Life Through a Camera

Steph Tomlinson is yes Louis Tomlinson from One Directions twin. They both grew up with the love for music. In 2010 Louis goes off for the X Factor and then he can't walk down the street without being chased by screaming fans. In 2011 Steph finally gets the courage to do what her brother had done. Steph is also put into a group they end up winning the X Factor being the first group ever. The girl band is Little Mix. Harry Styles also being in the band One Direction takes a strong liking to the sassy, smart, funny, beautiful, talented singer Steph. Who also turns out to be his best friend and band mate Louis Tomlinson's twin. Read to find about their story in Life Through a Camera. Please like, fav and comment! And follow!


2. Present-Early 2011

Steph's P.O.V

"Steph you gotta get up some time today! I want this house spot less for the boys that includes your room." "Mmmmuuuummmmm it's only 11:00am!" "Exactly they are coming at 9 in the morning so your gonna be up extra early tomorrow if you don't clean up now" I sigh and think to myself if it's a dream for what has happened to Louis. One minute he's singing me to sleep the next he can't leave his house without screaming fans chasing him. Ha he's probably over exaggerating.

"Steph don't make me come up there!" "Yes mum I'm up!" "Good haha didn't feel like cold water this morning?" "No! I'm still recovering from two days ago!" "Hahaha well you shouldn't have slept to 3 in the afternoon." "My bad." Haha I love my mum but she makes it her job to make sure if I over sleep I pay the price. OMG I can't believe Louis is coming tomorrow with his band mates from One Direction! Don't tell poor Lou this but my fav is Zayn for his voice. All of them have got great voices oh I think it's Zayn, curly haired boy isn't he? I'm not sure oh god I don't know names to faces very well. I know it's terrible I'll do some research. "Are you cleaning your room?" "What for its clean all I have to do is make my bed." "Alright then just let the biggest boy band go in your room and see your underwear and bra scattered over your floor." "Hahahaha alright, alright you win!"

It's already 6pm! Ahhhhhh my brother that I haven't seen in nearly over a year is coming tomorrow. With his best friends. His band mates. Singers who are in the most famous boy band in the world. "Haha aw Steph I'm sure they are all lovely boys Lou speaks so highly of them." "Wha- ho-how did, what can you now read my mind?" "Yes of course your my daughter after all" "Haha yeah I guess." "When are you planning on telling him?" "I don't know. I'll let them settle in we have two months with them after all" "Actually I don't I only have two weeks so consider yourself lucky." "Mum you know it's not my fault that they want to promote you if you go on this conference right?" "Haha yes dear I know I'm glad of the opportunity but right over when Lou and his friends are here. Leaving you to live with them by yourself Oo I don't know." "Mum chill I have also with me my twin brother remember?"


Oh god it's 9pm and I can't sleep from the excitement! I know I have to get up early but I can't help it haha I can hear mum snoring so she's obviously ready for tomorrow. I still haven't fi-oh no I forgot to do research on the boys so I know who they are. It's alright though I'm 99.9% sure the curly haired boy is Zayn. His hair is the best and so are his eyes so green and they are all single right is Zayn single?? Ok! You don't know them Steph and think of Lou you still have to tell him. Tell him that I have built my confidence. Tell him I'm auditioning for the X Factor this year. Oh what's he gonna say...what are his friends gonna think of Zayn single...I need help...

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