New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


25. Lilliam

"She should be fine. Just make sure she drinks plenty of water and she stays in bed for a couple extra days." The doctor gave William some papers.

After four days, I'm finally leaving the hospital. 

Down side is, Parker left for a big championship in America. Lucky. 

But I have William to take care of me. 

He wheeled me out of the waiting room and into an empty elevator. He pushed the button and the doors closed.

"You ready to go back?" 

"I don't know. What do I say?" He sucked in air through his teeth.

"The whole school knows what happened. They're all really sorry. Let's just say, I don't think you need to worry about Amanda either. She got expelled. She hates you now more than ever." I scoffed.

"She was the one who started all this. Why blame me?" 

"She's a bitch." He chuckled. I chuckled along. 

"That's an insult to bitches." He started laughing and so did I. 

The elevator went ding and the doors slid open. 

"You wanna get some starbucks?" William pointed to the cafe across the street. 

"Sure. I could use something to drink." 

He smiled and wheeled me over.

The place was semi crowded. People were staring at my arms and at my healing face.

I ordered a double chocolate chip frapachino. I love those things so much! 

William got the same thing and he wheeled me outside to a table and we just hung out.

"So what about West Virginia University? You still wanna go?" 

"Yeah. I've been wanting to go there ever since I was a kid. I've been there so many times, I love it up there. It's like home away from home." 

"So that means you're gonna leave Ireland?" 

"Yeah. If I wanna live my dream, I gotta go home. Since I'm eighteen, I can live be myself." 

"What about your parents?" I sighed.

"I don't know. I'm still mad at them. I've tried calling them and they never answer me calls. I text them, they read the texts and say nothing. They don't want me anymore." I wiped away a stray tear from my eye. 

"Can we go back to the dorm? I'm really cold." 

He gave me a warm hug and we started to head back to the school. 


"Here we are, home sweet home." The cold air hit my face. 

Just like when I moved in. 

My blood stained pocket knife was still on my floor with all the dried blood on the floor. 

Some of the pills were still on the floor. 

I felt the color leave my body and my heart dropped.

"Here, stay in my dorm for a couple hours. I'll get that all taken care of." He closed the door and took me in his room. 

"Do you want some different clothes?" 

"Sure. I have sweatpants and hoodies in my room." He ran and got my clothes. He smiled and turned around. 

I slowly changed and William helped me on the bed.

He put me in the bed and he crawled beside me. 

We weren't as close as me and Parker was. 

There was still that feeling of guilt I had. William loves me and after everything Parker did to me, I'm choosing him. I know that sounds bad but I still love him. 

His face was on the TV. I looked at him. 

His hazel eyes met mine and he started to lean in. 

My heart raced and I didn't know what to do. 

His face was getting closer to mine and I closed my eyes.

His soft lips met mine. 

It wasn't like a long passionate kiss, it was just like a little peck. 

I could tell by the want in his eyes he wanted to kiss me again. 

"Um, I don't know what to say." I stared down. 

He pulled my chin up. 

"Don't say anything." And his lips were on mine again. 

His hands traveled to my hips and he pressed on my hip bones, making me weak. 

I moaned in worry as my eyes opened. 

He pulled me closer to him. His arms snaked my arms around me and he pulled me deeper in the kiss. 

He is really strong so there was no trying to escape his grip. 

His lips started to travel down to my neck and that was it. No more.

"William." I said in a whispered tone. 

He looked up and smiled.

"Yes princess?" 

"I'm sorry but I can't. This isn't right." His grip loosened.

"I don't care to be close to you just, I love Parker." His eyes filled with sorrow. 

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done any of that." I smiled and kissed his cheek. 

"It's fine. Seriously. But I can't do that to Parker. It's not right. But I like you hugging me. You're warm." 

He smiled and he pulled me close and we watched TV for the rest of the day. 


P.S. here's William 


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