Niall's princess

Izzy is a self harmer. Her dad likes to hurt her too. When she runs away and finds Niall. What will happen?


1. Good bye


Izzy’s POV:

        I’m Isabelle Styles, but people call me Izzy; I was put up for adoption at age 13, I have blue eyes, curly caramel colored hair, and naturally tan skin. I was born in Cheshire, England, now  I live in Mullingar, Ireland with my Da……… I mean with tom.  Tom is my adoptive dad but he has abused me ever since my adoptive mom died from cancer.  I’m 17, still go by styles, and I’m finally leaving…..

        “Izzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy!”   Tom slurred (Did I mention he is an alcoholic?).

        “What, dad?”  I said sweetly.

        “Get you’re a#% down here NOW!”   He screamed.

        “Coming.” I Said kindly as I walked down the stairs.  I was scared.  When I got down there he had a knife in his hand, he handed it to me and I gave him a puzzled look.

        “Cut.”  He slurred.  So I did, not deep, but it hurt.  Looking satisfied he gestured for me to go to my room. And I did, I went up and packed a duffel bag with two changes of clothes, $200, my phone, ear buds, iPod, old laptop, and chargers.   Then climbed out my window and down my favorite tree and I left.


Niall POV:

        I’m finally home, and the guys are staying with me while we are on break from our tour.  I was going on a jog when I saw a beautiful girl who was walking alone.  She had beautiful blue eyes, dark caramel hair and a nice tan.  She looked sad, so I walked over to her.

        “You okay, Love?” I said.


Izzy POV:

        Did he just call me love?

        “I’m fine” I say, but then I have to go and start shivering, and crying.  He hands me his jacket, gives me a hug and invites me over to his place. Obviously I accept him, he is gorgeous, he has died blonde hair with brown roots, an Irish accent- like me-, and ocean blue eyes. 

        “So, what is your name, Love?”  He asked.

        “Izzy…. And yours?”  I ask. He looked at me perplexed.

        “What?” I ask.

        “You don’t know who I am?  Well, I’m Niall Horan, From One Direction.”  He stated plainly.  I’m pretty sure my mouth was hanging open.

Niall POV:

        Her mouth was open so wide I thought her jaw had un-hinged.

“Um, so, you figure out who I am yet?”  I asked while giggling.  She just blushed and nodded a yes.  “Well, the boys are at my place , so you can meet them too.”  I said and she just smiled an award winning smile. She is so beautiful.

“Earth to Niall…”  I heard.

“Sorry, what?”I said.

“Who is she?”  Harry said she like it was the foulest thing he had ever said, she got up and walked outside with a slam of my front door.

“Harry, what the hell?!”

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