New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


13. Lunch Time

I woke up felt a intense pain from my right arm and the horrifying memories from yesterday flooded my vision. 

I shook and wiped the dried tears from my eyes and walked to the bathroom. I rubbed my eyes and saw AMANDA written on the mirror. "Ohhh!'' I remembered from yesterday. 

I took a cleaning wipe and cleaned the blood off of the mirror and threw it in the toilet then flushed.

I had severe dark circles under my eyes. Nothing concealer can't handle. I fixed my rat nest of hair, pulled it into a ponytail and fixed my little concealer issue. I went to my closet and went through my clothes.

"Oh yeah, uniform day." I pulled my uniform out and laid it on the bed. I looked at the slightly bloody gauze and unwrapped it. Swollen, red and still bloody.

I got a new set of gauze and changed into the uniform.

Black converse, black jeans, a white dress shirt with a red and black plaid tie, and a black blazer with a red line going down the blazer, bright white buttons and a fancy DA in a pen-net on the left side. 

I tied my shoes and did a quick make up check. I stood there for a few minutes trying to make a believable smile. Took a while but it looked good enough.

I grabbed my bag and walked to my building and got my school stuff. I put my buds in and blasted my music.

I walked into class and everyone looked at me. Parker took one glance at me and gave me a warm smile.

I smiled back and sat my seat. Amanda walked up to me. 

"Can I help you?" I pulled my ear buds out.


"Then why did you come over here? Princess needs someone to pick on?" People around me were starting to laugh.

"Shut up. And I'm not a princess. I'm a queen." 

"Oh! I can see the ugly resemblance between you and the Elizabeth." The guy behind me bursted out laughing with the people in the class. 

"Shut up! All of you!" I rose from my seat.

"What's wrong Amanda, scared that someone is finally standing up to you?" People went from laughing to o-ing. 

"Amanda, not everyone is your little puppets. I'm not trying to make myself big at this school, but I'm not afraid to show who I am. I'm that type of girl that doesn't take bulshit from girls like you. You're just like anyone else. There's nothing special about yourself. Oh and quit thinking your sexy, I have people who would think otherwise." And I sat down. 

People were staring at her. Her face was so red. I started to laugh.

"You think that's funny Pritchards? We'll just you wait. This is war."

"Dang Amanda give her a rest. She stood up to you. Deal with it." One guy spoke up. I looked back and it was the guy who told me to kill myself. 

He gave me a nice smile and I mouthed 'thank you'. Amanda sat down, fury in her eyes. A man walked in the room.

"Ok class, sadly Ms. Jones is not gonna be here. She is visiting her sister in America and will be gone for a couple weeks. So for the next couple weeks, instead of a substitute, you will have this period off. But everyone will report to class for roll then you can go around school and have fun. " The class cheered and the man took roll. 

The class grabbed their stuff and ran out of the class. I took my time and Parker caught up with me.

"Hey, wanna come to the football field with me?" 

"Sure." I smiled. "I'll meet you there." He hugged me and walked away. 

I put my stuff in my locker and walked to the football field. I knew he meant the soccer field. 

I walked to the field and I saw two people really close to each other. I walked closer and noticed that it was a guy and a girl. The guy was trying to push her off but she wasn't letting go. 

As I got closer, the details of his face become more clear. 


"Parker! What in the world are you doing?" 

"MMMM!!! HHMH!!!!'' He shouted. I ran up to the girl and pulled her off of him. 

"Amanda! What in the world are you doing?" 

Parker was gasping for air while Amanda was phanting.

"What jealous?" 

"No Lola. She forced herself on me." 

I started to laugh. "Oh Amanda, I think that's funny. You think I'm jealous. Did you see Parker try to break from your grip. You'll really all out for 'making my life a living hell' aren't ya?" 

She didn't say anything but growled.

"Bye Amanda." I waved with an angry face. She turned, her blonde hair flipping.

"I am so sorry Lola. She came up to me and smash-" I broke him with a hug.

"It's ok Parker. With that grip, I knew you were trying to let go. So, why did you want to meet me here?" 

"Well, I was wondering if you would wear my jersey on game day on Friday? We're going to the championship and it's tradition when the girl wears the guy jersey." He scratched the back of his neck.

"Aw Parker, I'd love to." I hugged him and pecked his cheek.

"But wait, Friday is uniform day."

''When the school has a big even going on a Friday, there's no uniform day. It's spirit day." I smiled.

"Thanks. I'm still getting used to the school. My first day wasn't so nice. But there's a second time for everything." He smiled.

"You know, you're smart." 

"I'm more life smart than book smarts. Now give me the ball." I pointed to the soccer ball.

He looked at it, smirked and gave it to me. I walked farther on the field. 

I sat it on the ground and walked back, like a field goal kicker. 

I ran to the ball and gave a good kick. It went straight in. 

"Wow, quite a foot you got there." Parker said amazed. 

"Thanks. I had a good friend who was the field goal kicker on the football team and he gave me a few lessons." 

"You would make a good kicker on the girls football team." 

"Nah, I watch the game. I don't know much about football anyway." He smirked. 

"Well I can teach you." I smiled. 

"I'd like that." 

The rest of the period, it was just me and Parker, kicking the ball around and me trying to get better. I may reconsider. 

*~*~*skip to lunch*~*~*

I threw my stuff in my locker and walked to the bathroom from yesterday. 

There was Parker, looking down at his phone. I walked to him and he looked up and smiled.

"So, you ready?" 

"Ready Freddie." I laughed.


"Oh it's a little thing from an old cartoon called Scooby Doo." 

"Ha ha nice. Let's go." My right arm burned as we started to walk. 

Amanda will be there. My depression talked to me. 

Parker gave me a confused look. 

"You ok?" 

"Yeah. Just a little nervous." He smiled.


"Amanda will be there and all her friends that don't like me." 

"Don't worry about Amanda. Don't be afraid to back down." 

That's what you say now Parker. You'll get her all happy then you'll break her down again. 

Oh shut up depression, you'll be alright. Stand up to her. 

Shut up you two. Don't start this again. I said to the different voices in my head. 

"Lola." Parker waved his hand in my face.

"Sorry. Caught up in my thought." He grabbed my hand.

"Don't be nervous, she says something, leave it to me." 

I nodded and he grabbed my hand.


I smiled. "Together." 

And we walked in the cafeteria together. 

Has anyone seen a heart? Cause I can't breathe.


"Hey guys. Lola's gonna sit with us." The whole table was laughing then went silent. 

"Uh, she is not sitting with us." Amanda demanded.

"Yes she is Amanda. You can't stop me or her." She growled and we took the two seats that were open.

"So, are you guys ready for Friday?" The guys at the table all said yeah and cheered.

"You got a girl to wear your jersey?" Trevor asked. He smiled and grabbed my hand under the table and smiled at me, "yeah." 

Things got into awkward silence. 

People that were at other tables were whispering. I guess this table has never been so quiet. 

"Parker, I think I might leave. No one wants me here." I rose. He pulled me close.

"Please don't leave." He pulled out his lip and I sat back down.

Amanda and her little group started filing their nails and the guys started talking about the football game.

"Hey guys, I think Lola should try out for the girls football team. You should see her kick." The jocks look towards me.

"W-well, I have a f-friend who is a field goal kicker, and he gave m-me a few lessons." 

"How good are you?" One guy asked.

"Well, if you're on a real football field, from the thirty-seven yard line." 

"Hell, she'd be a good kicker for the football team." A different guy laughed.

"Are you thinking about joining the team?" The first guy asked me.

"I'm thinking about it. First period, Parker was showing me the rules and some of the game calls. He even showed me the play book. All you haft to do is lay down on the offense and put two more defense players in and put in a goalie with strong arms, you'll do great on Friday." 

The guys and Amanda's friends were looking at me with disbelief. 

Amanda cleared her throat, "so what? She knows a little bit about football. Remember that one idea I had?" 

"To have the team wear sparkly cleets? Parker told me about that. Not your best idea." I answered her.

"Plus Amanda, you only tried to 'help' the team by a new water system for the field. No one cares if the field is dry or muddy." This is so funny. 

"This is so funny, you guys are slamming her and yet you sit with her." The guys nodded.

"Don't listen to her boys, she's the 'Dirty American' remember?" 

She got you. Depression said.

"Shut up Amanda, she's not that bad." 

"Oh you wait Micheal. She isn't who you think she is." I put my hands up in defense.

"Hey, I'm clean. Just a tom boy at her best." The guys smiled and Amanda gave me probably one of the most dirtiest looks ever.

You were right Parker, everything is perfect. I said to myself.

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