I never expected to have Harry Styles' kid. Then again, I never expected to have a kid in general. But it happened. It's been almost four years since I've seen Harry and he still doesn't know the dirty little secret I have. And I don't want him to. My child doesn't need a father and I don't need another caretaker. And I don't want to ruin Harry's life. He doesn't need a child to worry about. But my child gets curiouser every day, as well as myself. It won't be long before my secret is out and I can no longer hide my little girl from the truth.


20. Chapter 20

Niall came home five days later. When I heard the knock, I knew I was ready. I loved Niall, I really did, but I was not in love with him. I just wasn't.

I sat in the living room, my body fitted uncomfortably on the couch next to Louis. I heard the front door open and Niall and Tanner's greetings towards each other. The footsteps became louder. I closed my eyes. Louis gripped my hand anxiously. I could feel his body trembling next to mine.

"Annalise darling." Niall's voice cheered. I opened my eyes. He stood in front of me, his expression overjoyed and his smile almost too big for his face.

"Niall. You need to leave." My voice was calm as I tried not to cry. My lips quivered.


"Zayn told me about your little scene in Ireland! Niall how could you!?" I yelled. My body was shaking so violently I didn't have the control to stand or move at all.

He stepped back, his eyes broken. "It was a mistake. Why can't you forgive me?"

I shook my head and bit my lip to stop it from quivering. "I can't Niall. Cheating is wrong. And with Zayn's girlfriend is worse. I'm sorry Niall."

I slid the diamond ring off my finger and placed it on the coffee table. Niall buried his face in his hands, his sobs breaking past the barrier of flesh. I couldn't handle it. My body rushed to his and wrapped around his waist. I couldn't do it. I was a coward.

"Niall, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it. Any of it. I'm sorry." I cried into his shirt. I placed the ring back on my finger. I kissed his cheek over and over again to try to soothe him. Eventually, his sobs silenced to a faint sniffling whisper.

"Annalise. I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry." He ran his hands through my hair. Niall kissed my hair.

"It's fine Niall. Just, don't do it again." I sighed kissing his cheek lightly. "And apologize to Zayn."

He nodded his head and pulled out his phone. While sniffing, he left the room.

I shoved the throw pillow to my face and let out a long, violent, muffled screen that made my bones vibrate. I dropped the pillow and sat back down next to Louis who remained silent during the whole fiasco. He gave me a disapproving look, the expression being so familiar over the past week and a half. I sighed and laid my head down on the pillow. My eyes shut and the light faded, the darkness making me feel comfort.

"Anna! Anna!" Louis screamed shaking my body. I groaned and got up irritated.

"What Louis?" I questioned aggravated. My hands caressed the back of my head.

"Harry is here. I told him he should go, but he won't listen. He's been sitting on your porch for over three hours." He yelled dragging me up and to the foyer. "Go talk to him."

I groaned again and opened the door to the cold air. Outside was blanketed with a crisp cold breeze that made my skin automatically produce goosebumps. A dark black sky blanketed over the earth, millions of dots of white engraved in it. Harry sat in a ball on the wood step. His arms wrapped around his uncovered body. His lips were almost blue and trembling as his teeth shattered.


He turned around quickly, his face pale. I quickly pulled him up and into the house. Once inside, I grabbed blankets and wrapped them around his cold, shivering body.

"Thanks." He whispered through chattering teeth. "I'm not one for the cold."

"Oh God Harry. Why didn't you just go back to your mum's house? You could of froze."

He held the blankets tighter around his body. "I had to see you."

Guilt stabbed me in the stomach. Harry wanted to see me and stayed hours in the freezing cold because of it.

"Harry, I, we need to talk." I stuttered. My words were shaky and came out uneven.

Harry nodded his head, his curls bouncing.

"Niall came back. He cheated on me while he was away. I tried to end things but, I couldn't. You should of seen how broken he was. I'm a coward." I cried. Harry placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Anna, I don't blame you. I know it must have been difficult. You and Niall deserve each other. I'll stay away. You'll only see me when I visit Emily." He kissed my forehead longingly, his tears dripping into my hair.

"No, Harry. I want you."

He chuckled painfully. "I know. But I want you to be happy and that means letting you go. I don't want you to break his heart for mine. You don't deserve to go through that."

Harry grabbed my hands, his fingers moving tenderly on my knuckles. "I promise you though, my heart always belongs to you."

"Harry." I said grabbing his face. My face inches towards his, my body high on its tip toes. Our lips joined and our salty tears blended together as the kiss grew more passionate. Before it could go any further, Harry braced me, his hands covering my shoulders.

"Goodbye Annalise."

Then he was gone.

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