Life Through a Camera

Steph Tomlinson is yes Louis Tomlinson from One Directions twin. They both grew up with the love for music. In 2010 Louis goes off for the X Factor and then he can't walk down the street without being chased by screaming fans. In 2011 Steph finally gets the courage to do what her brother had done. Steph is also put into a group they end up winning the X Factor being the first group ever. The girl band is Little Mix. Harry Styles also being in the band One Direction takes a strong liking to the sassy, smart, funny, beautiful, talented singer Steph. Who also turns out to be his best friend and band mate Louis Tomlinson's twin. Read to find about their story in Life Through a Camera. Please like, fav and comment! And follow!


1. Flashback 2010

"Steph I'm going to audition for the X Factor." I look up at my twin smiling at him "Lou your really doing it. Your going to be great!" He laughs and shakes his head "I'm so nervous and I want to pick a song that's right for my voice" "Lou you have the most courage I couldn't do that" "Yes and we really got to do something about that!" Whilst snapping his fingers and me giggling along.

"Sure but right now it's your chance. Choose a song that means something to you and it will do justice to your voice." "How about Hey There Delilah?" "The one that you sing to me when I can't sleep?" "Yeah it means so much to me and that way I can think of you on the stage and not be nervous. I'll just picture singing it to you instead of a massive crowd." "Aww Lou you really are the best twin a twin can ask for!" "Baby I know!" Both of us just sitting in the lounge laughing and talking for the rest of the night.

"Louis clam down! Your going to be amazing just you wait" "Clam down your literally telling to calm down! Look at all these people that are coming for the same dream and we all only have one chance! Most of them have probably done professional singing for years and here I am uhh first time la de dah sing sing please like me, to the judges!" "Lou it's just nerves and yes all of these people are here for the same dream and yes there is a high chance you might not make it and there is a high chance you might. It's going to be alright trust me" "Your right I'm sorry" "Why are you sorry it's completely understandable it's- OMG it's Simon Cowell!" "X FACTOR 2010 ARE YOU READY!?! GIVE IT UP FOR YOUR X FACTOR JUDGES!!"

"Steph look at the cameras up there filming everyone" "Wow this is amazing Lou I'm so proud of you!" Smiling towards Lou and Mum. "We both are!" "Thanks Steph, thanks mum also Steph just you wait you will be doing this soon I'm going to make sure!" "Haha thanks Lou that's going to be a while though" "Honey there is nothing to worry about your confidence will grow and your voice is amazing" "Thanks mum I appreciate it but today it's Lou's"

"Please sit here so we can interview for the watchers at home to get to know ya a little better" "Yes sir" "Your son is very respectable" "Thank you I am a very proud mother" Louis and I exchange a smile. "Alright question time young man" *****

"Number 36283 please make there way side stage" All three of us slowly got up Lou in front to side stage. "Can you please say your good lucks here cause your family can't come any further" Lou slowly turns around and gives mum a big hug whilst she wishes him good luck before he turns to me. "Oh Steph I'm so nervous" "It's alright you will be fine just breathe. Remember what you said you were gonna sing to me just do that. Forget the audience is there you are singing to me cause I can't sleep." "Ok. Breathe. I'm doing this for you. I want to show you that anyone can go up there and perform." "Oh Lou" "Don't worry I'm doing it for me too."

"Ok kid time to go." "Bye Lou we love you!" "Bye girls love you to!"*******

"Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"OMG mum he did it!"

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