We left the water and went back to shore.

I sat beside William who was smiling, "have fun?"

"You should've went! water feels great!"

"I might go to the pool in a few." I smiled and slid my shades on my face.

"Mind if I join?" He smiled and nodded. "I don't see why not?"

I pecked his cheek and pulled out my phones and started taking pictures.

Don't judge. Memories have to be made some how!


Surprisingly, things aren't too awkward between me, Parker and William. 

From my perspective. I don't know about them.

A lot of us went to the pool and with our luck, there wasn't many people there.

People from the hotel had brought us cute little smoothies with the little umbrella's and most of the girls were sitting on the chairs tanning and sipping their drinks. 

"You know what would be fun!" Angela called out.

Ever since Amanda left, Amanda's old friends and I get along real well.


"Chicken!" The guys shouted yes and I got on top of William's shoulders. Kaitlyn got on top of Parker's shoulders and we went in.

Mine and Kaitlyn's hands locked as we squealed, laughed and struggled to knock each other down.

William has some good balance.

Somehow I managed to knock Kaitlyn over and set them going backwards.

I threw my arms up and celebrated.

William threw me off of him and we all laughed.


We ended up having a chicken tournament type thing which resulted Kaitlyn and Parker winning.

We all went back to the rooms around three thirty and changed into some sweats and took a nap.


P.S. i have Derek's, Angela's, Kaitlyn's and Sarah's characters right here :) they're in order how i said their names :)


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