The Time I Met A Madman (Doctor Who fan Fiction 11)

It all started with 1 blue box...
This massive story is being transferred over from several websites.
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8. The Galaxy Child

“King tut here we come…”The doctor said as he left the Tardis I trudging right behind him. Suddenly we were interrupted by 2 guards approaching. Before they came up to us I quickly scanned them to see any possibilities that we might be able to escape this meeting. Based on their traditional Egyptian garb I could tell that the Doctor did manage to get us to the correct designated time. Just not a good location. Anyway both held a khopesh and shield. Based on my light analysis we might be able to outrun them but they have carriages .we can’t beat them in an all-out brawl without a few injuries.

“Halt! None shall pass on the sacred ground!”  He said in a stern tone
“We were sent here by the king. He gave us permission.” The doctor replied thus showing the guards the physic paper. I always chuckled when anyone fell for the piece of paper.
“Oh, our apologies sir. You have come to help out the king with his issue. We appreciate the assistance sir!” The guards then proceeded to escort us to a temple.

When we entered the doctor suddenly bowed. I then realized this was in terms of respect due to the fact the Egyptians believed that the king was indeed a living front of us stood a tall handsome man. His skin tan as the sand from the river Nile and blue eyes even more blue than the water from the oasis. The king walked over to us.

“Ahhh… so I see you came to help me with my little problem.” He said as he walked over to sit on his throne. Casually servants would fan him with palm shrubs.
“Well, before we start I must ask, what is the issue you have been having?”
“Well we have been hearing things. We can’t exactly understand what it means but we have a theory that it is the work of the gods. But whatever or whoever is doing this seems to have a sinister intent. We think it might be the god Set but we don’t have any confirmations.”
“Well tell me what you have been hearing?” the doctor replied wondering if it really could have been the gods work.
“We recently have heard something like The Galaxy child must die. We have also heard the aliens must be killed.”
After he finished the doctor got up and started pacing. “What and who do they mean by the galaxy child?” he said with an itch of curiosity. He then looked around then suddenly looked at me. After a second his face turned ghost white.
“Kenzi –“He said in a hushed whisper “keep looking at me. On the count to 3 we both run to the Tardis. Got it?” he said trying to confirm his query
“Yeah got it but Wh-“  I said wondering
“3!” he shouted!
We both ran at full speed back to the Tardis. We ran inside and shut the door just in the nick of time to avoid being stabbed and jabbed with curved swords. He then quickly set coordinates and we left.

“So Doctor please explain to me what just happened!” I said as I took a break. Running has taken its toll on me.
“Well…” he said trailing off. He was keeping a secret from me. But not anymore!
"Well What! I mean I don’t want to be traveling around the world with a mad man who is constantly keeping secrets from me!”
“Well… I know what they were dealing with!”
“I have only dealt with these filthy creatures once. Whisper men.”
“But that’s not the secret your keeping from me isn’t it?”
“Who told you I was keeping secrets from you? Was it the Tardis? Oh you sneaky old girl you!”
“Ha! So you admit it! You are keeping secrets from me! I knew it! So tell me… What are you not telling me?” I said chasing him around the console room trying to corner him to get the real truth. I eventually cornered him.
“Alright I’ll tell you! You know when they said the Galaxy child?” he said with a stern expression on his face.
“Well how do I say this? They were talking about you.”

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