New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


21. I Want to Die!

!!!(so this is gonna be a little graphic and emotional. be warned)!!!

The final bell rang and I took the back way out of the school. 

I don't want anyone to see me. 

I made it to the dorm house and ran up the stairs.

I ran to my room and and I passed William as he was coming to my dorm. 

"Hey Lols!" He smiled. 

"Hi." I said before I slammed the door in his face. He knocked.

"Lola. Can I come in?" I went into the bathroom and pulled some different pills.

A total of twenty-two. 

Eleven now and eleven after I cut. 

I got my pocket knife and took my hoodie off. 

"I want to die!" I shouted. 

"Everyone hates me! I hate myself and I want to die!" I took some pills.

William slammed on the door screaming my name and saying stop and please. 

I took the rest of the pills and pulled out the knife.

*~*~*William's P.O.V*~*~*

"I want to die!" She screamed. 

My heart dropped and I started to slam on the door.

"Everyone hates me! I hate myself and I want to die!" Tears began to fall from my eyes and I pounded harder.

People started to come outside of their rooms and people in the lounge peeked through the hallway.

"Will, what's going on?" Parker asked. Clearly concerned. 

"You fucking bastard, she wants to die." All the color left his face and him and Trevor started to pound on the door with me. 

"LOLA!" We all screamed. 

*~*~*Parker's P.O.V.*~*~*

"You fucking bastard, she wants to die." He yelled.

My heart stopped.

What have I done!

I felt like throwing up. 

I slammed on the door and Trevor joined me and we screamed Lola's name.

*~*~*Lola's P.O.V*~*~*

The banging grew louder, making me jump. It sounded like four guys screaming my name and the banging sounded like fifty gorillas.

"No one cares about me! I want to die!" And I made the first deep cut.

I made another one when the door sounded like it was gonna break. 

I made three deep cuts on my left arm and took some of the pills.and ate them. I made another cut on my right arm when the door broke down.

Parker ran to me, throwing the knife out of my hand and he pulled me into a death grip.

I kicked and squirmed with all my might. 

"I WANT TO DIE! I WANT TO DIE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"LET ME FUCKING GO! I WANT TO DIE!" I screamed as my arm reached for the pills. 

"NO! YOU ARE NOT GONNA DIE!" Parker screamed. 

William was on the phone crying. pacing back and forth while Trevor had his hands in his hair freaking out.

I opened my eyes and I saw Amanda.

I screamed like I was being murdered and kicked Parker in the nuts. 

His grip loosened and I ran for two pills. I swallowed and Parker pulled me by my waist close to him. 

"I WANT TO DIE! LET ME GO!" I screamed. 

I saw Amanda sitting on the floor rocking back and forth crying. People were staring at me through the door, all of them crying.

"The ambulance is coming." William cried.

"LET ME GO! I HATE EVERYONE! I WANT TO DIE!" I screamed over and over and over again.

Things were starting to faze in and out. 

"" I breathed, getting dizzy.

"No. Lola. Don't leave me. I am so sorry. I'm so stupid." Parker rocked me back and forth. 

My heart was like the road runner and I felt myself  starting to go numb.

"Move out of the way!" Someone yelled.

I was lifted onto something soft. 

I felt two things on each arm and something over my mouth.

"Clear the way!" The same man yelled and I was being carried.

Things continued to faze in and out. 

I was lifted in a car. The ambulance. 

"Will she be ok?" I heard Parker ask. 

"I don't kn-" 


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