I never expected to have Harry Styles' kid. Then again, I never expected to have a kid in general. But it happened. It's been almost four years since I've seen Harry and he still doesn't know the dirty little secret I have. And I don't want him to. My child doesn't need a father and I don't need another caretaker. And I don't want to ruin Harry's life. He doesn't need a child to worry about. But my child gets curiouser every day, as well as myself. It won't be long before my secret is out and I can no longer hide my little girl from the truth.


26. Chapter 26

The boys came back an hour later, shopping bags in hand. They greeted us and each gave me two bags. I gave them all a look but they just smiled.

"Since we'll be away for awhile, we figured we could throw a small baby shower!" Liam cheered.

"So we got the baby gifts! Presents for a boy and presents for a girl, just in case!" Zayn clapped.

"Lucky for you, I'm having a boy and a girl." I laughed. They gave me a shocked smile.

"Twins?" Liam mumbled.

"Twins!" I exclaimed. Niall placed a kiss on my forehead and placed his gifts in my hand. One bag was blue and the other was pink. I grabbed the blue one, opening it up to find two onesies and a soft blue blanket. Stitched in the two outfits were the words "Mummy's Boy!". I laughed and flashed Niall a smile.

"I got the same for the girl except the onesies say 'Daddy's Girl!'" He winked and took the bags away from me. "Now for Liam's!"

Liam shoved two more bags in my hand. I opened the first one and found diapers and a feeding set of baby bottles and spoons. The other bag had two giant teddy bears, one with a blue ribbon tied around its neck and the other with a pink one. I thanked Liam and gave him a slight hug.

"And the best for last!" Zayn cheered tossing me the last two bags. The first bag had a couple more outfits for both boys and girls. After I passed the clothes over to Niall, I opened the second bag. In it were two pillows, one blue and one pink. I gasped as I flipped them over. On the back was a picture of our family. It was from awhile ago, probably a month or two. All of us were there, the boys, me, Tanner and Emily. I was placed in the middle, Emily in my arms, Harry and Niall both at my sides. Niall had his arm around my shoulder and Harry's was around my waist. Tanner was standing next to Niall and Louis next to him on the end. Zayn and Liam were next to Harry. We were all smiling, the picture being a perfect resemblance of our dis functional, yet happy, family. Above the picture were the words "My Perfect Family" stitched in black thread. I could feel a tear fall down my cheek.

"So?" Zayn urged. I looked up at him in tears. I jumped into his arms and he hugged back laughing.

"I love it!" I exclaimed wiping my tears away. "I love it so much!"

"I'm glad you like it!" Zayn said pulling away. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and sat back down with Louis. He kissed my cheek and grabbed the pillow. He smiled and handed it back to me. Without thinking, I found myself wrapping my arms around the pillow and cuddled into Louis. He wrapped his arms around me and my eyes became droopy. Before I dozed off I felt Louis' lips attach to my cheek again.

"Anna? Are you awake?" I heard Harry ask. I groaned and lifted my eyelids lazily.

"I am now!" I giggled sitting up. I rubbed my eyes and yawned, accidentally hitting Harry with my outstretched arms. He laughed and yanked me to him so my face was centimeters away from his. His hot breath sent shivers down my body and I stared at his green orbs.

"You know I find you rather irresistible! It's harder to stay away from you." He whispered before kissing my neck lightly. Brown curls tickled my face and I smiled.

"I like being rebellious though." I mumbled back. He kissed my lips softly.

"Me too."

Harry fully removed his lips and sat down next to me.

"Where is everyone?"

"In the back of the bus eating dinner. You've been asleep for awhile. Want to come eat? We got pick up from a restaurant down street. I got you tortellini! Your favorite!" He declared grabbing my hand. I followed him down the bus until we reached the back where there was a small seating area. The boys gathered around the small table, forks in hand. I greeted them and sat down between Louis and Niall. Harry sat down across from me, his eyes never leaving mine.

"Have a nice sleep?" Niall asked kissing my cheek. I nodded and ate a forkful of my pasta. It was beyond delicious.

"By the way, Emily called." Harry stated eating some of his ziti. "I talked to her for awhile because you were asleep. She's excited about having twin siblings."

Niall's body tensed next to mine. He probably still wasn't used to the fact that Emily didn't consider him her real dad.

Louis grabbed my hand under the table and I squeezed it in reassurance. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his smirk. I took the last bite of my dinner and threw the take out container in the trash can. When I came back I found the boys all had their mouths agape.

"What? I'm feeding two mouths!" I protested rubbing my stomach. I noticed it had grown and was now larger and rounder. There's a small movement coming from my stomach and I gasped.

"What's wrong?" Louis questioned bracing my arm. I placed his hand on my stomach and he gasped as well.

"It's moving!" He exclaimed and soon all the boys were crowded around me, each trying to feel my moving stomach. I laughed and kept my hand firmly fitted with Louis'.

"Okay guys! You can stop now!" I laughed slapping their hands from my stomach. They laughed and sat back down.

"Today has definitely been interesting!" Harry exclaimed and I couldn't help but see him wink at me. Heat rushed involuntarily to my cheeks.

"Yeah! Just saying, I'm the best uncle ever!" Zayn chanted putting his arms behind his head. The boy leant back in his chair relaxed.

"Whatever you say!" Liam chuckled rolling his eyes. Liam pushed Zayn and he toppled backwards, crashing to the floor. We all burst in laughter as Zayn scowled at Liam. Zayn's pillow was right. We did have the perfect family.

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