New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


26. Parla

Just a normal Saturday.

Me sitting in the dorm and doing nothing. 

Parker and the team are supposed to be back soon. 

My arms are doing better. They're scabbed over now. But I'm still keeping them bandaged. 

There was a knock on my door. I walked to the door and opened it. 


"Parker!" "Lola!" We screamed each others names. 

I jumped into his arms and he spun me around in his arms with a sweet kiss.

"I missed you." He whispered. 

"I missed you more." 

"Go get dressed." 

"Why?" I laughed.

"We're going out." He smiled. 

"A date?" 

"Yeah! Get dressed! Meet me in the lounge when you're done!" He kissed my cheek and ran off. 

I closed the door and ran into my closet. "What am I gonna wear!" I squealed. 

I missed him so much! 

Winter has passed and now it's starting to get warm. 

Only down side is, my arms. I smirked to myself. 

Nothing concealer can't fix. 

I'm good with make up and I was able to cover up the scars and cuts. It looked completely natural! I smiled wide to myself. I've been so happy recently. Like nothing ever happened. 

I went back in my closet and chose a perfect outfit. 


After I did one more check in my mirror, I grabbed my phone and key and put it in my purse. I locked everything and went to the lounge.

Parker was standing, laughing talking to one of his friends. He looks so cute. 

A black dress shirt, a pair of jeans and black vans. He looked at me and his eyes grew big. He ran up to me and spun me around. I laughed.

"What happened to your arms!" He held my arms up. 

"Oh just a little concealer and foundation. Like it never happened." He smiled and scanned my body.

"You look beautiful!" My face grew hot and I said thank you. 

We left the dorm house and went to the parking lot and went to a amazing blue car. 

My mouth dropped, running up to the car.

I put my head on the door and a loud BEEP made me jump back and scream. 

Parker was laughing as he pressed a button on his keys and it stopped.

He came up to the car and opened the door for me. I smiled and sat in the seat. He closed the door and I buckled myself in. Parker jumped in the other side and put the key in the ignition. 

The engine let a deep, low roar. The whole car vibrated and I smiled wide. Parker gave me a smirk and he pulled out of the parking lot. 

We went on the main road and Parker floored it. I let out a squeal scream and put my hands up. 

I heard Parker laugh as we entered the interstate. 

Parker floored it again and I saw we were going one hundred and ten miles an hour. 

My hair was blowing back and the radio was blasting music and we were living it up. 


Parker pulled off the interstate and pulled on the side of the road and handed me a piece of cloth. 

"Put this on." I laughed. 

"Why?" He gave me that 'just put it on' smile and I tied it on. 

We were off again. 


The car finally came to a stop. 

Parker opened my door and led me out of the car. 

The wind was heavy and I heard sea gulls. I was confused and happy at the same time. 

I came to a stop. "Take you blindfold off." 

I was welcomed by a beautiful scenery. 

"Parker this is beautiful!" I hugged him.

"Not as beautiful as you." He kissed me gently. 

There was a table with a cream colored umbrella and plates covered with silver covers and a single rose on the table. 

He led me to the table and pulled the chair out for me. Such a gentleman. 

"What are we having?" He pulled both tops off.

"Your favorite, chicken alfredo." I smiled came onto my face. 

"How did you know!" He smirked. "Let's say, I called Rose." Rose I forgot about her!

"Oh my gosh! I haven't talked to her since she came to visit! I need to call her and tell her what happened." He gave me a worried smile. 

"She hates me now." 


"I told her everything. She is so worried about you and she can't come here. Not enough money. I tired to offer, but she hates me." 

My head dropped. 

I'm still mad, "I can kinda see why." 

His hand connected to mine and his other hand lifted my head up. 

"You do not know how sorry I am. If I had stayed with you, I would've got expelled. Let's just say, I've been really stupid in the past that I've got away with. But if I hung out with you, I would've got sent back to Mullinger and I wouldn't have been here today. I am beyond sorry. I understand if you're thinking about taking William. But I fell in love with you first and I am willing to fight for you." 

His eyes were forming a shining gloss look as I placed my hand on his cheek. 

"That's really sweet Parker but I know who I want to be with." He sniffed.


"Who am I having a beautiful lunch with?" He smiled and wiped away the oncoming tears.

"Now, forget about all that. Let's get to lunch." He smiled and pulled out a bottle from under the table and pulled out two glasses and filled it. 

He gave me a fork and we started to eat and just talk. 


"Ha, ha, ha that's funny!" He smiled, wiping away the food from his face with a napkin. 

"I have something to show you, and I think you're gonna like it." 

My heart picked up speed and I clapped my hands together. 

"What is it!" 

Parker bent down and pulled out a white envelope. He gave it to me.

I looked at it and it had West Virginia University on the top left corner. 

I let out a loud eek. 

I shakily opened up the envelope. 

"Read it aloud." 

"Dear Lola Marie Pritchards, on the behalf of the entire campus of West Virginia University, with what you have been through these past few months, West Virginia University would like to announce, you have been accepted to our college. And we are offering a full scholarship to any field you want. We will pay for every expense and will provide a dorm room and if you request, a roommate. We're excited to have a student like you at our school. You will need to come to the school three days after graduation and we will pay for travel fees. If you have any questions, call 891-320-0042. Sincerely, West Virginia University's administration and staff." 

Tears was in my eyes and I jumped up and started to scream. 

"I'm going to school! I'm going to college!" I think Parker had his phone recording me. 

I'm to happy to care.

I stopped jumping and just stood there and cried tears of joy. 

"This has been the best day ever." I smiled at him.

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