Life Through a Camera

Steph Tomlinson is yes Louis Tomlinson from One Directions twin. They both grew up with the love for music. In 2010 Louis goes off for the X Factor and then he can't walk down the street without being chased by screaming fans. In 2011 Steph finally gets the courage to do what her brother had done. Steph is also put into a group they end up winning the X Factor being the first group ever. The girl band is Little Mix. Harry Styles also being in the band One Direction takes a strong liking to the sassy, smart, funny, beautiful, talented singer Steph. Who also turns out to be his best friend and band mate Louis Tomlinson's twin. Read to find about their story in Life Through a Camera. Please like, fav and comment! And follow!


3. Here They Come...

Harry's P.O.V

"Hey Lou how far away are we?" "Niall you should have gone when we left I told you" "Yeah Liam yeh did but I didn't need to go then" We are all squished in this mini car lucky for me i grabbed shotgun, Lou of course is driving, the rest are all stuck in the back. Zayn is listening to his music, Liam's lookin out the window, Niall well he's trying not to pee and Lou is driving and I can see the excitement in his eyes to see his sister he's been telling us about. "Hey Lou what's ya sisters name again?" "Harry I've told you her names Steph." "Oh yeah she's got a pretty name" "Yes it is" "Haha your so jumpy when we talk about her." "No I'm just jumpy when you talk about her" "Ouch" "Haha sorry Haz but knowing you and knowing Steph she has a thing for guys with curly hair." "Really?" "Crap! I should not have said that. I should not have said that." "Haha hey that's the line Hagrid uses in Harry Potter remember guys?" "Haha yes Niall we watched it last night remember?" Liam told him. Haha Niall and Liam are so funny together.

"So your sister really likes guys with curly hair then?" "Yes Haz I believe I said that." "Haha come on you know I'm only messing with you" "Yeah I know but an older brothers gotta protect his baby sister now doesn't he Zayn?" Lou looks through the review to Zayn who's asleep by now. "Well it's true and you can ask him when he wakes up." "No I believe you, I believe you."

"How much older are you then Louis?" Good to see I have gotten Liam and Niall interested. "Haha I'm older then her by 1 minute and 30 seconds." "Wait what? She's ya twin?" All three of us with shock written on our faces. His twin! "Yes Niall I believe I've told you guys this many times is this how close you guys listen to me when I talk?" "Haha nah of course we listen I just don't remember you saying you had a twin" Liam points out sticking up for Niall. "Who also has a thing for curly haired boys" I'm sorry haha I couldn't resist. "Haz I'm warning you." "Lou chill you know Harry's joking." Good old Liam he's sticking up for the whole team here.

"Ok seriously how far away are we? I need to peeeeeeeee!" "Alright Niall calm down were just around the corner." Yeah Niall is looking like he's gonna blow haha poor Liam is looking a little worried that he's gonna get peed on. "Hey Niall why"ll your there could you get Zayn up we seriously are just around the corner." I can see Niall looks a bit worried no one can wake Zayn up and if you do he's not to happy. Hahaha Niall just gives him a big bear hug with a kiss on the cheek aww Zayn eyes flutter open and looks at Niall. They sorta stare at each other Niall with the goofiest grin hahaha Zayn is now giving him a big hug back.

"Hey guys. Are we stopping for food?" His voice was all husky from sleep. We all look at Lou for an answer "Yeah Zayn were around the corner from my place I texted Steph to get food she has-oh no she just replied then Haz can you read it out." "Yeah sure"

I unlocked his phone since he didn't have a password thanks to Zayn and I always hacking into it. "Alright she wrote, Hey Lou can't wait to see you again I've missed you! Haha don't worry about dinner mums already made a FIVE course meal haha but that's to be expected since we haven't seen you in nearly a year and your new friends. Any single? Haha I'm joking Boo Bear"

Hahaha Steph defiantly sounds just like Lou which is great he's my beast friend so that sounds like we will get on great.

"Boo Bear?" Zayn asked not even trying to his his smirk. "Yeah it's my nick name..."

Niall, Liam and Zayn burst out with laughter. "Hey guys I think it's cute leave him alone. How'd you get the nick name?"

"Haha whatever you say but I'm using that in public!" Liam trying to talk over his laughter and the two other boys. "Thanks Haz. I got the nick name when Steph and I was watching Monster Inc she randomly said it and Bam next thing it's my nick name!"

"Sounds like you and Steph are close" Zayn commented. "Yeah can you believe their twins!" Niall exclaimed "What!? Why didn't you tell us Lou?" Zayn was shocked like we were 2 minutes ago. "Really I've told you guys. I'm going to remember this clearly you lads don't listen to me" Lou looked a little annoyed.

Me being quick smart as I am jumped in with..." So she's single?" Lou looked at me confused "It said in her text if any of us were single." "Yes Haz she's single and about to meet you lot." As he said that my stomach did a little flip with nerves we hadn't actually met his family yet well were about to. The car pulled up in front of a nice looking house the front garden was neat and well looked after roses.

As soon as Lou turned the car off Liam, Niall and Zayn jumped out of the car stretching and jogging on the spot I don't know why jogging but hey whatever floats their boats. Lou jumped out of the car heading for the dark reddy brown door the had a gold door knocker just below the peep hole. Niall and Liam waited for me to get out of the car both looking nervous like I was.

All of us are hiding behind Lou as he knocked he turned to look at us and smiled just as the door opened to a older female looking Lou. His mum.

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